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Custom of the Country | Edith Wharton
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#Rocktober #IntheEnd I didn‘t bail on my bookclub read and I actually grew to appreciate this novel of vanity, satire and social climbing. Edith Wharton has a mighty wit and a sharp pen...perfect for flinging zingers🙌🏻 While Undine Spragg is a total vamp, I give her credit for pursuing her wants😉I did do some #pageskimming but #IntheEnd I‘m glad I did not #TakeTheBail

BarbaraBB I haven‘t read this one but generally love Wharton‘s characters! 5y
batsy Whoo! Happy to hear that. Love me some Wharton. I haven't read this one yet. 5y
TrishB Well done 👍 5y
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Tamra Wharton is a master of snark. I love her! 😄 5y
robinb Love Wharton too! 5y
emilyhaldi Woohoo!! Nice to see your bookclub saga get a happy ending ☺️☺️ (edited) 5y
Reviewsbylola What other books of hers have you read? Just curious how this one compares. 5y
Cinfhen This was my first Wharton @Reviewsbylola and she does appear to be the master of snark @Tamra Bookclub is tonight and the girls are ready to chat @emilyhaldi @BarbaraBB @batsy @TrishB @robinb 5y
Reviewsbylola If you decide to read another one, The Age of Innocence is my favorite of hers! 5y
Cinfhen I probably won't @Reviewsbylola but #NeverSayNever I'll try to keep an open mind... 5y
Cinfhen I know lots of people loved 5y
Reviewsbylola 😂😂 I actually didn‘t love Mirth. It wasn‘t bad but just not great. 5y
BarbaraBB Age of Innocence and House of Mirth are both excellent I thought! And Ethan Frome as well! 5y
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