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Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives
Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives: Stories from the Trailblazers of Domestic Suspense | Sarah Weinman
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Fourteen chilling tales from the pioneering women who created the domestic suspense genre Murderous wives, deranged husbands, deceitful children, and vengeful friends. Few know these charactersand their creatorsbetter than Sarah Weinman. One of todays preeminent authorities on crime fiction, Weinman asks: Where would bestselling authors like Gillian Flynn, Sue Grafton, or Tana French be without the women writers who came before them? In Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives, Weinman brings together fourteen hair-raising tales by women whofrom the 1940s through the mid-1970stook a scalpel to contemporary society and sliced away to reveal its dark essence. Lovers of crime fiction from any era will welcome this deliciously dark tribute to a largely forgotten generation of women writers.
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Thankyou Leah. A lovely selection of books , perfect choices 🥰. You are so good 😘

CarolynM You're going to love Stone Angel😍 Happy birthday, Cathy 🎂 There is a parcel from me on it's way to you😘 2mo
squirrelbrain I agree with @CarolynM -you‘ll love Stone Angel. And look at the other two covers! ❤️ 2mo
Cathythoughts @CarolynM Thanks Carolyn 😘 I‘m looking forward to Stone Angel 👍🥰 2mo
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Cathythoughts @squirrelbrain Great covers. Fair Miss Fortune is weak for herself in that mirror! 2mo
erzascarletbookgasm 😍 just wonderful! 👏 2mo
batsy Lovely 😍 I've yet to read Stone Angel but I've loved all of the other Laurence books ❤️ 2mo
Cathythoughts @LeahBergen and I just now see the lovely little library cards inside the books 🥰 2mo
Cathythoughts @erzascarletbookgasm Yes ♥️♥️♥️ 2mo
Cathythoughts @batsy I‘m really looking forward to reading Stone Angel 👍💫 2mo
LeahBergen You‘re so welcome! Happy, happy birthday to you! I hope you‘ve been having a fabulous day. ❤️😘❤️😘 2mo
Cathythoughts @LeahBergen Thanks Leah ! When I look at my birthday stack , I see your influence on my reading and I thank you for that 🙏 2mo
LeahBergen Aww, what a lovely compliment! 🥰🥰🥰 And you‘ve influenced my reading, as well. 😘😘 2mo
Suet624 Happy belated birthday! 1mo
Cathythoughts @Suet624 Thankyou! 👍🏻❤️ 1mo
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Oh my goodness ! Who is this from … looks amazIng 👍♥️

TrishB What a cover 😁😁 2mo
Cathythoughts @TrishB I know ! 😳 I love it 2mo
BarbaraBB Cool! It looks like a book that could be from @LeahBergen 😄 2mo
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LeahBergen @BarbaraBB 🤣🤣 You guessed correctly! 2mo
BarbaraBB Haha 🤣 well now Cathy can be sure it is a good one! 2mo
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts This is your other birthday book. 😄 I have a copy, too, AND it has a story by Celia Fremlin in it! I hope you like it. 😘😘 2mo
LeahBergen @BarbaraBB 😆😆 I love it that you knew it was from me! 2mo
BarbaraBB @LeahBergen It has your name written all over it ❤️ 2mo
squirrelbrain Looks fab! 2mo
Cathythoughts @LeahBergen Thanks Leah ! I love it , I thought it couldn‘t be from you because I was watching out for a book with 3 words in the title ( these clues are getting trickier 🤔) but like @BarbaraBB I agree, this book is so you. I absolutely love it, and Celia Fremlin is in there too. Thanks so much 😘 I can‘t wait to have a read of it. 2mo
Cathythoughts @squirrelbrain Dosnt it just 😍 2mo
Megabooks That cover 🤩🤩 2mo
Cathythoughts @Megabooks I know ♥️it‘s brilliant! 2mo
batsy That looks fabulous! 😍 2mo
Cathythoughts @batsy It‘s great ! Looking forward to reading a story soon. 👍🏻❤️ 2mo
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts I think I said in my card that the initials were TDTW. 😆😆 And I think @erzascarletbookgasm said hers was 3 words? We certainly ARE getting tricky. 😆😆 I‘m so glad you like it! 😘😘 2mo
Cathythoughts @LeahBergen I love it. It‘s perfect 👌❤️ I got my clues mixed up 😂. Thankyou Leah 😘 2mo
erzascarletbookgasm What a great cover, right? I have a copy on my shelves too! 2mo
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A couple of #faveclassics on today's #somethingforsept ! Mother Night is by far my favorite Vonnegut, whose central theme ("we must be careful what we pretend to be") is more relevant with each passing year. And if you're a fan of contemporary female-driven crime fiction (Flynn, Abbott, Hawkins, Locke), definitely check out the Weinman collection of old school #feministbooks suspense stories. It's a great historical throwback! #ReadWomen

britt_brooke I haven't read Mother Night yet. I need to remedy that! 6y
[DELETED] 2232195534 I love the vintage cover on Twisted...😳 6y
BookishFeminist Troubled Daughters Twisted Wives has been on my list forever- I need to order it since my libraries or bookstores don't stock it. Only read I haven't read it yet! 6y
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brendanmleonard @BookishFeminist I am sure you've heard of this but the Weinman is reminiscent of the Femme Fatales line by Feminist Press (I have a couple and love them): http://www.feministpress.org/series 6y
brendanmleonard @britt_brooke it's so very good! @kaysreadinglife the cover is one of my favorite parts! 6y
Qemorio Love those old school covers. 6y
DaveNeufeld Mother Night is my favourite too, and you're now the only other person I've ever heard say so! I thought I was alone 😃 6y
Jenshootsweddings Oooooooh I LOVED Troubled Daughters!!!! ❤️ fantastic collection 6y
[DELETED] 586715006 Vonnegut is my favorite author and Mother Night is also my favorite of his books! So many people don't know it and I think that's a shame. 6y
Horrortorte Mother Night is my favourite Vonnegut, too! There must be a nest somewhere... 😁 6y
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Adult story time at the library. If you've got a lover in need of eliminating and an excess of knitting supplies, Joyce Harrington's "The Purple Shroud" is just the blueprint you've been seeking.

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There are 14 short stories in this book. All of them are great. None of them are about "happy families" as the title implies. I've heard of several of these offers before but haven't read a lot of work so this short story collection treat for me.