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My Favorite Things
My Favorite Things: How Well Do You Know Your-- | Debra P. Raisner
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Quick, can you rattle off your favorite movie, book, or song? This compact book is easily converted into a game where you can find out just how well you know your spouse, best friend, sibling, roommate . . . and yourself.
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Oh no! 🤭 One more super fun swap! ☺️❄️

Let‘s send each other our favorite things from 2021! 🛍🎁📚💙
(I feel like Oprah on a *very* small scale.. 😂😂)

#Bestof2021Swap! The sign-up form will remain open until November 14: https://forms.gle/Q7CsPtKBWwS4Sy758

Everyone will send TWO books and FOUR gifts. See the form for more details.


(Ok but now, for real, this has to be the last one I sign up for!!)

candority It is hard to resist swaps! Thanks for signing up and sharing! 😊 1mo
BethM What a fun way to pass on books you‘ve read! 1mo
Amandajoy I signed up for two already, but this one looks super fun! 1mo
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kellyann28 @TheBookKeepers Another one if you're interested :) 1mo
MaleficentBookDragon Okay, I have to STOP. Just signed up for this one too! 4w
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5 new favorite things for me to try!!

Aims42 Love Phase 10!!! 10mo
mdm139 I just got some French fry seasoning today too 10mo
Scochrane26 I haven‘t played phase 10 in forever. Love it! 10mo
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I attended a virtual favorite things party tonight and had so much fun!!

BennettBookworm Oooh what is a favorite things party?? Sounds cool! 10mo
Kshakal @BennettBookworm you pick your favorite thing and then buy 5 of them, only spending $6 a piece ($30 total) and then you get 5 other people‘s favorite things 10mo
BethM That sounds interesting. 10mo
BennettBookworm How fun!! 10mo
LiteraryinLawrence What a cool idea! 10mo
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Just found many of my favorite treats in this surprise package from @Pageturner1 ! Wow Heather, thank you for this sweet surprise!Love the homemade frog bookmark and can‘t wait to try this tea with a twist. And I can tell you, those Neccos won‘t last the day. 😆 You‘re the best! ❤️

rubyslippersreads 🧡💛❤️ Necco wafers! 1y
Pageturner1 your welcome! i was wondering if it made it. 1y
Pageturner1 that poor frog looks like he had a rough trip. he had a tongue with a fly on it. sorry. 1y
UwannaPublishme @Pageturner1 Oh, I love everything! Especially the frog! He must have gotten hungry during the long trip and ate the fly. Good thing he stayed away from the Neccos. 😉 Thanks again! 😘😘😘 1y
UwannaPublishme @rubyslippersreads The perfect snack while reading. 😋 1y
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1. Cranberry Sauce
2. Italian
3. Lynda Carter aka Wonder Woman. Twice
4. Shelter in Place Nora Roberts
#friyayintro @howjessreads

JoScho Thanks for the tag 🤗❤️ 3y
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A bit of art, some poetry, Japan and something to drink from my favorite coffee shop. These are heading to @JulietteGF for #mfbs #myfavoritebookswap. The card is fingerspelled ART drawn by a former student.

megnews Such cute wrapping paper 3y
Adventures-of-a-French-Reader Thanks!!! I'll send your package soon, I had a lot of work, and still need to finish a couple of things... 3y
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