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The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists
The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists | Gideon Defoe
Now a major film by Aardman Animations.
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So I started reading The Pirates! In an Adventure with Napoleon and within the first chapter I envisioned these characters from the movie pictured. So I looked up the movie on IMDB and see it‘s from one of the books in the series In An Adventure with Scientists. How cool is that? The movie is funny with lots of pirate jokes! Thanks @DinoMom for The Pirates! Books!

rabbitprincess This is honestly one of my favourite movies 🤣🤣 2mo
CrowCAH @rabbitprincess it was a jolly good film! 🏴‍☠️ 2mo
DinoMom I am going to have to watch this movie 🎥 🍿 2mo
CrowCAH @DinoMom I think you‘ll get a good laugh out of it! 2mo
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#IfYouLikeThisMovie #JurassicPark

Then you might like this comedy of the Pirate Captain getting involved with scientists in London and everything not going to plan.

Klou Great choice!! 👍📚💚 1y
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I'll be looking for giant compasses in the Atlantic next time 😂😄😊 and dirty great sea serpents too!!!

Neale 😂😂😂 4y
BookNAround This book was hilarious. I loved it and have long tried to get others to read it. 4y
AceOnRoam @BookNAround it does sound very funny, I pictured Mel Brookes 🤣🤣 4y
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No #skullandcrossedbones on my shelves, but I do have a skull and crossed swords on the cover of this goofy book that's still To Be Read about pirates chilling with Charles Darwin. They made a goofy stop-motion animated film about it too I believe. #pirateslife #whatawaytolive

CrowCAH Sounds super interesting; added it to the TBR! Close enough-skull and crossed swords! ☠️ And I'll have to see if I can find the stop motion movie. 5y
CrowCAH @TobeyTheScavengerMonk thanks for the link! Now that I see the characters and the poster, I remember this being advertised, but haven't seen it...yet. 😉 5y
rabbitprincess The Pirates movie is a firm favourite in my household. My BF and I are constantly quoting from it 😄 5y
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Our housemate has a pretty epic personal library (my estimate is probably about 1000 books? The total physical book collection in our house is nearly 4,000 books, plus tons of audio & e-books), these are a couple of books I have borrowed from her over the years. #booktober #somethingborrowed

RealLifeReading Wow!! 4000 books? 5y
GlitteryOtters @RealLifeReading yes! Working at a bookstore for 3 years has its advantages...discounted books, easy access to books, plus first notice when great remainder books come in (like my complete Riverside Shakespeare for a fraction of the cost). 5y
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'Let's set a course'- at this point the Pirate Captain paused in what he hoped would be dramatic and exciting fashion- 'for adventure!'
The crew just gave him a bit of a collective blank look. The Pirate Captain sighed.
'All right,' he said with a bit of a pout, 'south.'

BookFreakOut Hiiiii! So excited to see you here! @Jediash1 is on here too. 😁 5y
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This irreverent comic gem is quotably hilarious at every turn! Pirates adventure to rescue Charles Darwin's kidnapped brother. Yes, that is a ham on the cover. You can't properly enjoy an adventure without ham.

MichelleM Loved this! 5y
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