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Maps and Legends
Maps and Legends: Reading and Writing Along the Borderlands | Michael Chabon
In these lively critical and personal essays, Chabon asserts his literary manifesto: I read for entertainment, and I write to entertain. Period. This collection of sixteen essays champions the cause of sci-fi and westerns, superheroes and horror shows, gumshoes and goblinsall the genre novels, comics, and pulp fiction that get pushed aside when literary discussion turns serious. For Chabon, the stories that give us great pleasure are in many ways our truest, best artthe building blocks of our shared imagination. Whether hes taking up Superman or Sherlock Holmes, Poe or Proust, Chabons emphatic mission is to explore the reasons we tell each other tales, and to offer a glimpse of his own history as reader and writer. This ebook features a biography of the author.
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Some great essays and then some not so great ones. Feels kinda cozy when it‘s good, but Chabon sometimes seems to be pitching pearls from a lofty ivory tower and these are the “gimme a break” moments in the read.

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It‘s been a bit of a manic weekend so these 7 covers haven‘t been coming on consecutive days but hey-ho.
I LOVE the cover for this book.....but I‘ve still never read it!

charl08 Wow. I'd be happy to frame it and put it on the wall. 5y
Caroline2 That is a great book cover! 5y
DrexEdit This is one of my favorites too. I have also never read it; just bought it for the fabulous cover. 😊 5y
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Day five - #7days7covers #covercrush

@Geeklet would you like to play?

Post a cover you love each day for seven days
No explanation needed. Tag someone new each day.

Cover art by Jordan Crane.

I need some explanation. Lower right inset: full cover. Larger image: "exploded" view
That's three (3!) layers/levels of dustjackets. Published by McSweeney's. They put a lot of thought into their book packages! ⤵️

DrexEdit I haven't even read this book. I mainly bought it for the cover! 😁😍💜 5y
vivastory This is amazing!!! 5y
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I‘ve enjoyed everyone‘s #7days7covers posts so much, but coming to it as late as I am, so many of my favorites have already been shared. I thought I‘d up the difficulty a little. So here‘s Day Four of my #7days7spines

Join me if you‘d like!

Buechersuechtling If I were you I wouldn‘t bother that some covers show up multiple times. One I chose did also. I‘m pretty sure no Litten looks through the feed and makes a tally sheet to announce a “winner” in the end or to show who‘s the most bankrupt in ideas. It‘s _your_ 7 days so go for it‼️ I‘m on the watch for your posts. 🤗 5y
emtobiasz @Buechersuechtling aw, thanks! Littens are so supportive. I‘m going to continue with spines, though— it‘s amazing what publishers come up with to catch your eye with a tiny amount of space. 5y
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TK-421 I love this! 6y
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Kindle sale $2. Sounds fantastic!

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Essays written by Chabon on Science Fictions, writing his first books, being jewish(excellent essay on the Golum) and his early college life. Very similar to Gaiman‘s View from The Cheap Seats but not as compelling. Good intro to Chabon and nice essays to dip in and out of - ⭐️⭐️⭐️

minkyb Nice review! 7y
Booksnchill @minkyb thanks! 7y
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#litsypartyofone dipping my toe into Michael Chabon with this collection of essays over a light supper

DrexEdit I've had the hardcover of this book for years and haven't read it yet. It has a terrific dust cover though. 😊 7y
Booksnchill @DrexEdit I'll let you know if you should crack it open! 7y
DrexEdit Thanks @Booksnchill !😊👍 7y
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This post is just to vent that this book should be perfect for today's #mapsinbooks task bc it's called MAPS AND LEGENDS but guess what? IT LITERALLY HAS NO MAPS AND ONLY ONE LEGEND. Michael Chabon, you farce. 😱

At least the binding is pretty and the only legend, the acknowledgements, is pretty creative but yet, #falseadvertising.

I sniff indignantly in your direction, Mr. Chabon. 😤😤

#somethingforsept #septphotochallenge

Shortstack That's hilarious! What is it about then? 8y
BookishFeminist @Shortstack It's some personal essays of his. The essays better be about maps and legends! 8y
Shortstack @BookishFeminist this reminds me of Trout Fishing in America 8y
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PNWBookseller85 Lol. He would. 8y
BookishFeminist @Shortstack Is it about everything except trout fishing in the United States? 8y
Shortstack @BookishFeminist Side note currently drinking Apothic Dark which now makes me think of you. 🍷 8y
BookishFeminist @BeckyMerilatt Right? Only other person who would pull this is his bestie Dave Eggers, and he's the publisher for it so... Lol 8y
Shortstack @BookishFeminist pretty much. It's about what America has lost and what it is. It's one of the weirdest books I've read. 8y
BookishFeminist @Shortstack YES I want some. Hope you're enjoying it! Have a glass for me because I'm out. 😱 8y
BookishFeminist @Shortstack 😭😭😭 why do authors do this to us 8y
Shortstack @BookishFeminist I'm guessing because they delight in messing with us? I will definitely have some for you! How have you been by the way? Hope this week is going better for you. I have been so busy I feel out of touch with Litsy lately! 8y
BookishFeminist @Shortstack You're probably right. Damnit, San Francisco authors, lol. I wish I could report a better week but things have still been a mess for me lately. It can stop anytime. 😒 I feel out of touch with Litsy too! Everyone's been busy, plus Android blew up my feed, lol. How have you been? I hope you're recovering from the flu well!! 8y
Shortstack @BookishFeminist yeah, just trying to get through finals right now. Although even if I get a zero on everything from here, the worst grade I can get is a mid C. So that takes the pressure off. I hope things go better soon!!! I miss #LitsyAfterDark 8y
PNWBookseller85 Ha! Makes sense. 8y
read_diverse_books This is hilarious! What an odd title for a book that doesn't have any maps or legends 8y
KVanRead Hahaha! I support your righteous indignation. Sniffing, though...won't ever be the same after Monday 😂😂😂 8y
BookishFeminist @Shortstack Yes! I need #LitsyAfterDark back for my mental sanity. I hope you're done with finals soon! You deserve the relaxation but I know you'll do as well as you can. :) thankfully you've done well so far so that should take some pressure off 8y
BookishFeminist @read_diverse_books Right? It's a very hipster thing to do 8y
BookishFeminist @KVanRead 😂😂 God, you're right! It was the microphone, Kristine. It was the microphone. #microphonegate 8y
BooksRockMyWorld Haha 😂 8y
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Happy Labor Day, American Littens! I'm celebrating with Belgian waffles ??? with the world and cartographical@theme, I'm including a topographical map platter I made at one of those "paint your own pottery" places.

Tried to post this earlier, but Litsy troubles, so you get breakfast at 11pm Eastern ?

Shortstack Those waffles look great! 8y
becausetrains @Shortstack thanks! Not posted: the maple syrup that I don't put on them 😳🇨🇦 8y
Shortstack @becausetrains do you put anything on yours? I usually put whip cream and berries. 🍴 8y
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becausetrains @Shortstack sometimes that (if I have either berries or whipped cream), but usually just butter #FatassStatus 8y
Zelma I love the topographical plate! 😂 8y
MrBook Looks fabulous! 😋👏🏻👍🏻 8y
Posemn Love the topographical plate and glad to hear about "Litsy troubles". I thought it was just me! 8y
Smrloomis Mmmmm, waffles 😋 7y
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Jane says, "Back to the library."

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All novels are sequels; influence is bliss.

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