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For The Good Times
For The Good Times | David Keenan
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Sammy and his three friends are country boys from Armagh, the disputed borderlands of a country cannbalising itself. They love sharp clothes, a drink, and a night on the town singing Perry Como's classics. Their dream is a Free State, and their methods for achieving this are uncompromising. Heading for Belfast - ground zero of the Troubles - they find themselves in the incongruous position of running a comic book shop by day. Their clandestine activities belong in the x-rated pages of graphic fiction: burglary, blackmail, extortion, torture, and murder. No criminal act is too taboo for these boys. But when punk rock arrives and the hard edge of the decade starts to reveal its true paranoid colours, Sammy finds himself increasingly isolated. Camaraderie and loyalty is the fuel of a terrorist cell. When those virtues prove faulty, the game is up - and Sammy's world starts to radically shrink. For the Good Times shouts and sings with visionary intensity and gallows humour. It is not just a book about the IRA, but an exploration of what it means to 'go rogue', and the heartbreak and devastation that commitment to 'the cause' can engender. It unpacks any dewy-eyed romance associated with the Troubles, and establishes David Keenan as one of our generation's most fearless and entertaining literary stylists.
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For The Good Times | David Keenan
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Well the good news is my reading was certainly more enjoyable than last month ! Six books and I mostly got something out of them all. The stand-out was my bookclub read - For The Good Times - that‘s a book that is hard to shake off and hard to recommend! Onwards into May !
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ClairesReads A good month mate! Yass 7mo
Redheadrambles @ClairesReads it was and I have some fun reads ahead - Spring/ Song of Solomon / the new McEwan hopefully... 7mo
mklong Can‘t wait to hear what you make of the new McEwan! And of course, I‘m ready for Spring to take its place in the Hall of Fame. 7mo
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ClairesReads @Redheadrambles yessss I am getting excited for Song of Solomon, and can‘t wait to discuss Spring with you! I am eyeing up the new McEwan too. So much to read. I‘m diving into The Lost Children Archive tonight. 7mo
ClairesReads @mklong yasss Spring for Hall of Fame! 7mo
Redheadrambles @mklong I just need to get out from under the worlds slowest Western and then these lovely exciting reads can be mine ! 7mo
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For The Good Times | David Keenan
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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 1/2

This book is a wild ride - violent, hallucinatory and elusive to define.
Keenan writes like his mind is on fire. Interweaving a story of violent thuggery, with Irish jokes, reverence for Perry Como, a comic book side-story and digressions into what is Art. Yet that hardly seems to describe the reading experience.

There is ALOT going on here and it is one that would benefit from multiple readings. I think it is brilliant.

Redwritinghood Sounds interesting. Great review. 7mo
Redheadrambles @Redwritinghood yes it is an interesting potentially polarising book 7mo
ClairesReads I see they have Severance up next! 7mo
Redheadrambles @ClairesReads I know ! Lucky for me as it gives me some breathing room to catch up on some Read Harder e.t.c 7mo
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