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August | Judith Rossner
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#August #TBR

These are my books for August. Some are for #BuddyReads and #GroupReads on #LibraryThing. Some are for my #CenturyofMysteryChallenge.

EadieB @Butterflyamore I may not get to them all. 4mo
Andrew65 A great stack(s). August should be great! 4mo
TrishB Some great ones ready there 👍🏻 4mo
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EadieB @TrishB Locked In for sure this month. It's been on my list since you sent it to me. So August for sure! 4mo
TrishB Hope you enjoy it, it‘s one of those series that gets better and better. I love Jessica the MC. 4mo
EadieB @TrishB I know Andrew enjoyed it so I probably will too! 4mo
MrT Peter James ☑️ Mo Hayder ☑️ Clive Cussler ☑️ 4mo
EadieB @MrT Yes! And more! 4mo
Tove_Reads Looks good! Don‘t forget Quentins. 4mo
gradcat @EadieB Are we Reading any more Cara Black books? I‘ve got about ten pages left on the first one, and I really enjoyed it! You‘ve sure got a big stack TBR there...loads of great ones! 📚👍😊 4mo
EadieB @gradcat We usually read the next book by an author around the same time in the month so probably the end of August for Cara Black but if you are a slow reader, you can start earlier. I have to order the next one from the library that‘s why it‘s not in this pile. @Andrew65 @Tove_Reads 4mo
EadieB @Tove_Reads Thanks! Forgot what book was next. I‘ll have to order it from library. 4mo
gradcat @EadieB Thanks Eadie...that‘ll be perfect! I appreciate you helping me keep up—I feel like I‘m out of touch because I‘m missing things. ♥️ 4mo
Andrew65 @EadieB I can get hold of book 2 as an audiobook whilst we are away from home. @gradcat @Tove_Reads (edited) 4mo
EadieB @Andrew65 ok Sounds good! 4mo
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Published 1972. The killer has confessed. Clear fingerprints and a witness but Detective Steve Carella cannot forget Gerald Fletcher announcing that he was glad someone stabbed his wife, Sadie. Sadie‘s black book shows up and Carella wants to find out why everyone was calling Sadie. Classic McBain! Recommended.

“McBain is a Master ... He hooks you ... He holds you ...” Chicago Sun Times

#SadieWhenSheDied #EdMcBain


Andrew65 Brings back memories. 4mo
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Gideon's Day | J. J. Marric
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Published 1955. One day in the exciting life of Scotland Yard‘s Inspector George Gideon. Within 15 hrs, he matches wits with hoodlums, dope pushers and other criminals. Gideon is a most believable and well-drawn character. I would love to read more about Gideon. Read for my #CenturyofMysteryChallenge Recommended for mystery lovers. Full of nostalgia of 50/60 era. Also a popular TV series staring John Gregson.

#GideonsDay #JohnCreasey #JJMarric

rretzler I hadn‘t realized how prolific Creasey was. I‘m familiar with his Department Z series and didn‘t know he had so many other pseudonyms! 4mo
EadieB @rretzler He published in excess of 600 books under 20+ different pseudonyms. I'll have to check out Department Z series. I like his writing! (edited) 4mo
Andrew65 Love the Gideon books. 4mo
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Published 1934. A young vagrant and the sexy bored wife of a restaurant owner plan to murder her husband. Excellent characters, plot and writing. Cain‘s first book was an instant success and made into a movie. I watched the movie for a #booktomovie challenge. #CenturyofMysteryChallenge too!
Recommended for mystery lovers.

“No one has ever stopped in the middle of one of Cain‘s books.” - Saturday Review

#ThePostmanAlwaysRingsTwice #JamesMCain

Cathythoughts I vaguely remember the movie ... a long time ago 4mo
EadieB @Cathythoughts It is a good one! 4mo
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Published 1984. Berkeley created Detective Roger Sheringham. A fancy-dress party with Murderers and Victims and a mock gallows. A real victim is found. Sheringham is the chief suspect. He must save his own neck from the hangman‘s rope. Typical wit and irony. Berkeley is one of the most original crime novelists. Exciting and entertaining book. I read this book for my Century of Published Mystery Books Challenge. Recommended for mystery lovers.

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The Benson Murder Case | S. S. Van Dine
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#philovance #ssvandine #centuryofmysterychallenge

Listening to this today:
Philo Vance is a fictional character featured in 12 crime novels written by S. S. Van Dine, published in the 1920s and 1930s. Vance was immensely popular in books, movies, and on the radio. He was portrayed as a stylish, even foppish dandy; a New York bon vivant possessing a highly intellectual bent.

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#centuryofmysterychallenge #rexstout #1913 #herforbiddenknight

Rex Stout is another pre-Agatha Christie mystery writer. He wrote this book in 1913.

Andrew65 One I have heard of! 9mo
EadieB @Andrew65 This is his first book. He wrote the Nero Wolfe books in the 30‘s. 9mo
Andrew65 @EadieB That‘s what I know him from, but not read him. 9mo
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Crazeedi @EadieB @andrew65 I read every Nero Wolfe book when I had my back surgery and was down for 3 plus months. My daughter had every one and she loaned them to me. They were hilarious and wonderful. And that is one series I will reread. And I almost never reread. 9mo
EadieB @Andrew65 I have some of his books but haven‘t read them yet. I do own this one and will be reading it 9mo
EadieB @Crazeedi That‘s good to know! 9mo
Crazeedi @EadieB oh they are so worth reading, nero is agoraphobic and so his sidekick archie does the work, and nero plays with his orchids and solves the crimes. The personalities of his characters are just superbly done 9mo
EadieB @Crazeedi Looking forward to reading him! Thanks! 9mo
Mollyanna I love Nero Wolfe! Is this pre-Nero? I‘ll have to check it out. 9mo
EadieB @Mollyanna yes it is his first book written in 1913 and the Nero books were written in the 30‘s. 9mo
Mollyanna Very exciting! Thanks for sharing. 9mo
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Trent's Last Case | E. C. Bentley
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#centuryofmysterychallenge #1913 #ecbentley

An American capitalist is found dead in the garden of his English country house, 2 immediate matters confound detective Philip Trent: why is the dead man not wearing his false teeth and why is his young widow seemingly relieved at his death? The newly widowed Mabel Manderson, ‘The Lady in Black‘, has a disarming effect on the imaginative Trent, in this classic detective story that twists and turns.

Andrew65 Another author I‘ve not heard of. 9mo
EadieB @Andrew65 I never heard of him either until I researched mystery writers. #trentslastcase (edited) 9mo
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The Circular Staircase | Mary Roberts Rinehart
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#centuryofmysterychallenge #maryrobertsrinehart

I read this book years ago and enjoyed it very much! It was published in 1908.

This novel has it all: skillful writing, a drum-tight plot, and snappy, witty dialogue. Circular Staircase is about Rachel Innes, a well-to-do woman. Her Pittsburgh manse is in need of an overhaul, so she decides to spend some time at the country home of a friend. A quaint rural outpost becomes a beguiling puzzle.

Andrew65 Some are available free in Kindle Unlimited so will try one this month. 9mo
Andrew65 @EadieB On that recommendation I have just downloaded it. 9mo
EadieB @Andrew65 one good thing about these older books is they are not too long. #thecircularstaircase (edited) 9mo
Andrew65 @EadieB True! 9mo
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Starting in April through December I will be reading a century of mystery books that were published between 1920 thru 2019. Books to be read in April:

1920 - The Bat - Rinehart
1921 - Confession - Rinehart
1922 - Breaking Point - Rinehart
1924 - Man in Brown Suit - Christie
1925 - Secret/Chimneys - Christie
1926 - Clouds/Witness - Sayers
1927 - Casebook Sherlock Holmes - Doyle
1928 - Mystery/Blue Train - Christie
1929 - Red Harvest - Hammett

TuesdayReviews Oh wow, this is a super cool approach to a reading series. 9mo
EadieB @TuesdayReviews It also a challenge that the mystery group on LibraryThing is participating in but this is my personal challenge and combined with that one. (edited) 9mo
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gradcat This is a great idea...I wish you the best of luck for this endeavor!! 9mo
EadieB @gradcat Thanks! Anyone that wants to join in is welcome! Actually you can do it for any genre. 9mo
Andrew65 Read two of these. (edited) 9mo
EadieB @Andrew65 Which ones? 9mo
Andrew65 @EadieB Sherlock Holmes and The Man in the Brown Suit. 9mo
Andrew65 I don‘t know Rinehart. 9mo
EadieB @Andrew65 And Rinehart wrote in 1914 9mo
EadieB @Andrew65 She is one of the first mystery writers just before Agatha Christie. 9mo
Andrew65 @EadieB Will have to research her. 9mo
dragondrool Never could get into The Secret of Chimneys, but I have a big soft spot for The Man in the Brown Suit. 9mo
gradcat Gaudy Night is a classic, imho.... 9mo
arubabookwoman Great idea! 9mo
EadieB @gradcat Gaudy Night is in my 1930 pile. 9mo
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