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The Guinevere Deception | Kiersten White
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Current read and snack for the #MrBook1inMillion readathon! Just passed the 9 hour mark 💪🏼

@MrBook @Rachel.Rencher @Lucas.Rencher
#LitsyPartyofOne #24B4Monday #readathon

BethM I‘m totally interested in your review of this! 1w
cleoh @BethM I have high hopes! I love Arthurian tales, and I‘ve loved everything Kiersten White has written! 1w
BethM I‘ve never heard of her but I also love Aurthurian! 1w
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MrBook WOOHOO!!! Just about at 9 hours myself! 🙌🏻 1w
cleoh @MrBook yessss go team! 1w
cleoh @BethM I‘m still working my way through her books, but the Chaos of Stars is one of my favourites! 1w
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#Litsypartyofone Good morning, party goers. Trying to get some reading in while I can, but it‘s going to be a crazy day. My weekly WW meeting this morning, plus the AC technician and the phone repair person (our phone line went down yesterday, too) due after lunch. Plus, it‘s Penn State football this afternoon! I‘m loving reading all your posts 😘 #Hostpost #MrBook1inMillion #24b4Monday

RachelO We‘re using matching bookmarks today 🎵🎶🎵 1w
Andrew65 Wow! Busy day! 1w
Lynnsoprano @Andrew65 I swear life in retirement is just as busy as when I was working 😄 1w
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Lynnsoprano @RachelO Great minds think alike 😘 1w
MamaGina Hope that AC gets fixed ASAP! 🤞🏼 (I‘ve got the heat on here in NC, perfect readathon weather 🥶) 1w
Slajaunie Yes to football! Enjoy the game and the book! 1w
Lynnsoprano @Slajaunie 👍 If I tried to read during a Penn State game it would probably be grounds for divorce 🤣 1w
Lynnsoprano @MamaGina The AC tech called and he‘s on his way 😄 1w
Eggs That bookmark 💗💗💗💗 1w
MrBook You a Nittany Lion alum, as well?! 😳🤗 Good luck with all that havoc today! 1w
Lynnsoprano @MrBook I‘m not but hubby is. I‘m a Moravian College grad. But I was once introduced to the Penn State president as an alum, so I claim honorary status 🤣 1w
MrBook 😂👏🏻 Moravian, I know that campus well. 😎 1w
Linsy Love Agatha Raisin!!! 1w
MamaGina @Lynnsoprano 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 1w
Lynnsoprano @mrbook Why do I think there‘s a story there?😂 1w
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Norse Mythology | Neil Gaiman
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Not so sneaky start of a #24B4Monday #readathon at my work (🤫) to celebrate #MrBook1inMillion

I like Gaiman‘s voice, a lot 😁 and I like Loki‘s mischievous nature.

FantasyChick Haha I'm doing the same at work this morning. I mean, it IS Friday after all 😊 2w
jb72 When I worked I loved listening to audiobooks. 2w
MrBook 😂🤣 I‘m a bad influence. 🙈😎🙌🏻 2w
Simona @FantasyChick @jb72 When is quiet in the office and I have to do mindless tasks, the audiobook is great companion. 2w
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