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The Stonewall Reader | New York Public Library
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Feeling very on brand for a certain segment of my identity Venn diagram today. Happy #Pride, Littens! Tagged book is this month‘s #queerbookclub pick; I won‘t be there for the discussion, but I‘m going to still try to read at least a few of the stories during my travel this Saturday.

sprainedbrain LOVE that shirt! 2mo
JoScho 🌈🌈🌈 2mo
Bookladylinda Cute chucks!!!! 2mo
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Soubhiville Yay! I got Pride chucks for my bday! The silver, blue, and pink ones 💕 2mo
Fridameetslucy Happy pride !!!! - this year I have to go to an unveiling so can‘t go to NYC pride 2mo
kgriffith @Soubhiville I wanted the glittery silver but they only offered it on the high tops!!! Happy pride to you 💜 2mo
kgriffith @sprainedbrain isn‘t it great?? I couldn‘t resist 2mo
kgriffith @JoScho 🤗🏳️‍🌈🙌🏻 2mo
kgriffith @Bookladylinda Thank you! 🏳️‍🌈💃🏻 2mo
kgriffith @Fridameetslucy Aw, and what a year to miss NYC Pride, too 😔 I hope the unveiling is wonderful! 2mo
readordierachel Love everything about this 👍🏼🌈 2mo
Fridameetslucy @kgriffith omg I feel like an idiot. I have been home on a work injury since mid May and has lost track of time. An Unveiling in Judaism is when a gravestone is put on the burial site. In this case my friends 20 year old daughter who died a year ago. Nyc Pride is the weekend after - so I can go. Are you coming for pride in nyc ? (edited) 2mo
kgriffith @Fridameetslucy oh goodness, I didn‘t think to ask for context, apologies for the inappropriate wishes; I was thinking something art related. 2mo
kgriffith @Fridameetslucy and no, I‘m going to be in PR, but many friends of mine are heading to NYC for the Stonewall anniversary 2mo
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Freshwater | Akwaeke Emezi
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“Sometimes the gods just want to see what you are going to do.” I‘ve always hated the platitude that god doesn‘t give us more than we can handle, and feel like this is much more in keeping with my idea of what a higher power actually is: curious, not necessarily malevolent, but not seeking to spare me from anything, either. #queerbookclub #queerbooks

Notafraidofwords That‘s interesting. Hmmm. A nugget I‘m chewing on. 3mo
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The Argonauts | Maggie Nelson
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Got this one for #queerbookclub today. I didn‘t know before I bought it that it‘s non-fiction. Not looking forward to it as much as I was before this realization. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

britt_brooke That makes me want to read it! I had no idea this was nonfiction. #stacked 7mo
brandybear22 There‘s a fair bit of critique and theory, which I find engaging 7mo
kgriffith @brandybear22 that‘s because you‘re brilliant. I like that about you. 💋 7mo
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Juliet Takes a Breath | Gabby Rivera
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I just had such a wonderful book club meeting discussing this awesome book! #queerbooks #queerbookclub ❤️📚

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