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#RedRoseSeptember #catchup
#GroovyTrain made me think of the 70s & of The Brady Bunch. Has anyone else been watching A Very Brady Renovation on HGTV? I have only watched one episode so far as the HGTV hosts & Brady kids renovate the house used for the exterior in the series. Very groovy. 🌼I read this book years ago & don‘t remember much besides the various pairings of kissing siblings & Greg‘s (Barry William‘s) “date” with his in-screen mom. 😱🤢

Cinfhen Excellent choice😁 3w
arlenefinnigan Cool 😎 3w
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LeahBergen Your favourite! 😄 4w
Cinfhen I was gonna say I recognize this book / it‘s groovy looking for sure 💕 4w
Ruthiella I‘ve only listened to one Vickie Bliss book on audio which was great (The Laughter of Dead Kings) and I love Peter‘s Amelia Peabody series. 4w
arlenefinnigan Perfect choice! 4w
CarolynM @Ruthiella The Laughter of Dead Kings had its moments, but the earlier books had a lot more snark between Vicky and John. 4w
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Tootle | Gertrude Crampton
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Cinfhen I love this cover 💕Little Golden Books 4w
Ruthiella Adorable! 😀 4w
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Travels With My Aunt | Greene, Graham
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The Simplon Orient Express may well have been a #GroovyTrain with Aunt Augusta around.

@Cinfhen @arlenefinnigan

arlenefinnigan Eyeshadow envy! 4w
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#groovytrain #redroseseptember
Peter Hooton is a mad red and has written several books about them.
I‘m trying not to let this song take up residency in my brain!

arlenefinnigan Didn't know he'd written any books! Excellent choice. 4w
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Jump on the #groovytrain a la 19th century to explore the composers of the Romantic era. This was a college text from a course I took on Romanticism in music. While I tended to listen to harder music, a good piece of classical music is perfect to soothe stress and anxiety. Composers such as Beethoven and Chopin are covered in this book. #RedRoseSeptember

arlenefinnigan Lovely! 4w
arlenefinnigan Recommend me some Romantic music to block out my workmates, their mouths haven't stopped flapping all day and I can't cope. 4w
Librarybelle @arlenefinnigan I‘m partial to the pianists of that era, Chopin and Liszt are two of my favorites. Their compositions are so melodious and peaceful. Beethoven fits into this era, as he was I think midpoint in his compositions when the era started. Beethoven is always a good go to for stress - Symphony Number 9 jumps to mind. Wagner also falls into this - his composition about the Valkyries is perfect for angst! 4w
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arlenefinnigan @Librarybelle Beethoven it is. Fab, thank you! 4w
ravenlee @arlenefinnigan may I recommend some Tchaikovsky? My favorite Romantic composer, and usually good for drowning out babble. 4w
arlenefinnigan @ravenlee I do love Swan Lake. Ta! 4w
Librarybelle @ravenlee @arlenefinnigan Tchaikovsky is a good choice, too! The Russian composers have some really good pieces. 4w
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Slow Trains to Simla | Paul Theroux
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This might be a #groovytrain to ride on....

Ruthiella Nice one! 🚂😀 4w
Cinfhen Beautiful cover ❣️ 4w
youneverarrived Gorgeous cover 💚 4w
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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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When Roland Deschain & his friends board Blaine the Train in book 3 of the Dark Tower, they quickly find themselves in a bizarre & dangerous situation. Despite ZZ Top's Velcro Fly playing in the background of the station, Blaine is a far cry from a #groovytrain
@arlenefinnigan @Cinfhen

Cinfhen These covers are groovy!! 4w
arlenefinnigan Cool 😎 4w
TrishB Great pic 👍🏻 4w
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Not book related but I couldn‘t resist adding it. I used to watch this and American Bandstand as a kid. #groovytrain #RedroseSeptember

arlenefinnigan Excellent! 4w
BarbaraBB Cool choice! 4w
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