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Year of No Sugar
Year of No Sugar: A Memoir | Eve O. Schaub
For fans of the New York Times bestseller I Quit Sugar, a "delightfully readable account of how [one family] survived a yearlong sugar-free diet and lived to tell the tale...A funny, intelligent, and informative memoir." Kirkus It's dinnertime. Do you know where your sugar is coming from? Most likely everywhere. Sure, it's in ice cream and cookies, but what scared Eve O. Schaub was the secret world of sugarhidden in bacon, crackers, salad dressing, pasta sauce, chicken broth, and baby food. With her eyes opened by the work of obesity expert Dr. Robert Lustig and others, Eve challenged her husband and two school-age daughters to join her on a quest to quit sugar for an entire year. Along the way, Eve uncovered the real costs of our sugar-heavy American dietincluding diabetes, obesity, and increased incidences of health problems such as heart disease and cancer. The stories, tips, and recipes she shares throw fresh light on questionable nutritional advice we've been following for years and show that it is possible to eat at restaurants and go grocery shoppingwith less and even no added sugar. Year of No Sugar is what the conversation about "kicking the sugar addiction" looks like for a real American familya roller coaster of unexpected discoveries and challenges. "As an outspoken advocate for healthy eating, I found Schaub's book to shine a much-needed spotlight on an aspect of American culture that is making us sick, fat, and unhappy, and it does so with wit and warmth."Suvir Sara, author of Indian Home Cooking "Delicious and compelling, her book is just about the best sugar substitute I've ever encountered."Pulitzer Prize-winning author Ron Powers
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Pick but with a quibble. She entertainingly discusses how her family went w/o sugar for a year and the reasonable exceptions they made. I found their journey interesting as I‘ve been watching my sugar intake pretty closely. Quibble: I thought her sections on why she eats meat to be unneeded and lacking in logic; she was a vegetarian who ate an unhealthy diet - adding meat back in is not the only solution. Pic of my sugar-free dinner.

Mitch Looks yum 🤩 2d
BarbaraBB It does - and the wine does complete the meal 😍😍 2d
sudi That looks delicious 😋 1d
Blaire @Mitch @barbarabb @sudi thank you!! And my kids liked it too! 1d
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#HooplaFind and just at the right time. Eve Schaub is definitely loopy & at times preachy but I bought her message “sugar is equivalent to crack” It‘s an addiction & it‘s really in almost EVERY manufactured food product( dressing, yogurt, granola, protein bars, mayonnaise, ketchup, instant oats) I‘m not advocating a year of no sugar but I‘m trying to avoid artificial sweeteners & those hidden sugars for 90 days. Entertaining read/ informative

AlaMich I did a 21 day sugar/bad carb detox, and after the first week or so, it wasn't nearly as bad as I'd expected it to be. Of course, during that first week I would have happily sold my grandmother for a Hershey bar... 😬 2w
PatienceFortitude Dunno if I have the discipline to tackle all the sources of hidden sugars, but I am currently trying to say no to sweets and baked goods to help my diet be healthy 2w
Bkwurm I don‘t have the discipline to go cold turkey, but I‘ve been slowly cutting sugar and sugar-based additives & preservatives out of my diet for the past year. It‘s not easy!! 2w
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BookBabe 👍🏻👍🏻 2w
Cinfhen Saying No to sweets is definitely hard @PatienceFortitude @Bkwurm I find I‘m CRAVING sweets like an addict looking for a fix @AlaMich but im hoping once I figure out what‘s a safe “snack” and I find other foods to enjoy I‘ll start to feel physically better 2w
Cinfhen Hi @BookBabe 👋🏽Thanks for the thumbs up 💋 2w
AlaMich @Cinfhen The cravings really do get better 😊. I consider myself to be a sugar addict, in that I will eat candy or cookies even when I don‘t even really want them. But when I went cold turkey, there was a rough period, but I was shocked at how little I craved sugar once that period was over. 2w
Blaire #stacked it really is amazing how addicting sugar is...I will check this out in hoopla. 2w
Cinfhen I think you‘ll enjoy the audio @Blaire and it‘s an absolute eye opener in a beneficial way!! 2w
Cinfhen I‘m VERY much addicted to sugar @AlaMich I‘m constantly wanting something sweet / from the minute I wake up until I go to bed. Did u return to your cravings after the 21 days??? Are you able to resist sugar now??? (edited) 2w
AlaMich @Cinfhen When it ended I loosened up a bit, and then about two weeks later a lot of LIFE happened. And continued to happen. But I learned a ton from the experience and I‘m planning to do it again in the next month or so. I‘m thinking that it‘s going to need to be permanent; I know that I‘m not someone who can just have a little piece of chocolate to satisfy a craving. It only makes the craving worse. 2w
Cinfhen I think that‘s going to be me @AlaMich the girl who needs to avoid chocolate & sweets FOREVER because I can‘t stop once I start but I‘m getting too far ahead of myself. Today is day 5 and my migraines are bad!!! I‘m hoping it‘s from the absence of sugar and it‘ll pass quickly. And as far as LIFE goes, I hope things are quieting down / I tend to NOT eat when LIFE happens but once things return to “normal” I run right back to sweets 🍫 🍪🍩🍰🥧🧁 1w
AlaMich @Cinfhen I‘m so sorry about your migraines. The book I used did say that you might experience a variety of physical symptoms in the beginning. 1w
AlaMich It‘s pretty hard to imagine not being able to reward myself with chocolate or other treats whenever I‘m anxious or angry, since I pretty much use it to soothe myself. But I will have to adjust. We can do it!!! 1w
Hooked_on_books Don‘t tell your friend with the candy display that you read this one! 😂 1w
Cinfhen Ha!!! OMG , I‘m sure it‘s because of them I‘m now going through a candy detox @Hooked_on_books 🤪 1w
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Trying very hard not to let my ethical veganism skew my view of this book. It‘s become harder after listening to the chicken slaughter chapter.

wanderinglynn I haven't read this book, but I did an elimination diet & sugar was one of the things to eliminate & it was the hardest to eliminate (for someone who hates to cook). Food manufacturers really do put sugar in *everything*. Even foods I would've never expected to have sugar had sugar. And I did feel a ton better after being off sugar for 6 weeks. But I'm not clear on why she needs to go into detail about chicken slaughter in an anti-sugar book. 1y
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Is it bad that I started this while eating a candy bar?

Redwritinghood I like contradictions. 3y
Dvmheather @ReadingOver50 I have that one too but I figured I'd go in order 3y
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Picked this up at the library out of curiosity. It was ok. Doubt I would ever try to truly cut out 100% of all sugar, especially considering some of the choices that led to (potato chips instead of whole grain bread?). But it was a quick read.

readinginthedark Yeah, you might be cutting out sugar with that, but your heart and kidneys wouldn't thank you for all the sodium! Questionable. 3y
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