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Who Was Mister Rogers? | Diane Bailey, Who Hq
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Really enjoyed this B, NY best-selling book about one of my favorite people in history. Follow along as we learn all about Mister Roger‘s and his significance in our childhood as well as his impact on children‘s television.

This is a great option for PR to learn about an important figure. This would increase mastery-oriented feedback. As they discuss with one another what they are learning about Mister Roger‘s and why they each found the information important (8.4)UDL.

For my EL‘s, I would highlight important sections of the text I want them to focus on and share with their partner and vice versa (27.)

Mmurphy An awesome resource is the “WHO HQ” website full of activity pages and games to help your students stay engaged while learning about him. https://www.whowasbookseries.com/books/who-was-mister-rogers/

DrSpalding I still have not seen this movie with Tom Hanks. Your resource is excellent and so is this series. I like the idea of partner reading or even using these books as independent reading as they research an important current day or historical figure. 8mo
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American Spy: A Novel | Lauren Wilkinson
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Monday morning reading! Fresh berries, American Spy and a mug created by me from my Etsy store!! Gotta love mornings with tea and a good book! #quarantine #lovegood #americanspy #morningvibes #booknerd #muglife #smallbusiness #creator

Who Was Mister Rogers? | Diane Bailey, Who Hq
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Library patron: “Is that Tom Hanks on your button?”
Me: 😒🙄😖🤐 “No. It‘s Mister Rogers.”

Branwen 😂🤣 2y
Cortg 😂 2y
ravenlee I‘m having a Goonies moment- “Martin Sheen...” “Martin Sheen! That‘s President Kennedy, you idiot!” “Well, same difference. I mean, he played Kennedy once!” 😆 2y
BookInMyHands @ravenlee Haha! Love that line in Goonies! 2y
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I have always been fascinated and impressed by authors who can write a book that is still read hundreds of years after its publication. To be the #creator of such a book deserves some respect, even though I might not always love the book itself. 📚


mreads Gorgeous set 😀 3y
Mitch I was listening to Barbara Kingsolver last night and MiddleMarch is her favourite book and she reads it once every three years for inspiration! 3y
JazzFeathers I agree. And l'm so jealous of this collection of yours. 3y
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CrowCAH I agree; a legacy! 3y
youneverarrived Agree! Beautiful editions ❤️ 3y
Reviewsbylola Gorgeous collection! 3y
Kalalalatja @mreads @JazzFeathers @youneverarrived @Reviewsbylola I *might* have wanted to show them off, and then tried to make them fit a prompt, but don‘t tell 🤫😁 @Mitch how awesome! I can imagine she is a great talker! @CrowCAH 🙌🙌 3y
Billypar It's true- I'm always struck when I read something in a classic that is stated so elegantly and still has so much relevance for life today. 3y
rohit-sawant Beautiful picture! 💜 3y
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Jessica Townsend, #creator of the Nevermoor series, is back with book 2.

Billypar Looks like a good one! 👍👍 3y
Tashreads Bought it a few days ago 🙌🙌 3y
JennyM @Tashreads can‘t wait to start it next! 3y
Cinfhen Looks fun 3y
BooknerdsLife I can't wait to read this in December too 🙌💕 3y
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A Book That Takes Its Time: A Creative Adventure in Mindfulness | Astrid Van Der Hulst, Irene Smit, Editors of Flow magazine
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#creator for #nofemmeber means enjoying the creator in me and the creator in Joni Mitchell http://jonimitchell.com/music/song.cfm?id=83 “Rows and floes Of angel hair, and ice cream castles in the air...”

starlight97 Love the cover 😍 3y
Billypar What a great title- I feel like a friendly literary grandparent type is going to sit with me on a porch and show me how to tap into my inspiration 😃 3y
Cinfhen I‘d buy this book strictly for the cover💕 3y
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Daphne Du Maurier | Daphne Du Maurier, Margaret Forster
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#nofemmeber #creator

I love a dense biography of a favourite author/creator and this one from 1993 is very thorough and confirmed my love of du Maurier - although it‘s been years since I read it. I wonder how it would read now.

Cinfhen Great collage ~ like your #authorcrush 3y
LeahBergen Oh, I should check this out as I like Margaret Forster. Have you read her novel about Elizabeth Barrett Browning‘s maid? I loved it. 3y
Centique @LeahBergen oooh that sounds wonderful! #stacked 3y
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rubyslippersreads @LeahBergen ❤️❤️❤️ that book! 😊 3y
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled I love her so!!! 3y
Billypar I think bios are especially interesting for authors or artists of darker content because you always wonder if anything drew them towards that subject matter. 3y
batsy Ooh, I love me a dense bio of a favourite "creator" too... Gotta stack ? 3y
Centique @Billypar totally agree! 3y
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