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Still Stuck | Shinsuke Yoshitake
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My mini haul from the Goddard Riverside Book Fair this weekend! Such a fun time volunteering and talking about books to everyone. It's for an amazing cause, and you get all brand new books for 50% off list!

Tameeka I was there too! I had to refrain from buying all the books. 1y
Kaylamburson Right?? So hard not to! I was working in the YA room Saturday morning. I'll have to plan more in advance next year to plan a meet- up! @Tameeka 1y
Tameeka Oh then we definitely crossed paths. I did 5 laps around the YA room trying to decide if I really needed one of those books. A meet-up next year would be awesome👍🏾 And thanks for volunteering! All of the volunteers were so knowledgeable and helpful. 1y
Kaylamburson Haha too funny! I had 5 hours in that room and I still had trouble deciding lol. But volunteering is so fun! I love talking about books all day long with people who love them, too! I'll try to think ahead for the meet-up!! @Tameeka 1y
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House of Leaves | Mark Z Danielewski
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This was a difficult book to find, but after so many people said it was the scariest book they‘ve ever read I knew I needed to get my hands on it. Not available at any local bookstores or as an eBook and backordered on Amazon, but I persevered!
#spooktober #bookaddict #stubborn

readordierachel So curious about this one, but also intimidated 1y
amb @readordierachel it‘s a monster, in size, maybe in content too? I will find out soon 😬 1y
MinDea You should join our October buddy read of this! 1y
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A Man Called Ove: A Novel | Fredrik Backman
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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5- I loved everything about this book. I love when a book can make you fill an array of emotions and this book certainly does that. I felt everything from laughter to pain and everything in between. I think everyone knows an Ove in their life. For me, it‘s my grandpa & in the future I foresee it being my husband (but don‘t tell him that.)
#amancalledove #love #allthefeels #stubborn #fivestars #amazing #readthis #whatcardoyoudrive #sabb

CKlube I just finished this last week! I listened to it on a road trip and ended up driving around, crying like a crazy person. I even watched the movie the other day- it‘s not bad either! 2y
bibli0phagist @CKlube I was finishing it as my husband came up to bed and I threw up the hood on my hoodie because I didn‘t want to be teased for crying. 🙈 I can only imagine how difficult driving must have been. I wonder what Ove would have said about that. 🤔🤣 2y
CKlube @bibli0phagist Well since I don‘t drive a Saab, I doubt he would have even talked to me in the first place 🤣 2y
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That moment when you realise you‘ve read this before ...... and paid 3 separate times now! I really need to come@up@with a better system for tracking what I‘ve read! Suggestions??? I am going to read@it again though 😂😂😂 #stubborn #fantasy #epicfantasy

Literary_Siren Goodreads is a lifesaver for me! Before I buy anything I make sure I check Goodreads. 😂 2y
DannyHattan @Librocubicularist87 I‘ve had it for ages and just can‘t click with it!! Been making a conscious effort lately. I just need to spend time and add the books I‘ve read 🤦🏻‍♂️😂😂 2y
jfalkens I use Libib. It's great because you can scan them if they are print, put them on different shelves, it's free on Android(not sure about Apple) and helps you keep track of what you own. 2y
bookish.escape I use Library Thing. It has helped me immensely!!!! You can scan each book and organize by author or book title. It has saved me many times from buying duplicates lol!! 2y
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