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The Reckless Oath We Made | Bryn Greenwood
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August #BOTM haul! Got a big carried away, considering I still have quite a #backlog 🤷🏻‍♀️ I admit it - I have a problem! 📚💚 #addicted #toomanybookstoolittletime

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The Kiss Quotient | Helen Hoang
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I am totally addicted...so glad I ordered the second book at the same time! Going to bed early to get more Stella and Michael!! 💜💙 #addicted

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The Book: An Homage | Burkhard Spinnen
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@BooknerdsLife so why should someone have one booksleeve, if you can have several? 😍 The one on the top right is similar to the one you showed me. It's for smaller books. The one below right is for my kindle. 😍

JazzFeathers You have so many 😍 2mo
Sarah83 @JazzFeathers I got several as a gift. The lovely @scripturient and @Bambolina_81 got me several as birthday or Christmas gifts. 😍 2mo
TheSpineView What a beautiful collection! 😍😍😍 2mo
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KatieDid927 I'm new to book sleeve usage but I'm already up to 3 with a 4th en route from Book Beau. Once I assign a book to a sleeve that's it's home for the duration of my reading journey. 2mo
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego 💖😻💖😻 2mo
mydearwatson I love the Sherlock one! 2mo
Megabooks I have about the same number! #addicted 2mo
erzascarletbookgasm Ooo nice! I want the Sherlock 🕵️‍♂️ ! 2mo
BooknerdsLife Hahaaa 😂😂😂 Yes!!! I totally agree with you! Why one when you have get several! 👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I like your little owl one! And OMG! I have that same Sherlock booksleeve!!! 2mo
BooknerdsLife Love your booksleeve collection!! 💖💖💖💖 2mo
Sarah83 @BooknerdsLife that's so funny. 😊 To find a person who owns the same booksleeve. ☺️ 2mo
BooknerdsLife @Sarah83 Haha yes! Where are the chances! 😄Especially when we live so far away from each other! It would be very funny if your booksleeve is by booksac as well 🤗 2mo
Sarah83 @BooknerdsLife I don't know it. It was a gift. Normally I buy my booksleeves at @MelvisMakes 😍🤩 2mo
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One hour down and I'm seven chapters deeper. I can't put the book down, let's hope I finish it! 🌪️
#twisters #addicted

Marriage For One | Ella Maise
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I‘m a bedtime reader. 🌙📖 I envy those of you who can read a little bit throughout the day. I‘ve found that once I start reading, it‘s very hard for me to stop. ❤️😄 #addicted

Birdsong28 I am mainly a bedtime reader as I do most of my reading there. I do use audiobooks for when I walk to work and have a book in the living room but it's for only for dipping into. 📚📖 4mo
I_Like_Big_Books @Birdsong28 Yes, I do a lot of audiobooks too but as far as actual reading, I‘d never get anything done if I started. 😆 4mo
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Had to buy a new book shelf... This makes four.. I may have a problem but it's the best kind!
#addicted #books #antique #shelfie

StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Welcome to Litsy 📖💙 7mo
hollylynnbee Thank you! 📚 7mo
Butterfinger Welcome!! 7mo
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hollylynnbee Thanks!! 🌼 7mo
Lel2403 Welcome to Litsy 📖 7mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Welcome to Litsy!! 7mo
hollylynnbee Thank you all!🌼📚 7mo
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Literally me today. I went to lunch at Barnes and Noble with my friend Sarayu. Because I‘m on a book buying ban, I only looked at the fandom merch. Needless to say, she literally dragged me away from buying the miniature quidditch set that I did not know they sold. The sales clerk congratulated her on being such a good friend.

#addicted #bookbuyingban #ban #friendshipgoals #ineedhelp #whyme #bn #barnesandnoble #mpls #twincities

HOTPock3tt This is hilarious though! 🤣 12mo
Schnoebs @HOTPock3tt I‘m not even kidding. She literally took both my arms and started pulling me back. The store clerk couldn‘t stop laughing 12mo
HOTPock3tt @Schnoebs lol! that IS a really good friend. She is helping you stay on track. We have NO willpower otherwise 😏 📚 ❤️😝 12mo
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The Fifth Season | N. K. Jemisin
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One of the many selfie reasons I‘m on a Book Buying Ban (aka I need to read 3 books before buying 1 book). I just don‘t have the room! The struggle is so real it hurts.

#problems #studioghibli #selfie #bookbuyingban #ineedhelp #addicted #mpls #twincities

BlameJennyJane Me too! I might need to adopt your system! The 1:3 ratio would getting me reading what I‘ve got and yet not totally slice my heart with a total book ban. That would be so aggressive and I wouldn‘t make it through one week! 12mo
Schnoebs @BlameJennyJane I got it from a booktuber and it seemed like such a smart decision that I‘m like I have to do this. I bought my last books on the 4th when two dark reigns came out and I‘ve been good since. Especially because Saturday was a huge clearance unhauling sale that the half priced books was hosting by my place. Idk how I managed to stay away but I did! 12mo
wanderinglynn You have the same problem I have—not enough book shelves! Definitely need a new bookcase. 😉🤣 12mo
Serotonin I feel ya! My TBR pile will never end 😆 12mo
BlameJennyJane @Schnoebs I am definitely adopting your system. I think I have a few pre-orders in the works but beyond that I‘m gonna take a pause. I, too, resisted Half Price Books this weekend. 😊 12mo
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Why is it over already? I just bought you yesterday and you were so good! I must continue on!!!!

#foodwars #food #manga #yes #moreplease #addicted #mpls #twincities

RestlessFickleBookHoarder Yassss! That manga is amazing! 1y
Serotonin Yep. It goes by pretty fast...and also leaves you hungry (well, for me it does 😆). 14mo
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Spinning Silver | Naomi Novik
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I swear I went to just buy spinning silver. Then on my way to the check out I found B&N‘s 2 for $10 table and it went down hill after that..... why does this keep happening to me????

#help #ihaveaproblem #addicted #BN #newrelease #bookhaul #why #mpls #twincities