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Y‘all. This is so bad that I almost want to give it a pick for the sheer audacity. It surpassed even my low expectations.

It reads like the publisher sponsored a “write the next Nancy Drew mystery!” contest at a high school and this was the “winner”. The only other plausible explanation for this hot mess of a MG book is nepotism. But, hey, it counts for #readingtheamericas2023 #costarica 🤣🤣

AlaMich And the title doesn‘t exactly roll right off your tongue either! 🙄 6d
Librarybelle Ha! Love your review! 6d
ChaoticMissAdventures 🤣😂🤣 the audacity. 6d
BarbaraBB Love this! 6d
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Fangirling because this is my fave store to fill in the gaps of my Nancy Drew collection, and the owner gifted me with this bag today! So fun!

UwannaPublishme How cool! 3mo
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Three childhood favorites set #InTheMountains 🏔

LeahBergen The cover on the right takes me right back to my childhood! 6mo
DebinHawaii @LeahBergen Yes! It was the one I had/read too! 🤗 6mo
Blueberry I loved the Trixie Belden books! 6mo
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batsy I've such an urge to just block out the world and binge read all of the Trixie Beldens! 6mo
TheAromaofBooks My Side of the Mountain is one of my all-time faves, and I've been meaning to reread my Trixie Belden collection for years. I loved those books growing up!! 6mo
Eggs Great choices!! 6mo
ozma.of.oz Love the Trixie Belsen series! 6mo
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#julyjourneys #polarregion this was the coolest thing I could find online , thought I still had a copy of Arctic Dreams by Barry Lopez , couldn‘t find it ! 😀typical

Eggs 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 1y
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Three other books also published in #1917.

#remenberNovember. @Klou

Klou Good use of the prompt. 2y
NataliePatalie Blueberry Island???? 🏝 2y
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This was one of my favorite Trixie books. One of the books in my TBR pile is Max Brooks' Devolution. Another sasquatch story....a very, very different sasquatch story. 😜

BookwormM Devolution is amazing 2y
Sparklemn @BookwormM Can‘t wait to read it! 2y
JoyBlue I used to read Trixie Belden books when I was young (quite a while ago)! Thanks for the happy reminder. 🌞 2y
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The Silver Cobweb | Carolyn Keene
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Finished my first #readyoursign book. Prompt - read a book published the year you were born. And I learned something interesting- apparently the town Nancy lives in, River Heights, changed locations. In the original 56 books, it was located in Illinois near Chicago. In the newer Nancy Drew files, it was also in Illinois. However, in some of the books published in between that time, it was located in New Jersey, by NYC. @Clwojick @Meaw_catlady ⬇️

Charityann So it was weird for me to read about Nancy Drew going to NYC and the beach when I had always believed she was a Midwestern girl like me.🤔📖 2y
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick From what I remember, Nancy Drew had a very Northern NJ spirit so I welcome her here 2y
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Two Trixie Belden books in the mail today!! Re-reading this series because I loved it as a kid!

Lesanne Oh my gosh I‘d forgotten all about Trixie Belden ! I had a few of those books growing up. 😁 (edited) 3y
ozma.of.oz I loved these stories growing up! 3y
Charityann Loved these too! I used to read them over the summer when I was at my grandparents. My aunt had the whole series and left the books at my grandparents house when she moved out. 3y
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runswithscissors007 I loved trixie Belden! So many memories! 3y
ShelleyBooksie Such a great series 3y
Skyrimir I LOVED this series growing up! 3y
Juliwyant This was my FAV series when I was 12....I earned books by babysitting my nephew (who was spoiled & incredi-naughty) It was worth putting up with his tantrums to earn a trip to Walden Books for a new Trixie book! :)) So, this year I pledged more mindful, therapeutic reading I enjoy....so rereading childhood favs like Trixie & Nancy Drew! Makes me happy in my bookish soul!!! 3y
TheHeartlandBookFairy I love this 💕 This was my favorite series! I still have my original set, 18ish or so. I've been collecting the numbers beyond what I originally had and I think I'm only missing two or three now. 3y
akaGingerK Trixie! The preferred girl detective of my childhood, even though I only ever had a few (all of which had been passed down by a woman who worked with my dad) 3y
batsy Love Trixie 💜 I feel like reading one now! I don't have many of my older copies, sadly. Wish I'd been more careful with who I loaned them out to when younger! 3y
cmastfalk I loved Trixie Belden too! And so does my daughter. 3y
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I have this bad habit of buying books I already own. This was my most recent time doing this.

(I was slightly tipsy when I discovered this a few days ago when rearranging my bookshelf)

#nancydrew #books #doubletrouble #twoofakind #lookalike #antiquestorefinds #bookshelf #badhabit #wine