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@CoverToCoverGirl thanks for the tag! Here are some of my #5FiveStarReads from this year. As you can tell from my previous yearly star average I‘m liberal with the stars. A book doesn‘t have to be totally perfect but it has to make me feel, make me think, it has to talk to me months later, and sometimes it can be the pictures conjured by the prose. Tagging anyone who would like to play.

TrishB Some great ones there 👍🏻 2y
CBee Hooray for another “liberal star giver” I‘m the same!! 😂 2y
Michael_Gee I so agree, Reggie! 2y
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vivastory So many great books 2y
rwmg Another 'liberal star giver' here. And on litsy most books get a pick. A few get a so-so. Very few get a pan, because they are more likely to get a bail. 2y
CoverToCoverGirl I‘m a liberal star giver too! 2y
KarenUK I am a proud #starslut !! 😊 2y
Chrissyreadit I loved Mama Day when I was a million years younger- I need to reread it but based on your post I‘m positive it will hold up to a reread. Bluebird Bluebird is high on my IRL TBR. 2y
Reggie @Chrissyreadit Attica Locke has made me fall back in love with mystery. And even though there is racial tension in her books there‘s also a lot of love. I hope you like it. And Mama Day makes me think of all the women in our family. I loved that book. 2y
Centique Yay Potiki made it! I have a lot of these books on my TBR. Hope to get to Real Life soon. 😍 2y
Reggie @Centique Potiki is easily in my top 10 this year. You‘ll like Real Life, Paula. 2y
Centique Hey @Reggie just jumping on to this old post to say My God. What a week. I‘ve been glued to the news and reading tons of different US newspapers to try and work out if the tide has finally turned. Hope to God that the shock of this wakes a whole lot of people up. Much love and strength to you and yours - I hope you‘re all coping ok with this stress. 🙏💕💕 2y
Reggie @Centique sadly, I think it‘s just the beginning. And what‘s funny in the worst way is the way they‘re turning on each other. Now calling for Mike Pence to be hanged. Following Lindsay Graham at the airport. I don‘t like the guy but I was genuinely afraid for him. It only takes that one person to light the match. And they‘re all so blindly following Trump because they think that‘s what power looks like. Even here on Litsy and you were right to use 2y
Reggie an old post, but we have two healthcare workers who support trump and I‘m just like why. On the day of the Capitol riot we had our highest COVID death day. 4000. Why? Because their guy doesn‘t believe in science. Another girl has a dairy farmer for a husband and was scared that Biden got elected. Trumps trade war with China has cost millions of farmers like her husband to lose dairy contracts. Contracts that aren‘t coming back because other (edited) 2y
Reggie countries have already filled them. Like we‘re the app that reads books and I just don‘t understand how they still support someone like that. And worst of all they act like theyr the victims. And this whole keep Litsy positive crap. How can we when we‘re hurting so much as a country because one person who breeds so much negativity. We‘re a country with only 5 percent of the whole world‘s population that goes around like a bull in a China shop and (edited) 2y
Reggie something just needs to happen. If we can‘t do it from the inside hopefully the rest of the world figures something out about us. Sorry for vent, Paula. And thank you for your concern! ❤️ 2y
Centique @Reggie I‘m glad you could have a vent! I did notice a couple of ppl had posted weeks ago things that suggested they were Trump supporters and I was totally shocked. But I guess it just shows how polarised the country has become. And how important it is for there to be widespread trust in some unbiased media so conspiracy stuff doesn‘t get this crazy momentum. It‘s like a cult in that ppl will believe their leader no matter what ... 2y
Centique And I totally hear you about the positivity stuff on here. It was seeing all that which made me scratch my head yesterday... I do hope that some of them are shocked and start to move away from the extremists. They don‘t need to switch sides just get behind a rational Republican. Anyway - you hunker down and know theres a world full of people wanting change for you guys and sending you love 💕💕 2y
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