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#ReadJanuary I love salty snacks. I made some popcorn on the stove top and added garlic salt! Perfection. #BookAndYourFaveSnack

Mariposa_Bookworm I love romance novels with covers that have women in flowing dresses and some dashing handsome man on a horse or wearing a kilt. If they come in pretty bright colors I can't resist! ❤❤❤ 5y
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Modern Lovers | Emma Straub
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#ReadJanuary #BookandYourFaveSnack My snack of choice is hummus and tortilla chips. ☺️ #Page24ofCurrentRead is when I find out that "Dust" is a name. ?#SlowRead is this book!!! I clumped some days together so I could catch up again! ?

Jackaby | William Ritter
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#readjanuary Day 23 I like various snacks, but these are two of my favorites. #bookandyourfavesnack #currentlyreading

Reecaspieces Those are some good pretzels. I like them with hummus! 5y
Bookzombie @Reecaspieces I like them that way too! 5y
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#readjanuary #day23 #bookandyourfavesnack If I had to choose one out of the array of healthy and very unhealthy🤤snacks I eat when reading, twisties would be at the top of the list. Definitely have to be cheese twisties, those chicken pretenders are awful! I eat way too much of these, once you start eating them you can't stop till the bags empty. Icecream is the other thing that I eat too much of. But it's so yummy, and there's so many flavours!😩

Joanne1 Ooh, I'm a twistie girl too. And cheezles. And totally agree with the chicken flavour thing, yuck! 5y
LeeRHarry Chicken flavoured twisties!? Whatever!!! 😏 Cheese every time! 5y
Lizpixie @Joanne1 @LeeRHarry 🧀💛🧀💛🧀 5y
Lynnsoprano Anything with cheese!🧀🧀 5y
Bookish.Heart I love the covers for this series! 5y
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Upstate: A Novel | Kalisha Buckhanon
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#readjanuary #day23 #bookandyourfavesnack Our neighbor felt like baking and brought these over on an icy day.

LauraBeth 😂😂 your glass 5y
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The Courilof Affair | Irne Nmirovsky
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#BookAndYourFaveSnack (or drink) at a fave restaurant. 👌 for dessert we had a pear tarte tatin, fitting as this is set in France. Not pictured here as we ate it all! 😜

Eugeniavb Sounds super interesting 5y
Abailliekaras @Eugeniavb I'm enjoying it so far. Her writing is so lyrical, and I love being swept away to turn of the century Europe. 5y
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Deathless | Catherynne M. Valente
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So #readjanuary day 23, #bookandyourfavesnack is an easy one. Popcorn. Popcorn, popcorn, popcorn. Pretty much constantly. (It maaaaay be an addiction.) Cameo by a mug of tea (which is also pretty much a constant thing). 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿

Umami | Laia Jufresa
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Starting a new book for #Diverseathon with a late-night snack because it's been a long day. Really looking forward to Umami! You can't really tell from the Kindle version but the cover is striking. It centers around a drowning that takes place in Mexico City. It's also blurbed by Valeria Luiselli, so that's good enough for me. 📖🍫

#bookandyourfavesnack #readjanuary

LeahBergen Yes, this cover IS amazing in colour! 5y
Misanthropester I enjoyed this quite a bit. tone of the prose was really pleasing 5y
Matilda I loved this one. Should have been more known last year. 5y
Theresa I bought this book because of the beautiful cover! 5y
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Zero K | Don DeLillo
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#BookAndYourFaveSnack Zero K novel meets Zero F Girl Scout cookies in a dish best served cold.

TheBookStacker Yummmm my favorite Girl Scout cookies! Let me know what you think of that book 5y
EKonrad ...and now I need Girl Scout cookies! 😆 5y
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The Condemnation of Blackness | Khalil Gibran Muhammad
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Excellent academic (but readable!) look at the makings of the Jim Crow North in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with special emphasis on sociology, prison, and housing. Too much is applicable today. #weneeddiversebooks #blm I'm rebinding my copy, since the spine broke and I have a feeling it'll be getting more use. #bookbinding

As for #bookandyourfavesnack... lo mein is more of a meal than a snack, but who's counting? 🍲

LeahBergen I've taken a couple of classes and learned some basic hand-stitching on bindings. I'd love to do bookbinding like this! 😍 5y
8little_paws Book binding? This is awesome 5y
becausetrains @LeahBergen I've pretty much self-taught myself 🤓 I love sewing books, but this is perfect-bound (glued) bc I accidentally printed it wrong. Now I know how to make a glue binding that won't fall apart!! (edited) 5y
becausetrains @8little_paws thanks! A ways back in my posts, I mention a few DIY bookbinding guides if you want to do your own 😎 5y
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