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Burial Rites | Hannah Kent
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I like the POV in this book, and I always appreciate when authors include other ephemera like court transcripts and letters. I heard this books is also a great choice as an #audioread, so I‘ll put this on my re-read list for next year!

thereadingowlvina Loved this one! 😊 2mo
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Thanks for all the well wishes on my headache. Crossing fingers that the nap I took this afternoon has kicked it to the curb!

I managed a walk this morning and finished my first #audioread of the #BFC. I usually quite enjoy Sedaris, but this one was just meh 😐 The book I started today seems promising.

My daily step count is already improving - hello to all you Fitbit users! 😉


wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 7mo
crazyspine Keep it up! Sedaris is hit or miss for me. He was once my favorite, but he writes sooo much, I can't expect it to all be the best. 7mo
Kaye Daria, I love Sedaris, but the one you just read was probably my least favorite. His others are better. 7mo
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TheSpineView Keep it up! 7mo
KathyWheeler I like Sedaris but I keep hearing this one isn‘t his best and it sounds lime he was trying to do something different with it. I haven‘t read it and may not. 7mo
Julsmarshall 2 walks, we‘ll done! 7mo
Chrissyreadit 👏 7mo
BookwormAHN Great job 👏🏻 7mo
4thhouseontheleft I'm listening to a Sedaris book right now, too...Calypso. And I love this image! 7mo
BethM 🙌 7mo
Meaw_catlady You‘re doing great! Keep up the strong work! 7mo
Caterina You're doing great, keep it up! 👏 I love the one Sedaris I listened to (Me Talk Pretty One Day) but I'm worried I won't like his other stuff as much. 😂 7mo
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Planning to start this #audioread tomorrow! I listen at chipmunk speed, so it‘s fitting! 🎧

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Geekerella | Ashley Poston
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Trees are blooming and flowers are popping up around the neighborhood!

Just about twenty minutes left on this #audioread. Out early this morning while my Roomba, Arnold, vacuumed the bedroom.


ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Our Roomba is named Roberto (after the criminal robot on Futurama) 😂 8mo
dariazeoli @ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Love it! I named mine Arnold because robot vacuums are another step toward Skynet being self-aware and Terminators rising up 😁 8mo
whippoorwill815 We went old school and named ours Rosie after the robot from The Jetsons 😂 8mo
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A beautiful afternoon so I took the new iPhone for a walk. The XR is a huge upgrade from my 6!

Still listening to the tagged book. I‘m finding it fascinating!
#litsywalkers #audioread

DivineDiana What do you think of the XR? 8mo
tpixie How are you adjusting to the size??
dariazeoli @DivineDiana It‘s so fast and the battery is awesome! 8mo
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dariazeoli @tpixie Not too badly! I spend so much time with my iPad Mini that I guess my hands are familiar 8mo
Cinfhen I think I need to upgrade my phone too!!! My battery is SHIT 8mo
DivineDiana Thank you! Sounds like you‘re happy with it! 8mo
Liz_M I don't want to jinx it, but it may finally be spring in NYC/NJ! 8mo
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First 10K step day in quite awhile. I listened to a good chunk of this one today. It‘s so hard to change your thinking about weight when so much about our world is tailored for a specific mindset. #litsywalkers #audioread

Freespirit That looks like a beautiful place for a walk😊 9mo
saguarosally I was bound and determined to hit 10k today myself. Next stop, 15k! 9mo
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Shadows of a Princess | Patrick Jephson
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My current #audioread is written by Princess Diana‘s secretary. With her from the late 80s up until her death, Patrick Jephson had an intimate view of the unraveling of the Royal marriage and its aftermath.

At 19+ hours, this is a long one and I‘m unsure of how I feel about it yet. #anarchyintheUK #marchintothe70s

Cinfhen They both look so miserable 9mo
Reviewsbylola The author just described the one and only time he saw any sort of intimacy between the two. Charles touched Diana‘s hip and she didn‘t respond in any way. I hope he goes hard and deep into their marriage because I‘m only on chapter 5 and I just need to know what made them so unhappy. @Cinfhen 9mo
Birdsong28 Have you read the tagged book? It's good, I listened to the audiobook version. 😁📚📖 9mo
Reviewsbylola No, this is my first book about any of the recent royal family but I‘m so intrigued by them now that I‘ve visited England. I will look those up! I‘ve heard of Diana (the book). @Birdsong28 9mo
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Pestilence | Laura Thalassa
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This week‘s #audioread 🐴

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So if this is on Goodreads I can count it as an #audioread, right? LeVar Burton can totally add to my read shelf!

Untitled | Unknown
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I took the top 3 vote getters from #MakeMeReadIt and decided I‘m going to #audioread Huck Finn & Wuthering Heights this month!

I also have 3 carryovers from... May? June? They‘ve gotta come off the stack! 😂

I currently have NO physical books from the library, which always get me in trouble. We‘ll see if I make it through this list!

cathysaid White Noise 👏 1y
Andrew65 Enjoy Beartown and The Alice Network, Loved both of those. 1y
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