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Why have I waited so long to read this book?? It‘s absolutely compelling. To read about the breakdown of a health care system in just a matter of days is horrifying. Hurricane Katrina was an unfathomable disaster but the lack of a plan for rescue is just mind boggling. All the praise to the nurses who showed what it means to be angels of mercy. #NonfictionNovember

Cinfhen Read it @AlaMich it‘s SO GOOD 5h
Chrissyreadit Oh! It‘s on my irl bookshelf waiting for me. 5h
BarbaraBB I always think of this book when hearing about Katrina. Did you read it? (edited) 5h
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AlaMich @Cinfhen It‘s definitely toward the top of my TBR! 😊 5h
emilyhaldi Such a stunning read isn‘t it?! 🤯 4h
AmyG @BarbaraBB I think of this, too, when I think of Katrina. Amazing book. And yes, read Zeitoun. (edited) 3h
Cinfhen I‘ve read Zeitoun @BarbaraBB @AmyG and it was very good but this book is on a whole different planet! It‘s something you can never imagine. Ever!!Bump it up your TBR @Chrissyreadit it‘s definitely in your wheelhouse 2h
Cinfhen I know you have a soft spot for NoLa @emilyhaldi 💔 2h
Kalalalatja I don‘t know much about Katrina, but this book sounds beyond interesting! #stacked 2h
BarbaraBB You are very convincing. Stacked! 2h
KarenUK This sounds frightening and heartbreaking in equal measures! 1h
LeahBergen I found this to be such a harrowing read! (edited) 57m
AprilMae I bought this book after I came home from New Orleans. I went on a guided tour and my lovely guide told us about this book. It's on my TBR 52m
Cinfhen I really recommend reading this book or listening on audio @AprilMae @Kalalalatja @BarbaraBB @KarenUK so many ethical issues to think about! It‘s great for bookclub discussion now
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Up next / one for #NonfictionNovember and a cover that‘s calling to me. Five Days was gifted to me nearly 2 years ago from the lovely @Bklover & Speak No Evil was a gift from @Hooked_on_books ❣️❣️Excited to try both books, thanks friends 🙏🏼😘

Bklover ❤️❤️❤️ 1d
TheRiehlDeal I have Five Days at Memorial on my TBR. Let me know what you think of it! 1d
Samplergal I loved Five Days. 1d
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Cinfhen Will do @TheRiehlDeal I‘ve only read the first 50 pages and I‘m already seething @Samplergal I‘m thinking this would make for a great bookclub discussion 1d
Cinfhen 😘😘😘 @Bklover 1d
Hooked_on_books I liked both of these! I was in health care for many years before the 🌺 took over my life, so I had an interesting perspective going into that book. 23h
AlaMich I‘ve had Five Days on my Kindle for several years. I never seem to be able to work up the nerve to read it. 20h
Cinfhen It‘s daunting for sure @AlaMich but I can already tell im going to be hooked. I‘m trying not to make any judgements @Hooked_on_books because I‘m sure those 5 days were chaotic BUT.... the premise of what these doctors are considering is shocking 15h
arubabookwoman Although it‘s long, it‘s a page-turner. My three oldest children were born at Memorial (although it was then Southern Baptist Hospital). 15h
Cinfhen Oh wow @arubabookwoman was it difficult for you to read this book?? 15h
Hooked_on_books Certainly shocking. Some of their decisions I actually understand given the circumstances, but others were ethically and legally wrong, without question. I found it fairly simple to put myself in their shoes given my former profession. 15h
arubabookwoman The whole subject of Katrina is very difficult for me. We lived in NO for 18 years, and I have a deep love for the city, so the destruction & suffering of the city & its people was personal to me, even tho‘ we had moved several years before Katrina. I think the book presents the issues that arose at Memorial in a thoughtful & objective way. 15h
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First page into the next section of #botmbuddyread and I‘m intrigued 🧐

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I'm enjoying the book of the month buddy read so much that I thought I'd read the next section tonight. Nothing like a hot cup of Peach Orange Tea with a Sunday night read. Probably wouldn't have been a book I would have picked out on my own so I'm happy that I'm quite enjoying the read so far.

#CurrentRead #CurrentlyReading #Fiction #Tea

@Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @TheBookHippie

TheBookHippie Oh that looks lovely!!! I always feel that way with these books. Misty and I always try to read books that will challenge us and make a good discussion piece. We‘ve found that even books we don‘t like we do like the discussion. 2d
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @TheBookHippie and we‘ve had some doozies!! Is that spelled correctly?! Lol 😂 18h
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Moviegoer | Walker Percy
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The kids have gone home and we have gone to the movies. I think the puppies are happy for the peace and quite. One is sleeping in the sun the other in the dark.

Back to reading when I get home but for now... Doctor Sleep.

Hooked_on_books 🐶🐶💙💙 2d
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