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Bill Hodges Trilogy
Bill Hodges Trilogy | Stephen King
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Bill Hodges Trilogy | Stephen King
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Three more Amazon purchases in the 3 for 2 sale. Bill Hodges trilogy & Joyland by Stephen King and the final book in the current Gentleman Bastards.

#StephenKing #BillHodges #Joyland #GentlemanBastards #Amazon

vivastory I've had my eye on that Bill Hodges edition 1mo
Twainy @vivastory I‘ve had it on my Amazon Book Wishlist forever …. I love the 3 for 2 sales 😁 I got the GoT & Farseer illustrated trilogies this way. This box set was on sale for $32 too. 1mo
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Bill Hodges Trilogy | Stephen King
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Finished working on this painting I started sometime ago of Det. Bill Hodges. So psyched that the trailer dropped for the new season of Mr. Mercedes! As much as I'd love to watch an adaptation of Finders Keepers, I can see why they skipped to the third book. I was curious to see how they'd translate certain elements from End of Watch to the screen and it's looking pretty great!

mabell Wow!! That's an amazing artwork! 4y
Andrew65 @mabell Agree! Totally Impressive! 4y
Cathythoughts Such a great portrait. I‘d say Brendan Gleeson would be thrilled to see this. You have such talent as an artist ❤️💫 4y
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batsy Wow! That's superb art, Rohit 🖤 4y
JonathanDunne Good, good, good. 4y
BiblioLitten Too good! 💞🙋 4y
Libby1 That is excellent. 4y
mrozzz This is wonderful! 4y
RebelReader Very impressive! 4y
Scurvygirl This is amazing. The show was a great adaptation. I got directTV for a week just to watch it and I plan to do the same when then new season airs. 4y
Ms_T WOW! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 4y
Kaye I‘m not familiar with the guy in the picture, but my gosh, you have some excellent art skills there. Very nice work ! 4y
Mdargusch I had no idea you are an artist! I love this! 4y
Redwritinghood Great job on that painting. It looks really good. (edited) 4y
rohit-sawant Thanks, @Cathythoughts! 🙏🏻 That's so nice of you to say, you're too kind. 💜 4y
rohit-sawant @Scurvygirl Thank you! 😊 The first season was incredible. In one of those rare cases, some of the changes they made added to the story. 4y
rohit-sawant Appreciate your kind words, @Kaye! 💜 Thank you! 😊 4y
ReadZenRites That is so good! Totally impressed! 👍🏻The white space in the coloring is really well done... I think that‘s so difficult. Did you use watercolors? 4y
rohit-sawant @ReadZenRites Thanks so much! 😊 I did it digitally although I did use watercolor brushes in Photoshop. I love the flexibility of it & the effect it achieves! 4y
ReadZenRites Awesome results! 4y
GripLitGrl Awesome!👍 4y
rohit-sawant @GripLitGrl Thank you! 😊 4y
Centique You are so talented! 😍 4y
readordierachel Wow!! That is amazing!! 4y
rohit-sawant @Centique @ReadOrDieRachel You both are too kind, thanks! 💜 4y
DivineDiana So many talents! 👏🏻👍🏻👏🏻 4y
rohit-sawant @DivineDiana Thank you! 🙏🏻 4y
vivastory This is amazing! You're so talented! 4y
rohit-sawant @vivastory Appreciate the kind words, Scott! 🙏🏻 4y
britt_brooke You are so talented - love it! 4y
rohit-sawant @britt_brooke Thanks so much! 😊 4y
kspenmoll You are amazing! I am so impressed with your painting! 4y
rohit-sawant @kspenmoll That's really kind of you to say! 🙏🏻 Thank you! 4y
kspenmoll @rohit-sawant It is so true!!! 4y
Suet624 Wow! Your painting is amazing! 4y
rohit-sawant @Suet624 You're too kind, thanks a lot! 😊 4y
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