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#MyFirstReadOf2019 This was an unexpected book but in a truly wonderful way. Based on real life performance artist Marina Abramovic, the novel focuses on the 78 days Mariana sat on a wood chair at the MoMA and asked others to sit and engage with her, one on one in TOTAL SILENCE. Heather Rose has created her own performance piece with this novel. https://youtu.be/5R8kL3k4fd0 Not sure how I will use this for challenges but rest assured I will 😉

TrishB I believe in you 👍🏻 11mo
Ruthiella Intriguing! I‘ve heard so many good reviews about this one.🤔 11mo
KarenUK #pop19 based on a true story? 11mo
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DebinHawaii It sounds like an interesting read. Happy New Year! 🎉😘🎊 11mo
Bookyonce How funny, I started my year with this one too and just finished. What a marvelous, thought provoking piece. I‘m kind of breathless really. 11mo
Cinfhen I‘ve spent the last hour or so watching YouTube videos of Artist is Present @Bookyonce It‘s soooo moving. 11mo
JennyM So glad you enjoyed it. I love how I go to bed and you‘ve read a book by the time I get up 😊 11mo
Cinfhen Hahahahaha...while you were sleeping, Litsy went haywire @JennyM so I had 7 hours of No Litsying which meant reading time. 11mo
Cinfhen Have you seen any of the YouTube clips @JennyM ??? 11mo
JennyM @Cinfhen 😳 it was playing up went I went to bed, as I couldn‘t tag you. Yep, I‘ve watched the clips - it‘s really fascinating and very moving. Xx 11mo
Cinfhen Were you familiar with her work before @JennyM @Bookyonce ??? I was not, so now I have this urge to research ALL OF HER “ performances “ 11mo
JennyM @Cinfhen not at all, but I became temporarily obsessed with her after reading the book. Enjoy going down the rabbit hole 🐇 😘 11mo
Bookyonce @Cinfhen I had actually heard about this performance piece the year it was out but same, suddenly really curious about her work! And apparently there‘s a documentary about this piece that came out in 2012 11mo
LauraBeth I read this in December and enjoyed it! 11mo
Cinfhen I‘m happy it was my first read of 2019. It felt like a good way to start my reading year @LauraBeth although I did lose a few hours researching Marina Abramovic. 11mo
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