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I‘ve been putting this off for awhile due to intimidation & I finally read it! Unfortunately, I felt like it was slow-going & way too detailed for my level of interest. PG is LIW‘s adult memoir that she tried to get published. Nobody would take it so she & her daughter reformatted some of it into the first Little House book. That series of course was a success & this one was not published until 2014. This is a beautiful & well-researched book!

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Book 14 of 2020 #FarmerBoy by #LauraIngallsWilder. Continuing my re-read of the Little House series. This book covers a year in the life of 9-year-old Almanzo Wilder growing up on his family‘s farm in Malone, New York. Good writing and an interesting story make this an enjoyable read. All I know, is that they work all the time!!! Check it out. 4 ⭐️

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1) I have read more than half of the Penn Cage series and would love to finish this year.

2) Little House on the Prairie was my gateway reader.

3) Hmmm Peeta from Hunger Games. Young for me, but a babe nonetheless.

@Eggs #wondrouswednesday

Prairiegirl_reading Team Peeta all the way!! 2w
Scochrane26 I ❤️ Peeta, too. And I had forgotten about Finnick when I posted mine, but I‘ll never get over his death. (edited) 2w
Eggs Oh the Ingalls‘ journeys 🤗👏🏻📚 2w
Nute I was all about Peeta, too! 2w
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Little House in the Big Woods | Laura Ingalls Wilder
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Book 12 of 2020 #LittleHouseInTheBigWoods by #LauraIngallsWilder I loved this book when I was in elementary school, and I still watch the TV show on occasion, so I decided to re-read what I consider to be an American classic. The lovely writing of life in the Big Woods is a delight. Laura, who is 5 at the time of the book, regales readers with tales of fun, adventure, and hard work. If you haven‘t read it, give it a try. 5 ⭐️

Little House in the Big Woods | Laura Ingalls Wilder
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Seems like the Ingalls family had a great life in the woods: food to eat, lots of extended family, happy times...many of the other books in the series were full of hardship, hunger, brutal conditions and illness 😥

Meeko93 I absolutely love this series 😍💙 2w
MissAimz_55 I have fond memories of reading these as a young girl 2w
Reagan My childhood favourites! Reading 2w
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rwmg My partner is not a reader and English is not his first language, but he loves reading these books as he remembers the TV series from when he was growing up. 2w
PurpleTulipGirl These books were such a big part of my childhood. I don‘t know why I haven‘t read them as an adult. Maybe I‘m subconsciously afraid they won‘t be as good as I remember? 2w
runswithscissors007 When my kiddos where smaller we read The Long Winter every February because it made our February seem not so bad in comparison! even if the roads were closed and the power went off and snow fell in our door when we opened it... nothing! compared to those Ingalls! 2w
Eggs @Meeko93 @MissAimz_55 ❤️📚💕📚❤️ 2w
Eggs @Reagan oooo let me know what you think !! 2w
Eggs @rwmg How lovely - great memories ❣️ 2w
Eggs @PurpleTulipGirl I read them as child and adult—give it a try! Such a warm feeling/memory❣️ 2w
Eggs @runswithscissors007 ah yes I can see how that would be uplifting! The long winter is one I‘ve returned to often...🥶🥶 2w
MaureenMc I‘m currently reading this one aloud to my 8 year-old. She‘s really enjoying it! 😊 2w
Eggs @MaureenMc 👏🏻❤️👏🏻❤️ 2w
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‪Ok. So the craziest thing happened. Back in the day, I had the entire Little House series of books. But we donated them yearssss ago. So I got the series again off of ThriftBooks recently & HFS this was my original copy from when I was a kid. It came back to me 😱😱😱‬

Lcsmcat Wow! 1mo
ljuliel Do you believe that ! 1mo
Jerdencon Wow!!! 1mo
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Kimberlone Amazing!! 1mo
Librarybelle That is amazing! 😁 1mo
zezeki That's fantastic! 1mo
Butterfinger That is so awesome!!! 1mo
BookNAround That is phenomenal! You were meant to have it. 1mo
Bookwormjillk 😳😳😳wow 1mo
TheKidUpstairs That is too cool! 1mo
xicanti That‘s amazing! 1mo
diovival Wow! That's pretty cool. 1mo
llwheeler Wow, what are the odds! That's awesome. 1mo
Susanita Excellent! Also, love your nails. 1mo
DrexEdit WOW!! 😱😱😱👍🏻 1mo
Jas16 That is incredible 1mo
slategreyskies Wow!! That‘s so cool!! ✨😎 1mo
MaureenMc 😍 1mo
Crazeedi What goes around comes around! Literally! 1mo
Daisey So cool and amazing! 🤩 1mo
kspenmoll Wow! Love this story!!!! Kismet! (edited) 4w
LeahBergen Noooooo! Are you kidding me?? 😮😮😮 4w
Clare-Dragonfly WOW!!! It was meant to be! 4w
Ruth1916 Wow!!! Amazing! 3w
DrJAdMerricksson It missed you 💖 1w
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Here are my selections for the #bookspin

TheAromaofBooks Thank you so much for joining!! Great list - I'll be sure to tag you with the lucky number next Sunday!! 😁 1mo
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Little House in the Big Woods | Laura Ingalls Wilder
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Do you buy used books? I usually buy new or borrow from the library, but I went out with some of my local bookish friends this weekend to a huge used book store. I love used books for when I‘m trying to find an older edition of a book, or need to find books in a series to complete my collection, like you see here with some of the Little House books.

Tamra Almost all of my book purchases are used. 😁 1mo
wanderinglynn I buy used when I can. 😀 1mo
Tianarose I buy used with the occasional new. Mostly borrow audiobooks. 1mo
diovival My shelves are full of secondhand books. 1mo
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