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Cruisin' | Sarah Mlynowski
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From the critically acclaimed author of Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn't Have) and the Magic in Manhattan series comes a fun short story about taking the plunge on the high seas, where not everything is what it seems. Kristin is ready to take the next step. . . . The only problem is she hasn't found the right guy to take it with her. That's why she agreed to go on the ominously named Cruise to Nowhere with her best friend, Liz. There are plenty of cute guys on the ship to choose from if only Kristin can work up the nerve—and stop worrying about the reports in the tabloids that passengers on cruises have been mysteriously disappearing and that someone suspects it has to do with . . . vampires. Epic Reads Impulse is a digital imprint with new releases each month.
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Cruisin' | Sarah Mlynowski
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When I was leaving #BookCon for the last time on Sunday, I saw this going by while waiting for the ferry. That‘s a biiiiiig ship! I‘ve never been on one. Have you?!

#BookExpo #BEA #NYC

TheSpineView Yes! A total of 6 cruise ships including one in Hawaii and a river boat on the Nile. 1mo
jb72 I‘ve been on two cruises. The snorkeling was a lot of fun! 1mo
teebe Never been on one but they‘re so huge they freak me out a little. I‘ve passed them sitting in the harbour in Vancouver and it‘s like having a whole new building on the street and then later, it‘s just gone. 1mo
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Maggie_Reads No, but I‘ve seen them in the port of Galveston (we live two hours away). They are huge and fascinating but I‘ve never had the urge to go on a cruise. Just not a fan of being ON a boat. 1mo
LibrarianRyan Josh and I did a Disney cruse. We were on the “small” ship. Loved it. Would do it again. 1mo
Peddler410 My family was an the Disney Wonder this time last year. We went to Alaska and it was wonderful! 1mo
Susanita This is the same size as the one I was on last month. Same number of life boats. 1mo
Magpiegem My husband and I took out 3YO and 9month old on a cruise from Miami around the Caribbean. It was fantastic except some (a few) of the travellers act in a pretty horrid way. But my little boy thought the Dr Seuss theme was amazing. We couldn‘t get them out of the kids club... so sometimes we just left them there and went to the beach alone- bliss! 1mo
OrangeMooseReads Never been and never plan to. I don‘t do boats. Also I find cruise ships unnerving something that big should no float and yes I find airplanes unnerving as well. 1mo
CouronneDhiver Yes!!! I just went on my 9th cruise- best type of vacation ever! 1mo
Chrissyreadit Did you move to Staten Island? My mom took the ferry every day to college a million years ago. 1mo
MrBook @Chrissyreadit No, this is the ferry terminal that goes to NJ 😁. I still live in eastern PA. 1mo
Chrissyreadit That sounds like fun though- 1mo
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