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Witch: And Other Tales Re-Told
Witch: And Other Tales Re-Told | Jean Thompson
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A National Book Award finalist and bestselling author, Jean Thompson s new collection of bewitching improvisations on fairy tales are spellbinding ("Booklist," starred review). Jean Thompson author of the National Book Award finalist" Who Do You Love" and the "New York Times" bestseller" The Year We Left Home" is a writer at the height of her powers. Capturing the magic and horror in everyday life, Thompson revisits beloved fables that represent our deepest, most primeval fears and satisfy our longings for good to triumph over evil (preferably in the most gruesome way possible). From the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood to the beauty asleep in her castle, " The Witch and Other Tales Retold" triumphantly brings the fairy tale into the modern age."
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The garnets felt cold against her skin. They looked like a line of blood around her neck.

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Do you ever feel like, even when everything‘s going all right, or especially when it‘s going all right, that there‘s some horror movie version of your life that‘s going to come sneaking up behind you?

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@DoonTheGoon Dana, thank you so much for your fabulous #Nightmare4Christmas package! The books are beautiful and look so good, and I love all the extra goodies! (I'm going to be the envy of all my coworkers with this amazing alpaca eraser 😻) Merry Christmas to you! 🎄🎅🤶🦌🎄

DoonTheGoon Merry Christmas!!! I hope you enjoy it all! 11mo
inthegreensandblues @teebe Toni, thank you for hosting #N4C! 11mo
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#31bookpics #spinepoetry

The Witch

An Unseemly Wife/
Flying Too High/
Playing Dead/
Through Rushing Water/
Rags & Bones/
A Beautiful Poison/
An Incomplete Revenge/
Dead Wake/
The Secrets She Keeps

Simona 👏👏👏Very nice! 13mo
Clare-Dragonfly This gave me chills! 13mo
Moray_Reads Love the Halloween vibe! 13mo
Wife @Simona @Clare-Dragonfly @Moray_Reads Thank you 🎃 13mo
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A spectacular spooky read. Fairy tales made modern by an exceptional writer.

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‪Book Review for The Witch‬
‪And Other Tales Re-Told by Jean Thompson #athinsliceofanxiety #bookworm #booklover #bibliophile #jeanthompson #thewitch #read #books

Felso Yikes! 😱 (edited) 2y
C.Perone Omg! Love this pic! 2y
CouronneDhiver Creepy pic! 2y
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Wellreadhead Thanks, it really creeps me out too 😳 2y
Sg1224 What a quintessential witch! Do people stare at you when you‘re out reading? 😨 2y
Wellreadhead @Sg1224 Not as much as you‘d think, although when it does occur I think it‘s not so much the fact of what I‘m reading but rather the fact that I‘m reading at all that gets the most stares, lol 2y
Sg1224 @Wellreadhead that is the saddest thing I‘ve heard this week. 2y
Wellreadhead @Sg1224 It depresses me too 😔 2y
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Library haul, just in time for #scaretober.

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Everybody else mark TOCs up like this? It's so when I go back, I can kind of just greatest-hits it. "Candy" is a Little Red Riding Hood retelling. I always dig a good sort-of #werewolf story. Anybody know any more LRRHs, outside Carter and Matt Bell? I need, I need. Anyway, picked this one up yesterday at a thrift store in Houston, after taking runs at three other books that morning, none of which would stick. This one, though—the writing, wow.

TheLondonBookworm I'm a little obsessed with fairy tales- wrote my entire dissertation on them! 😂 3y
BekahB Yes! The first TOC I marked up like that was an old collection of Edgar Allan Poe stories my dad gave to me when I was in 6th grade. I put dots next to the stories I read and stars next to the ones I really liked. I still do that with short story collections but now I try to use a pencil instead of a pen. 😄 3y
Matilda I do this when for whatever reason I read the stories out of order in a collection. 3y
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IndyHannaJones I feel really dumb but what is a TOC? 3y
SGJ Table of Contents 3y
CherylDeFranceschi What an awesome thing to do! I'm going to from now on! 3y
SGJ Cool, thanks. 3y
CherylRussell I've done the same thing. I like your rating system too. 3y
CherylRussell @Liberty Ohhhhh....::trots off to find a copy:: 3y
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Masterful re-telling a of familiar takes, each with serious surprises. The Curse, alone, blew me away.