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Two-minute Mysteries
Two-minute Mysteries | Donald J. Sobol
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A collection of 158 mini-mysteries in which readers play Dr. Watson to master-detective Dr. Haledjian.
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Two-minute Mysteries | Donald J. Sobol
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Just 2 days until opening day for the #ShortStorySwap ! I‘m getting excited! Just a quick check in - I have a few people that I haven‘t checked off as packages confirmed sent. I may have just missed it, but could you please comment below and let me know if your package is on its way @DuckOfDoom @ErinSueG @quietjenn and @jillannjohn ?

DuckOfDoom Send it a week ago, it should arrive shortly at its destination😀 2y
ErinSueMreads Mine is going out today rush! Was waiting on something from amazon! 2y
CSeydel Perfect! Thanks guys. @DuckOfDoom @ErinSueG 2y
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quietjenn Ah, sorry I forgot to post. I mailed it last week and it's supposed to arrive by tomorrow. 2y
CSeydel @quietjenn that is ok! I just needed to make sure 😊 2y
jillannjohn I just posted. Mine went out today. 😀 2y
CSeydel @jillannjohn wonderful! Thank you 😊 2y
BookishMe Ohh... Today's opening day?? Been cooped with work and I hadn't noticed the date. I know mine is on the way here ;D 2y
CSeydel @BookishMe it was sent ... I hope it arrives soon! 2y
BookishMe @CSeydel 💗👌🏾💗 2y
BookishMe I need to track what I had sent has reached as well thought I know my other match is not around to receive it ;)) 2y
DuckOfDoom Hey, I don't know if my package arrived safely, would you mind asking my partner? I send it two weeks ago, it should have arrived by now! 2y
CSeydel @DuckOfDoom yeah, that‘s odd. I emailed her so we‘ll see what she says. Do you have any tracking number for the package? 2y
DuckOfDoom @CSeydel I have a number, but apparently that is only used to identify the package - searching for it turns up nothing. If it does not arrive by end of July I will send my partner another package with the same book and some more goodies to make up for the additional waiting time 2y
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Two-minute Mysteries | Donald J. Sobol
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From an early age, I was a devourer of mysteries. One of the many I still possess...#RIP2MyYouth #aprella

ravenlee Wow, I think I got that book in a Scholastic Funtastic summer reading package! What a blast from the past! 2y
Librarybelle @ravenlee Loved the Scholastic book fairs from long ago! This one came from either the book fair or the book ordering forms sent home. 2y
callielafleur I loved this book! Flashback! 2y
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Reviewsbylola This seems vaguely familiar. 2y
emilyhaldi I‘m having minor flickers of recognition with this one...!! (My memory is so awful 😫) 2y
AlaMich I think I had that too. 🤔 2y
Mdargusch That looks good! 2y
benchley1 Omg!! Me too! Im.still not smart enough to solve them. 2y
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