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#Gratitude30 #November #Music #Musicophilia
Oliver Sacks has an incredible legacy, including this book.
I have learned so much from reading his works.

JackOBotts What was your first Oliver Sacks read? He was always fascinating to listen to on RadioLab, but I‘ve yet to dig into his books. Any recommendation for a starter? 13mo
kspenmoll @JackOBotts The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat was my first read. He has written so much! 13mo
bookcollecter Love this book! 13mo
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JackOBotts @kspenmoll Thank you! Oddly enough, I‘ve collected several of his works, but have yet to read them. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I‘ll have to make that one of my next reads. Thanks, again!!! 📚 13mo
Avanders Hi -- could you confirm you received your Stuffed Stocking Swap match? You can confirm here or by email. Thanks! 13mo
kspenmoll @Avanders so sorry will reply by email as well. I did receive & almost ready to go out- will post pic when I do. 13mo
Avanders @kspenmoll no worries -- thanks for responding! 😘😘 13mo
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Does anyone know if there's an app like Litsy for music? It's another big love in my life. I often put on playlists while I read, and I listen obsessively to certain albums while working or running or cleaning. I collect vinyl and I am helping out with a friend's music podcast. I used to be a DJ, and in some ways, I still am for any event at work. Give me a music app like Litsy! #musicophilia

Maike That would be great! 3y
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