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#90sinjuly #pepper So ,I'm a day late. Serendipity! I found it in a thrift store today.😃

Yossarian Hmm. I'd think salt would be more influential. 3y
Leftcoastzen @yossarian You're right! But they are trying to sell books😂. 3y
Yossarian I would have been more likely to buy their book if the title indicated that they were going to tell the truth! 3y
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Leftcoastzen @yossarian Salt is a mineral though, right? 3y
Yossarian Yeah, but it's still a spice! 3y
Cinfhen It's still a good find! ❤️❤️ 3y
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Pennies: Dollar Series 1 | Pepper Winters
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Finishing the month with a super lazy post...

This will probably be my last challenge for awhile as life is getting to be too much.

There were a few #CowboyDans in Vengeance Road, remember I don't like Westerns so this is all I've got. 😅
I had to do some digging for #pepper so I found Pepper Winters on Goodreads. Apparently, she's a #BFD with a ton of romance novels out. I've never heard of her but I'll roll with it...


Cinfhen Thanks for playing along! You can also join in again whenever the mood strikes #AdultingSucks 3y
EchoLogical @Cinfhen It's been fun playing along. Thank you guys for hosting such a cool challenge. I'm hoping things calm down work wise in a few weeks after school starts. 3y
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On my TBR. #pepper #90sinjuly

specklife Love love double love!! ❤️❤️❤️ 3y
CouronneDhiver So good! I loved it 3y
christineandbooks This was a wonderful read! 3y
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The Story of Peppa Pig | Scholastic Inc
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I'm cheating by using Peppa instead of #Pepper, and I'm mostly doing it so I can share this video with all of you. It makes me laugh every single time I watch it. #90sInJuly


Robothugs 😂 I love it. 3y
Cinfhen Hahaha 🤣🤣🤣made my day! Love Peppa 🐷 3y
Wife My first Peppa experience! ❤️🐖I can't wait to show my grandson! 3y
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As the words go in #pepper. I don't mind the sun sometimes, the images it shows. I can taste you on my lips and smell you in my clothes. Cinnamon and sugary and softly spoke lies... #90sinJuly. This is my August read set in Texas and I thought perfect to end this months play list. It was a pretty awesome one. Well done @Robothugs

Robothugs It fits perfect! 3y
Cinfhen 💕💕 3y
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This looks like a pretty good cookbook! I might have to take it home with me! #pepper #90sinJuly

This was another really fun month of music themed booktags! Thanks @Robothugs and @Cinfhen 🎼🎉 The Spotify playlist was awesome too!

Robothugs Sister, Sister! 🎵 I think I read somewhere this show might be coming back? I'm happy everyone enjoyed it! 😊 It was a lot of fun co-hosting. 3y
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RIP Sam Shepard. This is an excellent collection that takes a road trip West through a series of *very* short stories that feature some great examples of his spare and pensive prose.
One stop is 'Alpine Texas' where perhaps some kids are 'in love with dying', and a fleeting reference to a flaming Chevy could refer to 'fiery auto crashes'. #Pepper #90sinJuly @Robothugs @Cinfhen

Cinfhen This cover😍 3y
Billypar @Leftcoastzen Ooh... I'll have to check that out. I'm curious which real events inspired Paris, Texas- great film. 3y
Leftcoastzen @Billypar it's a interesting read , all the weird jobs he had ,writerly jottings etc.Love that film too. 3y
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Along the Infinite Sea | Beatriz Williams
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Pepper, the youngest Schuyler sister, has problems that she needs to fix fast! She fixes up a rare Mercedes and sells it at an auction thinking that this will solve her problems, then the new owner shows up! Lots of secrets, sacrifices and an awesome love story! This may be my favorite Beatriz Williams book!!


Cinfhen Good one!!! I forgot about this series! I love these sisters!!! 💜🙌🏻 3y
Cinfhen Pretty pic ❤️🌺🌹 3y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Cinfhen thank you!!! 🌸😘 3y
kspenmoll Love this author's books#blameitonLitsy !!!!👏 3y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @kspenmoll me too!!!! One of my favs!! 3y
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My mom bought me this lovely vintage set, but I have to confess I've only read the first book in the series. #pepper #90sinjuly Thanks, @Cinfhen and @Robothugs for a fun month of prompts. 😀

GondorGirl This was one of my mom's favorite series when she was young. I've read the first one. 3y
Cinfhen I love that you have the whole series 💕💕 3y
LeahBergen I never knew there were that many sequels! They're lovely 💕 3y
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Daisey Beautiful set! I've read a few, but only recently realized there were so many. 3y
DeeLew Oh my goodness, my mom read these to me when I was little!! I had no idea there were so many. I think we only read 2 or 3? How awesome!! 3y
rubyslippersreads @Cinfhen @LeahBergen @daisey @deelew @GondorGirl There are actually 12 (according to Goodreads); I should see if I can find the rest on eBay. 😊 3y
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