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A Good Kind of Trouble | Lisa Moore Rame
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Heard a lot of good things about this book and it‘s brand new to the Clift Library! Can‘t wait to recommend it to my students 💙#WeNeedDiverseBooks #BlackLivesMatter

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The Hate U Give | Angela Thomas

I have mixed feelings about some elements of the ending, but that's probably to be expected. Deffo got goosebumps during the epilogue. A couple of my coworkers recommended the movie to me after I told them I was listening to the book, so it looks like that's on the to-do list now.


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Hands Up | Stephen Clark
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This is a very topical tale of young black men being shot by police in America arbitrarily. I cannot imagine the intense emotions and fear this must cause. It highlights too, the #BlackLivesMatter movement and how high emotions run as people see the injustices happening in everyday life.

Hands Up is a gripping tale, full of emotions, great realistic characters and story with heartbreak, love and a twist or two. I can thoroughly recommend it.

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Just let that sink in for a minute. I followed the footnote to a 2011 Duke Univ. study‘s headline. It‘s white and Hispanic teenagers who have the highest rates of drug usage. But blacks are targeted and incarcerated for it at **much** higher rates. #whiterage #blacklivesmatter #socialjustice

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Been looking forward to this...here‘s hoping I don‘t end up in a serious #mood today. It‘s read by the author who‘s voice and pace work well in this audiobook format. I usually hate when authors read their own work. #blacklitsy #blitsy #ownvoices #readdiversebooks #blackgirlmagic #blacklivesmatter

riversong153 She teaches at the University where I work! She is amazing, I didn‘t do the audio but the print version was good! 8mo
Chelleo @riversong153 Really!?! Cool! I haven‘t gotten very far but I‘m really enjoying it 8mo
JSW This book is so good. 👍🏼👍🏼⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 7mo
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#bookstores #Everyonesbookstore #blacklivesmatter #womensrightsarehumanrights #nohumanisillegal #scienceisreal #loveislove #Kindnessiseverything

Great Progressive bookstore in Brattleboro we visited Wednesday. I Couldn‘t resist the tagged box of bookstore postcards.

Hollie Yes!!! 8mo
zuzia I went to grad school in Brattleboro; it's such a great town! 8mo
kspenmoll @zuzia Such a great place togo to school! 8mo
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“Before printing, the Reformation would just have been a schism; printing made it a revolution.” Luther came later than our friend Frollo, so perhaps he was more of a sorcerer/alchemist than he wanted people to know. 😆 All joking aside, what do you make of Hugo‘s assertion? Any modern parallels you can think of? The Arab Spring and social media, for instance? #hugonuts

GingerAntics Donald Trump and social media springs instantly to mind. That never would have been a serious thing, it never would have taken off (he never got that much attention for anything) before social media. 9mo
tournevis Hugo's take on the Reformation echoes many historians of his time and is not exactly wrong. Of course, the Reformation was a confluence, made of many thinkers and many movements, Luther being only one of them and thebest known because the most denounced by the Roman Catholic Church. The use of the printing press by Luther and his movement allowed for greater dissemination of his ideas than Zwingli's or Calvin's, for example. 9mo
Lcsmcat @tournevis True, and Calvin and Zwingli prepared the way. Luther‘s ideas weren‘t as shocking because people had heard similar ideas before. The printing press loosened the control of the powerful (in this case the Church) in the same way the internet loosens the control of governments or corporations today. 9mo
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tournevis @Lcsmcat I wouldn't say 'the same way' exactly, but there are parallels. I have to add that printing was important for the Reformation but it's not what made the populace convert. The corruption in the RCC made a lot a people rather willing to give it a try. 9mo
Graywacke @tournevis @Lcsmcat @GingerAntics Hugo makes sense to me here, although these above comments have me wondering and trying not to oversimplify. I think technology always changes the message. Social media revolutions - hmm, all I think of is the poison of misinformation. Maybe I‘m in a bad mood. Seems like the informed revolution hasn‘t happened yet. Even if the Reformation needed the printing press, it was just another manipulate the info game. 9mo
GingerAntics @Graywacke that sounds about right. Is there a revolution that isn‘t just a new manipulation of information? They say history is written by the winners. That sounds to me like nothing but manipulation of facts. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I would love to see an informed revolution where we can stop acting like some made up “other” is the enemy and somehow by not being “other” we‘re all clearly right. 🤷🏼‍♀️ That‘s probably just wishful thinking, though. 9mo
tournevis @Graywacke @GingerAntics @Lcsmcat I think you would enjoy reading tagged, in the original English (only the Italian is in the database for some reason). 9mo
Lcsmcat @tournevis That does look interesting! I‘d definitely have to find it in English though. My Italian never got beyond first year grammar and musical terminology. 😀 9mo
tournevis @Lcsmcat Gutenberg The Geek is the title in English, by Jeff Jarvis. @Graywacke @GingerAntics 9mo
Graywacke @GingerAntics politics and mythology... 😐 9mo
Graywacke @tournevis Thanks! Noting. Looks terrific. 9mo
BarbaraJean @GingerAntics @Graywacke Social media springs to mind for me as well—specifically #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo, which were born in and garnered a lot of momentum/awareness through social media because of how quickly the message can spread & grow. But I also think the revolution part hasn‘t materialized because of the immediacy—for every #MeToo there‘s someone quickly yelling “Fake News.” Maybe the printing press allowed for more stable dissention? 9mo
GingerAntics @BarbaraJean perhaps it‘s less that the immediacy is an issue, but more that they are competing revolutions. The one is about equality, equanimity, and empowerment while the other is about recapturing and maintaining the status quo of 50+ years ago. They are in direct opposition, so a step forward for one is a step back for the other, so every step on either side must be answered by a step by the other side. 9mo
GingerAntics @BarbaraJean Although it does have the added bonus of being a really quick way to get to fhe heart of a person. You know a lot about a person, fundamentally, by knowing which revolution they‘re a part of. (edited) 9mo
Graywacke @GingerAntics @BarbaraJean I‘m stumbling through Plutarch‘s Lives, which happens to cover the end of the Roman Republic. I‘m also stumbling through the abolition battles through the life of Frederick Douglass. It‘s odd to see the parallels today in both. I think you‘re right, @GingerAntics that there are different and contradictory changes (are they revolutions?) 9mo
Graywacke @GingerAntics @BarbaraJean I‘m at the point where I‘m about to yap too much. But I think these social movements are a natural steps in our current culture, but the tension they create, the fear of change, leaves a place to be manipulated. 9mo
GingerAntics @Graywacke I completely agree about the place left open for manipulation. I think that‘s a big reason we‘ve (Americans) ended up in our current situation with our current president. It was and is all manipulation for personal power. 9mo
TheBookHippie @GingerAntics exactly how we got here. @Graywacke It always amazes me when as now things are brought to light as a “new fight or a new revolution” or “a threat to our rights”..30 years in social justice I can tell you the fight is exactly the same, and our rights are no more threatened than before. There is currently a magnifying glass put up to the issues and permission for the far extremist to have no worry of prosecution. The hate is the same. 9mo
TheBookHippie @GingerAntics @Graywacke what bothers me more isn‘t the actual bafoon in office ...it‘s the people willing to sell their very soul for antiabortion and all these folks calling themselves Jesus followers. The people had they not been this divided or hateful would not be swayed by one person . The fractures were there. 9mo
TheBookHippie Your quote made me think of Sophie Scholl and the white rose and what publishing that little piece of resistance did. 9mo
Graywacke @TheBookHippie interesting, your perspective on social justice. I feel like core cultures have shifted quietly during those 30 years in positive ways - with some economic drive. But then, I haven‘t lived in Alabama (or Georgia, or ... ) As for the rest, in respect of Litsy i‘ll hold my peace, spare you all my quirky philosophies and just say I don‘t like the shitgibbon or anything that likes, is liked by, or that leads to him. 9mo
TheBookHippie @Graywacke 🤣🤣I live where Trump is hailed as the new saviour appointed by God. So in my world- not much change. In other parts of the country HUGE strides. It‘s why I both stay to fight and leave often to the city and ocean to gain perspective or stay sane 🤪. As for the rest -well I‘m use to people not liking my opinion- daily adventure. 🙄 I try to be as charitable to them as I can, this drives trumplovers insane, as you can imagine. 9mo
GingerAntics @TheBookHippie oh they definitely were there. I think, sadly, the fractures where there and the racist backlash against the first black president combined to make it the prime moment for that bumbling bafoon in office to come in and start his BS. He‘s a big part of the reason these pro-birth people are getting as bold as they are. We are way too close to Gilead for comfort. 9mo
TheBookHippie @GingerAntics YES!!!!! Gilead...it‘s like my town (Betsy Devos hometown 🤢🤢🤢🤮) spread over the entire nation and things I‘ve fought for and told people about and they refused to believe me ...is country wide now. Surreal. Scary as **** 9mo
GingerAntics @TheBookHippie oh my god I‘m so sorry you‘ve had to live in her hometown. I‘m glad you‘ve survived. I usually find it nearly impossible to convince people that things are as bad as they really are. So many people with their heads in the sand. I think they‘re just trying to make it through this presidency, but still. This is no time for heads to be in the sand. It‘s terrifying. I completely agree with you on that one. 9mo
TheBookHippie @GingerAntics I graduated with her brother -leader of Blackwater —now be me a social justice liberal hippie in a town that is 97 percent alt right. Now imagine my kiddos and my daily fight. This is why I work so hard. Why I throw myself into volunteering. Also why occasionally I‘m crabby with zero tolerance 🤣🤣🤣🙌🏻😳🤪 9mo
GingerAntics @TheBookHippie oh my god, it‘s got to be scary raising kids in that environment. Sheesh. I‘m afraid to have a kid here in TX, but that almost sounds worse. It‘s clearly a miracle that you manage to have tolerance of any kind. 9mo
TheBookHippie @GingerAntics there are days...but then I see all the little lives I‘ve affected and carry on... 9mo
GingerAntics @TheBookHippie your students do look like little sweethearts. 9mo
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Dear Martin | Nic Stone
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This book hit me directly in the feels. It poses all the hard questions and doesn‘t attempt to provide a neat ending with all the answers. This book needs to be in the hands of all black teens, especially young men. If you give a damn about black lives, then you should read it. And if you don‘t, you definitely need to read it and get a clue.

#ownvoices #readdiversebooks #blitsy #blacklitsy #blacklivesmatter

Jee_HookedOnBookz Met the author too! Brilliant young lady! ❤️ 9mo
BarbaraBB Great review. Will do 💕 9mo
TrishB Loved this one 💕 9mo
lele1432 Yay so glad you loved it too! It was so good!! 9mo
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Dear Martin | Nic Stone
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Enjoying the playground and Kam took a break to look at my book. He picked out some of his sight words.

#boysreadtoo #raisingreaders #boymom #brilliantblackboy #blacklivesmatter#ownvoices #blitsy #blacklitsy #kidsoflitsy #litsykids #pocauthor #yareaddiversebooks

Leftcoastzen So cute! 9mo
Johanna414 Love that! 9mo
Robothugs Hey! Check your goodreads messages! 😄 9mo
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Dear Martin | Nic Stone
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1️⃣ “She nods and heads back to the kitchen. Returns with a dish full of jasmine rice WITH THREE CHUNKS OF BUTTER MELTING INTO IT.”

😳🤮 The travesty! Butter is NOT meant for rice!!

2️⃣ “ “It‘s fucked up — there‘s no escaping the BMC,” Quran says.

“The BMC?”

”Yeah. Black Man‘s Curse. World‘s got diarrhea and dudes like us are the toilet. “”


#blitsy #blacklitsy #blacklivesmatter

Chelleo Thank you for the bookmark @Endowarrior21 It‘s perfect for this book! 9mo
JanuarieTimewalker13 I loved this book! 9mo
Endowarrior21 @Chelleo your welcome 9mo
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