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Even the lower shelves of my fantabulous #TBRcart from the #IkeaGods are full of amazing titles to read this weekend for the #24in48 #Readathon Sometimes having so many choices can be a curse instead of a blessing, am I the only one that goes into neutral trying to decide? Instead of BrainFreeze it‘s #BookBrainFreeze!🧠❄️🥶I‘ve just sent the hubby in to get my #readingsnacks for the weekend, plus I‘m cooking a slow cooker Morrocan Lamb casserole🥘

GatheringBooks i have a black version of your ikea holder of books - and i use it for the exact same purpose!! hehehe 5mo
Reagan-reads Is that Linda Fairstein like the Central Park 5 woman!? 5mo
Lizpixie @GatheringBooks I have the black version for the kitchen! I‘m not allowed to put books in it, but I think my cookbooks are going to be sneaking into the bottom real soon😉 @Reagan-reads yep, she‘s been writing for awhile, this is Bk20 in her DA Alexandra Cooper series. I know she has a bad rep but I‘ve enjoyed her books long before I knew about that case. 5mo
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emilyhaldi YES! I almost always blackout when I‘m trying to pick a new book to read 🤪🤯 5mo
Reagan-reads Fair enough! I had no idea she was also a writer until recently, and am just watching that series so it really jumped out! 5mo
Cathythoughts Good luck with the #readathon 🎉 5mo
MicheleinPhilly @emilyhaldi Yep! Fellow book choice paralysis sufferer here! 🙋🏻‍♀️ 5mo
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Daisy Jones & The Six | Taylor Jenkins Reid
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Perfect reading snack 🤩

#readingsnacks #reeces #eggciting

Megabooks Yum! 8mo
RedLeaves @Megabooks Was yum indeed! 😋 8mo
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Sure Thing | Jana Aston
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@TheReadingMermaid and @Andrew65 wanted to see my #readingsnacks for the #24B4Monday #readathon.

Well, it's close to 8pm here, I had dinner already, and since I'm very strict with myself, I'm not having any more food till tomorrow midday (intermittent fasting - my auto wants this to be intermittent feasting😝).

I'll have some fruit snacks tomorrow, maybe some chocolate even. 😉

TheReadingMermaid Awesome sweetie I love it! Thank you for entering #24B4MondayGiveaway 10mo
julesG @TheReadingMermaid Thanks for adding the tag. 10mo
TheReadingMermaid 😘😘😘 10mo
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Andrew65 That‘s a long time without food! 🥵 10mo
squirrelbrain Intermittent feasting sounds much more fun! 😁 10mo
julesG @Andrew65 I'm trying to get 14 to 16 hours of fasting in. @squirrelbrain Yep, feasting sounded like a much better idea. 10mo
Andrew65 @squirrelbrain I‘m up for That! 😂 10mo
Andrew65 @julesG Good luck! 10mo
julesG @Andrew65 It works. But when my kids are around, I have breakfast with them and that breaks my stride. 10mo
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Binti | Nnedi Okorafor
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I have so many books started right now but when the library hold I've been waiting on for months comes in...🤷‍♀️ guess I'm starting another one! #readingsnacks #audiobooking

TieDyeDude Good choice! Binti is awesome 11mo
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Popcorn | Elaine Landau
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Bad habit of mine... I'm a little ashamed at how often I have popcorn in place of meals. It's like my fav food ever.

What's your fav reading snack?

#writersnacks #readingsnacks

Laura317 Popcorn is my go-to snack, too. 11mo
Annl I often eat chips and salsa as a meal! 11mo
Authoraimeebrown @Annl yum! That's a good choice too! 11mo
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DHill Popcorn for me, too! 11mo
Samplergal I love popcorn too! Hubs is going out of town for a week and I can‘t wait to eat popcorn guilt free! 11mo
Authoraimeebrown @Samplergal bwahaha! We're soulsisters. 11mo
Samplergal @Authoraimeebrown And don‘t EVEN think about going to the movies without first stopping for a bag...... 11mo
Authoraimeebrown @Samplergal gurrrll!!! I've got a deal with my kids that when they go to the movies they stop on their way out and bring mama home a large tub. Lol!! SO good!!! 11mo
mdm139 I love popcorn so much too. I even found a local popcorn shop that makes movie butter popcorn better than the movie theater. My oldest son and I have a deal. If he goes to the movies with out me they have to get me a large popcorn on the way out and vice versa. 11mo
Authoraimeebrown @mdm139 ha!! My kids and I have a similar rule!!! Yum! 11mo
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Celebrating the final 2 chapters with a caramel custard doughnut topped with a Cadbury‘s Crunchie! #readingsnacks

zzz Woh, dang😋😋 1y
Mitch @Jen_is_always_reading it was pretty full on! 1y
CoffeeNBooks That donut looks amazing!! 1y
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Kalalalatja Gaaaah you are killing me 🤤🤤🤤 1y
PurpleyPumpkin So decadent!😋 1y
Heideschrampf 😍🙊🤐😱🤤 1y
Redwritinghood That donut! Oh my! 😍😍 1y
Oryx Now I need a Crunchie 1y
iread2much Ooo, that looks yummy! 1y
Mitch @Kalalalatja Sunday treats! It‘s been the first real fall day here- so we‘re celebrating with blankets and comfort food! 1y
DivaDiane Good thing I saw this just AFTER I ate. I am not tempted. No siree! So, your thoughts on the first trilogy? I just finished my reread of Assassin‘s Apprentice. Will slowly reread them. I doubt I‘ll catch up, but If you want to discuss, there won‘t be spoilers for me. 1y
Mitch @DivaDiane cool! I read the liveship trilogy first and I now have questions!! I loved this story, but I stayed up half the night to read the Liveship finale and this one didn‘t quite get me so bad! I loved it though and feel Hobb is a genius at closing out a story. 1y
DivaDiane You did it just like I did and I completely missed the Fool in the LiveShip Traders. Otherwise, my feelings toward the Farseer Trilogy were much like yours because the LiveShip Traders Tril is just so mind-blowing. But this time around, having finished the whole 16 book series, I‘m noticing things. It‘s really amazing how just about everything that is important throughout the whole series makes an appearance in Assassin‘s Apprentice. 1y
DivaDiane Oh, and what questions? You can WhatsApp me. 1y
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It‘s here! IT‘S HERE! *Does happy dance* 💃💃💃I may have gone over board on the snacks, but I‘m not coming up for air until I get to the end of this one! SO. DAMN. EXCITED. 😆

‘Kay, bye now, see you on the other side!

#BookMailIsBestMail #ReadingSnacks #ACOFAS #ACOTARseries #GloryToTheGuild

LittlePixels Congrats! Isn't that the best feeling?? Diana Gabaldon books are like that for me. 😊💕 2y
TheBookStacker My UPS guys are taking forever I‘m still waiting, I bet it‘s because it‘s raining here and it never rains so everything is slower 2y
TK421 That is awesome!😁 2y
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FantasyChick That looks like a good night! 2y
tammysue Yay!!! 2y
DiruVamp Sour patch watermelons are my favorite! Sounds like a perfect evening! 2y
Beachesnbooks Enjoy!!! Waiting patiently for my copy to get here...kinda...😂 2y
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Double Identity | Margaret Peterson Haddix
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Almost done. Trying to knock out the last 10% of this. 🥛 and 🍪 should help. #readingsnacks #MyInnerFatGirlLikesToRead

Cats-and-Tea Those look like the most delicious cookies ever 2y
Tanisha_A Looks yum! I want one! 2y
Rachel.Rencher Did you bake those from scratch? 😍 If so you must post the recipe 2y
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Chelleo Sorry to disappoint Rachel, but these are made from Kroger brand refrigerated cookie dough. I think you can buy them 10/$10 ($1 each). I usually keep cookie dough on hand at all times 😂🤪🤣 @Rachel.Rencher 2y
TheLibrarian I baked cookies tonight too! 2y
valeriegeary Coooooookies!! 😋 2y
ReadingSusan Yummy!! 2y
Luvlivelyfe Those cookies look great 👀👀 2y
Rachel.Rencher @Chelleo That's okay, I buy the Costco size Otis Spunkmeyer 😂😂👍 2y
BluestockingDuchess I want one of those cookies! 2y
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