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Celestial Bodies | Johka Alharthi
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Main thread, in this multigenerational family story in Oman, is marriage, and through this theme run the story about deeper changes in society - from traditional to modern. While focus is on younger generation - three sisters with different experiences, expectations from life, love and marriage, the narration is told through many characters in short chapters. And this form is at the same time good and bad thing. Good - because of the dynamic ...👇

Simona ... narration, and different POV, and bad - because weaker characterization. Solid 3⭐️ #ManBookerInternationalPrize #MBIP2019 8mo
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TrishB Great review ❤️ 8mo
Naj Lovely review. 8mo
Simona @TrishB @Naj Thank you ☺️ 8mo
4thhouseontheleft Great review! 8mo
Simona @4thhouseontheleft Thank you 😊 8mo
Cinfhen I was all for this book until you got to the bad...weak characterization is a reader‘s no-no 😔😖😡 8mo
Tanisha_A Think I'd want to read it. Nice review! 👌🏽☺️ 8mo
Simona @Cinfhen You ‘should‘ read it despite that. It is not bad, just a little bit lost among all of the characters 😘 8mo
Simona @Tanisha_A Thank you 😊It is interesting story with some shocking elements, well at least shocking for me ... 8mo
Cinfhen I need your address, please! My phone died a few months ago and I lost all my contacts and emails. 8mo
Simona @Cinfhen I left you a message on your Goodreads mailbox 😘 8mo
BarbaraBB Your review is very balanced as usual, thank you! ❤️ 7mo
Simona @BarbaraBB I‘m always a little bit confused about/with my reviews when I think that the book is good and worth the attention, but it is not for me/personal reading taste... Definitely it isn‘t my winner 🤷‍♀️, but still, it‘s interesting story 😘 7mo
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