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Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland | Elizabeth Mansfield
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Is Christmas a time for forgiving and forgetting? A nobleman and the woman who spurned him are about to find out in this enchanting Regency novel. For inexperienced, painfully shy Barnaby Traherne, the glittering society ball is akin to a battlefield . . . that is, until his attention is captured by an auburn-haired beauty. Scandalous rumors swirl around Miranda Pardew and now she has set her cap for a renowned rake. Ignoring the gossip, the already-smitten Barnaby gathers his courage and asks Miranda for a dance. When she rejects himin a very public humiliationhe vows that when he reenters the fray, he will be better prepared. Eleven years later, he gets his chance, along with the opportunity to deliver to a certain haughty beauty her long-overdue comeuppance. Once the belle of the ball, Miranda is now an impecunious widow. A stroke of luck lands her a governess position in Norfolk. Before she arrives, her stagecoach is ambushed by highwaymen, and Miranda finds herself stranded with an attractive stranger. She has no idea hes the nobleman she rebuffed years earlier. But Barnaby has not forgotten herand is shocked to discover that Miranda has been employed to look after his nephews. At his brothers estate for Christmas, Barnaby tries in vain to conceal his still-wild attraction to Miranda, but a capricious fate conspires to throw Barnaby and Miranda together at every turn. Award-winning author Elizabeth Mansfield delivers a sparkling Regency novel brimming with romance, wit, and festive holiday spirit.
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Winter Wonderland | Elizabeth Mansfield
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Happy New Year Litsy friends! And Happy opening day for the #WinterWonderlandSwap and Thank You to my co- hosts Aletheia and Christine! This was so easy and fun 💙❄️💙❄️💙❄️💙❄️ I LOVED having a New Years opening day and a fun theme!

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BookwormAHN Thank you all for hosting! @TheBookHippie @Avanders 3mo
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Winter Wonderland | Elizabeth Mansfield
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Another Regency Romance by Elizabeth Mansfield. Eleven years prior to the story, the heroine scars the bashful hero with her extremely rude behavior witnessed by the public. Their paths cross again as adults when the heroine is looking for work as a governess and is retained by the hero‘s relatives. I found the heroine hard to like. If she hadn‘t become poor would she still have changed her ways?
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