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Bad Blood | John Carreyrou
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#JulyWrapUp #JulyRecap
A little late in putting this together but it was a crazy week & month really. Still, with the #24by48 #readathon pushing me along with my library‘s summer reading program, I read or listened to 16 books in July. The tagged was my favorite. I had 3 non-fiction, 13 fiction, 2 audiobooks, 13 female authors & 3 males, & about 1/2 of East of Eden for the #EoE #buddyread. I‘d say it was an excellent reading month for me. 🎉📚🎉

Crazeedi Excellent!!👏👏 7mo
DivineDiana 👏🏻📚👏🏻 7mo
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego A fabulous month! 💖📚💖 7mo
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Sharp Objects: A Novel | Gillian Flynn
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Here is my July recap!

4 audio
1 serial reads
4 print

9 total

My favorite was totally going to be Guernsey but then Sharp Objects blew it out of the water! Didn‘t have any that I disliked this time! #julyrecap

Reviewsbylola Great month 👏🏻 I loved Sharp Objects. 2y
Liatrek Are you watching the HBO series? 2y
Crewgurl Lady Darby!!!!! Sorry, I get excited 😂 2y
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ErinSueMreads Thanks! I did too @Reviewsbylola it was so fantastic! 2y
ErinSueMreads @Liatrek I haven‘t yet but definitely want to! 2y
ErinSueMreads @Crewgurl I‘m like 20th in line for the next one. Literal worst!!! 2y
Crewgurl Nooooooo. Although we have a long wait for the next one, so perhaps it‘s best to space it out. 2y
ErinSueMreads Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh @Crewgurl don‘t remind me of the pain! 2y
Crewgurl 😂😂😂 I know!!!! The struggle is real!! 2y
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Recapitulation | Wallace Stegner
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Six for me this month. #julyrecap #recap

Beartown 💙 so well written.
Commonwealth 💙 I‘m officially an Ann Patchett fan.
Stolen Beauty 💙 I got this from a swap and so glad I did!
Brooklyn in Love 😕 so-so. I just couldn‘t get vested in the MC/author.
Little Fires... 💙 great, but I liked Everything I Never Told You better.
Midnight Blue another 💙

July, July: A Novel | Tim O'Brien
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78 h, 38 m
3,892 pages

11 audio
3 graphic novels
8 hardcopy
5 ebooks

Fave of the month: Circe

Year to date:
#litsyclassics: 15/26
#mounttbr: 22/48
#1001books: 18
#192019challenge: 28
DNF: 3

AmyG Holy cow... 27 books? 🙌🏻 2y
Reviewsbylola Well done! 👏🏻 2y
dariazeoli @AmyG @Reviewsbylola Thanks! I have no life! 😂 2y
Andrew65 Fantastic! 🙌🙌🙌 2y
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Good Morning, Midnight | Lily Brooks-Dalton
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I had a great month of mostly phenomenal reads. It wasn't hard to choose a favorite as Good Morning, Midnight blew my socks off but the runner ups behind that were numerous! #monthlyrecap #julyrecap #julyinbooks #julywrapup

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Is it time already for the end of the month wrap up ? A fairly varied month - a spy thriller, non-fiction, debut authors and the beginning of my Booker season reading. All of these were books worth reading but I loved this Donal Ryan the most.
August will be almost completely taken up with the Booker longlist although I do need to squeeze a Read Harder book in there somehow...

ns510reads I know lol. I am sooo behind on Read Harder! 🙈 2y
Redheadrambles @ns510reads can you use any Longlister for any RH task ? 2y
ns510reads Probably not. I think the only thing that may potentially apply is a ‘romance novel by or about a POC‘ or ‘mystery by a POC or LGBTQ+ author‘....but i don‘t think either apply to any of the longlisted books. But we‘ll see! 😉 2y
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ClairesReads Great round up- I‘m going to post mine later tonight! @ns510reads I‘m way behind on Read Harder too- with no time in sight given I haven‘t started the Booker longlist yet...I don‘t get the feeling any of them fit the RH tasks... 2y
Redheadrambles @ClairesReads poor Claire ! We miss you 😘 hopefully normal reading can resume soon. Yeah I looked the list over trying to fit something into RH but no I can‘t see an angle yet. 2y
ClairesReads @Redheadrambles miss you toooooooo!! 2y
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July's People | Nadine Gordimer
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I didn't manage to crack 3 of the ARCs on my #julytbr but what're you gonna do, right? Best reads of the month were Hunger & The Skeptical Vegan.

#julystats #julyrecap