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Clive Barker's Books of Blood
Clive Barker's Books of Blood | Clive Barker
Six horror stories include "The Book of Blood," "The Midnight Meat Train," "The Yattering and Jack," "Pig Blood Blues," "Sex, Death, and Starshine," and "In the Hills, the Cities." Reprint.
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These stories were so great! The last one was a little hard to get through...but the rest were really entertaining!

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I‘ve read these before, but I was a while ago, so it felt like I was reading them for the first time. Classic Clive Barker: twisted stories, gore, sometimes the bad guy wins, usually thought-provoking. Loved the stories! Well, most of them. A few were meh, but isn‘t that the way of short-story collections?

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@Tove_Reads tagged me for #BookmarkMe thanks for that! ?

Here's the ones I've been using for years, the little ones are magnetic - they're pretty cool. The flowers one is probably my most used one, as it's always near and the others I've got to dig out every time. ?

Reading is going well today and I've another review coming very soon of "The Colour Out of Space" by H.P. Lovecraft! ??

I tag everyone! ?‍♂️

TrishB I love those Barker ones! 2y
TheNeverendingTBR @TrishB My favourite one I've got, I need to get more cool ones. 😁 2y
bookishbitch I just watched this movie today. I thought it was ok, but I haven't read the book yet. 2y
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#ChillingPhotoChallenge #Candy #TeamSlaughter for today‘s prompt I am choosing this cheesy movie based on Clive Barker story- this installment set in New Orleans- beware the Candyman! #Scarathon @Clwojick

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It is with distinct fear and #horror that I recall when this movie came out in 92 (based on the tagged book of stories). Every kid I knew was talking about it and I was super scared to even discuss it, let alone watch it. Still have never seen it (or read it), but it manages to still creep me out just thinking about it.

#Scarathlon #TeamStoker #ChillingPhotoChallenge
@TheReadingMermaid @Clwojick
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BeansPage 🧟‍♀️ one of my favorites! I love the score by Philip Glass. although I don't really care for The Exorcist it is the only score that I really like that tops the Philip Glass score for The Candyman. 3y
Jesstifies @TheReadingMermaid ! Did you see it right when it came out?! The score would be all I‘d get from it since I‘d have my eyes closed the whole time 😁 3y
BeansPage I saw this movie when I was old enough to watch horror movies. But yes it's definitely quite creepy. Although the Candyman himself never really creeped me out. It was more of the building in the surroundings and the fact that it took place in an urban city. Fun fact, this was one of the first horror movies to actually take place in an urban city and it changed the horror genre forever. Clive Barker is a genius! 3y
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I've read this one a long time ago in a books of blood edition, but now there is this beautiful Brazilian edition... It's the prettiest book in my bookshelf right now!

TrishB That is a fantastic copy 💕 3y
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Halloween quotes

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Love my copies of the books of blood by Clive Barker! I can't wait to read these! I've only heard great things and Barker is strange and I'm pumped to read what he has come up with for these!!!


TrishB As long as you like strange and gory you‘ll be fine 👍🏻 4y
MStew @TrishB love strange and gory😄 4y
TheNeverendingTBR When did you get 1-3 🤔 4y
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BruceWalken Hey your reading them 😁 hope you like them. I loved them but it‘s been a while since I revisited 4y
MStew @BruceWalken yessss!! I have had these for awhile ! I need to read these Asap! 😄 4y
MStew @trioxin_sematary 😘 in december silly 💋 4y
BruceWalken 👍 4y
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1. Sigourney Weaver, my one and only one.
2. Between 9 and 10pm.
3. Horror, as tagged!
4. Sports blender. I use it for everything.
5. Bookshop closest and most used, and it is a charity one so everything is really cheap! Verrrry dangerous.

#humpdaypost @MinDea

RJHowe Sigourney rocks! 4y
2BR02B Yasss Ripley! 💗 4y
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Look what I got for my birthday! The complete set of The Books of Blood by Clive Barker. The first book is signed and the whole set was published by Subterranean Press. We saw it months ago at the soon-to-be-closed (if it hasn‘t already) bookstore I love in Berkeley, CA called Dark Carnival which I‘ve posted about before. My guy bought it, stashed it, and I was able to totally freak out!! Such a wonderful addition to my Clive Barker collection.

TricksyTails That is awesome!! 😍🤩😍🤩😍🤩😍 That right there is my holy grail. How beautiful!! I love it! Best present EVER! Happy Birthday! 🎉🎁🎂📚♥️🤗 5y
TricksyTails When was your birthday? How did I miss it? 5y
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BookwormAHN That is so cool 🖤 5y
TricksyTails I‘m just sitting over here caressing the picture. Don‘t mind me...😍😍😍 5y
TrishB That‘s lovely ❤️ 5y
manifestsanity What's the best Clive Barker book to start with? 5y
ApoptyGina69 @TricksyTails it‘s actually 12/27, but he was away and then I was away most of January, so we just opened presents last week. 5y
ApoptyGina69 @manifestsanity I first read Weaveworld in 1989, but it didn‘t quite grab me then. I read Imajica in 1995 and that was the one!! I have since re-read WW and loved it. I think I needed a certain maturity to “get” Barker. 5y
vivastory Nice! Happy Birthday! 🎉👏📚🎂 5y
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#sweet #junebookbugs
Bear with me - The Forbidden short story is the basis of the film Candyman.....
All I've got for this!!

CaroPi The books of blood is one of my favorite horror stories collection. Mine was bought in Colombia and came with me to Poland. Is one of my treasures. I learned to donate some of my books... Not this one 5y
monkeygirlsmama Disturbing cover. LoL 5y
TrishB @CaroPi they are treasures 👍 5y
TrishB @monkeygirlsmama disturbing stories! 5y
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Who are some of your favourite authors?
Clive Barker is definitely one of my heros. I discovered his horror first, like many, but his fantasy is out of this world. Such a rare and unique wealth of imagination. He shows me things I've never seen before, which is always amazing. (I also love cracked spines on well read paperbacks) sign of a well loved book 📚
#bookstagram #barker #horror #fantasy #paperback #booklove #authors

MStew Love this post 4y
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I really love how german publishers advertised #horror literature in the 80s. At least they had a point - I must have looked similar to this ad for Clive Barker's first Book of Blood after reading those short stories. They were my introduction to the more gory side of of the genre 😍😇

#german #deutsch

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Happy birthday, Clive Barker! His stories are a great read for this haunting month, if you can stomach them - so descriptive.

JoeStalksBeck His artwork is haunting 6y
MMenefee @Book_Addict I was amazed to find out that he created visual art in addition to writing. 6y
Zelma That poster is the stuff of nightmares. 😱 6y
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I loved all of these short scary stories.