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Chrissyreadit Whoa!!! You are fast! 👏🙌🎉🥰 2d
TheBookHippie Woe!!! You‘re quick. 2d
MeganAnn You are quick!! Great work! 🎉✨❤️ 1d
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Ducks, Newburyport | Lucy Ellmann
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For decades I bought no new books for myself with my own money. Above is the book I felt was worthy of a publication day purchase. It sat waiting for a time where I could savor its details and when I could toss aside my trepidation at starting a book that might not satiate my expectations. Today I “Screw my courage to the sticking place”

I‘ll be in touch.

AnneCecilie Enjoy. I just finished this and loved it. 2w
Hoopiefoot Enjoy! I‘m planning to start it this weekend. 2w
Dolly @AnneCecilie Glad you liked it. I love it so far🙂 @Hoopiefoot I knew I‘d like it just a few pages in. I‘ll be interested in what you think of it. 2w
nelehelen Hi dolly!! I‘m your #ReadintheNewYear swap mate. 😊 just wanted to say hi and hope you‘re having a great week! I‘ll email you this week. 1w
Dolly @nelehelen Hi! Thanks for contacting me. I plan to be in touch after dealing with this snow storm ☃️😃 1w
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Ninth House | Leigh Bardugo
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This is a list of all the #botm books I've ordered and haven't read! Its absurd! So I've created a challenge for myself in 2020 I'm calling the #BOTMBacklog challenge. I'm simply going to try to get through as many of these books as possible in the new year! If anyone else has a big, unread stack of botm books and wants to join, please feel free! 📚😬

Librarybelle Oh! Maybe I will! I too have an amazingly large backlog of BOTM books. Sadly, that doesn‘t stop me from buying more... 3w
Rissa1 I also have a crazy backlog of BOTM . I cannot stop myself. 3w
IamIamIam Good luck!!! 3w
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bridge12 I feel this, I actually quit BOTM because it got so bad 3w
Redwritinghood I‘ve been thinking that I need to do the same thing next year. I also have a huge backlog of BOTM books, so I‘ll definitely be joining you. 3w
sprainedbrain I‘m actually planning to do this next year, too! I have 35 BOTM books on my shelves (ugh) and one of my reading goals for #ReadInTheNewYear swap is to read at least one of them per month. Hopefully more, since heaven knows I will be adding more to it every month. 🤣 3w
LaurensLibrary @Librarybelle @Rissa1 I know.. I need to pause my subscription but everytime I do they end up having something I want the following month! 😫 3w
LaurensLibrary @bridge12 I need to quit, but I have an addiction 😫 3w
LaurensLibrary @Redwritinghood Yay! Good luck to you! 3w
LaurensLibrary @sprainedbrain I have over 35, so don't feel bad. Every month I say I'm only going to order 1 book tops, but somehow 2 or 3 always end up in my order.. 😬 3w
sprainedbrain @LaurensLibrary isn‘t it weird how that works? 😂 3w
Callemarie Girl I'm right there with ya 2w
cherinium I'll jump in on that! At the moment, I've got about 25 on that list. I have actually been making a point to get through some of them over the last couple months. I also went through all of my books the other day to see which ones would fit into other challenges I'm planning on doing. 6 of my BOTM TBR fit the bill! #booked2020 #readingeurope2020 #readwithmrbook & now #botmbacklog 6d
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Just signed up for a fun swap. Check it out on @Chrissyreadit @MeganAnn #readinthenewyear

MeganAnn Yippee!! 🎉❤️✨📚 4w
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New Year, New You | Steve Pacer
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Just signed up for this swap and I‘m SUPER excited for it!!! Can‘t wait to be matched. Thanks so much for hosting @MeganAnn and @Chrissyreadit #ReadInTheNewYear

MeganAnn Yay!! Excited to have you and thanks for sharing! 🎉❤️✨📚 4w
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Happy New Year! | Greg Roza
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Just signed up. Looking forward to this swap and ongoing New Year partnership,

Thanks to @Chrissyreadit and @MeganAnn for hosting a great swap.


Chrissyreadit 🎉thank you for sharing! 4w
MeganAnn Yay!! Thanks for joining in and sharing! 🎉✨❤️📚 4w
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Untitled | Unknown
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The awesome @Chrissyreadit & @MeganAnn are hosting a #readinthenewyear swap!

From the original post:
Hope you will join us in a New Years Swap about reading goals and self care! There are sign ups for 1 book and 1 item, as well as bigger sizes. Open Internationally! Direct matches so you can cheer each other on beyond the swap if you choose.


Chrissyreadit 🎉thank you for sharing! 4w
MeganAnn Ahhh yay!!! You‘re the best! ✨🎉❤️📚 4w
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Reading Goals: Extended Readers for Basic Reading | Glenn McCracken, Charles Child Walcutt
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@Chrissyreadit and I are very excited to announce our #ReadintheNewYear swap! A swap focusing on helping you achieve your reading goals in the new year.

More details to come soon...

sprainedbrain Oooooh! I don‘t even know what this is about and I‘m in! 1mo
mabell Nice!! 1mo
kaysworld1 Ohh I'm in xxx 1mo
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Here it is @hermyknee ! Found! I‘m so glad you said something. And thank you so much. I‘ve never actually had a real book log! ❤️


hermyknee Enjoy! 💛 11mo
Velvetfur That looks really good! 11mo
Crazeedi I think the one I just ordered yesterday is this one!!! 11mo
BlameJennyJane @Crazeedi , @Velvetfur and @hermyknee it has absolutely anything you could think of wanting to include in a book log! It‘s pretty awesome. 11mo
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Thank you SOOOO much @hermyknee for the care package! I enjoyed participating in #ReadInTheNewYear ! All of these goodies are absolutely wonderful! I can‘t wait to read the tagged book and I do so love the Sarah Anderson calendar, the mug, the tea and your sweet sentiments. ❤️

BlameJennyJane I had a really rough day yesterday and I got home super late, super drained and grumpy and you really made my day @hermyknee ! 11mo
hermyknee So glad you like everything! 11mo
hermyknee The reading log is in there too, right? 11mo
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BlameJennyJane Oh my gosh, @hermyknee , I didn‘t even see the log! I think maybe I stopped digging before I got to it! I‘m out of town this weekend but I‘ll check when we get home Sunday! The box is still on the counter. That‘s what I get for having my son help me. You did way too much! 11mo
hermyknee @BlameJennyJane here‘s to a happy 2019! 11mo
BlameJennyJane Here here @hermyknee !🥂🍾🎉📚💗 (edited) 11mo
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