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The Cask of Amontillado | Edgar Allan Poe
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#BestMidYear22 Day 14: Poe's The Cask of Amontillado was a reread for me & it was a nice complement to my recent ongoing contemplation of another famous tale of revenge-Shakespeare's Hamlet. As the linked essay on The Northman states, Shakespeare's highly anticipated revenge tragedy robbed theater attendees of an elaborate revenge stratagem.. Rather, they were left with a Prince & his monologues, stalled in his interiority. With Poe we have👇

vivastory the inverse-Montresor's unforgettable revenge against Fortunato who he believes has wronged him. But has he? Poe provides the reader with an elaborate revenge strategy, yet by removing a convincing motivation for said revenge he has pulled the rug out from under the reader just as much as Shakespeare did with Hamlet. By doing so, Poe has subverted revenge tales which require not only elaborate systems of punishment, but a motivation as well. Below (edited) 3mo
vivastory are links to an incredible essay by multiple writers on Robert Eggers' adaptation of Hamlet “The Northman“ along with 2 videos from Better Than Food. One on Hamlet & one is on Cask of Amontillado.
Essay on The Northman from multiple perspectives:
Better Than Food Cask Amontillado:
BTF Hamlet

(edited) 3mo
stretchkev Your post reminds me to restart my Poe project => Rereading all his dark tales. 3mo
vivastory @stretchkev That's a great project! I think I have reread him more than any other author. Do you have particular favorites? 3mo
stretchkev @vivastory My Fav: The Black Cat (1st ever) but objectively the Pit and the Pendulum is at the top of the list, as well as Ligeria. I've read and reread Poe so many times, I think my Favorite just happens to be the last one. 3mo
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The Glass Hotel | Emily St. John Mandel
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#BestMidYear22 Day 13: When an anticipated title is released I find that this is often motivation to catch up on a previous release that I missed. Such was the case with Mandel's latest & judging from the flurry of reviews on Litsy for The Glass Hotel in March & April, I wasn't alone. This was a one sitting read for me & I actually enjoyed it more than Station Eleven. Mandel's melancholy prose & intricate narrative portrays flawed & complex👇

vivastory characters that I continue to think about months later. 3mo
sarahbarnes Ha! I just had this one come in at the library for the same reason! Glad to hear you enjoyed it. I‘m looking forward to reading it. 3mo
vivastory @sarahbarnes Now I need to read Sea of Tranquility! I look forward to yr thoughts on it. I finished it right before going to my family's house for an Easter lunch & I think they might have thought I was a bit crazy because I kept gushing about the book? But, they sort of expect this from me & I also brought pie, so I think all was forgiven 😅 3mo
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Suet624 I‘m surprised I haven‘t read this yet. Thanks for the reminder. 3mo
RaeLovesToRead Haunting and memorable 💕 I bought another 2 Mandel's to read. Can't get enough of her, even if some of her structuring is weird there's something addictive about her world. Sea of Tranquility was... like a bizarre fever dream and didn't feel canon. I look forward to hearing your thoughts... 3mo
asleepby9 I love the cover 😍 3mo
sarahbarnes 😂 My family is also always expecting me to be talking about books more than is apparently the norm in most circles? 🤷🏻‍♀️ 3mo
Branwen Okay, I'm in. Between your awesome review and @RaeLovesToRead 's review I definitely need to move this up on my tbr! 💕📚 3mo
vivastory @Branwen I hope you love it! 3mo
vivastory @RaeLovesToRead Which ones did you buy?; I've had my eye on 3mo
RaeLovesToRead Lola quartet and Last night in Montreal 3mo
RaeLovesToRead @Branwen 😁😁👍🏻 3mo
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The Between: Novel, A | Tananarive Due
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#BestMidYear22 Day 12: One of the joys of a reading year is trying an author that has been on the TBR for awhile & having them meet, or better exceed, expectations. Such was the case when I read Tananarive Due's brilliant book The Between. It is hard to believe that this smart, creepy book was a debut. With the release of Nope right around the corner, I'd have to say that f I could choose one book for Peele to adapt, I think I would pick this.

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The Sentence | Louise Erdrich
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#BestMidYear22 Days 9-11 Catch-up: 3 very different, yet equally memorable books. I loved each one of them for a different reason.

HeatherBookNerd I just loved The Sentence. One of my favorites this year 3mo
vivastory @HeatherBookNerd Tookie is one of my favorite characters of the year 📚💙 3mo
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Subdivision: A Novel | J. Robert Lennon
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#BestMidYear22 Day 8: There are certain books that only grow in estimation the more time has passed since reading. Such is the case with Lennon's Subdivision. A book that I greatly enjoyed when I finished, but as I had recently read numerous other fantastic works (Sylvia Plath, Italo Calvino, Patrick McGrath) it didn't initially have a major impact. Yet, it has lingered with me & months later I now actually prefer it over the similar Piranesi.👇

vivastory Although Clarke's book is also the bee's knees & should def be read. Do yourself a favor & read both! 3mo
Addison_Reads I never would have read this without seeing it here on Litsy for ToB. Still one of my favorites and I agree, it kinda burrows into your mind and just keeps popping back up months after you finish it. 3mo
BarbaraBB I loved this one so much. It would be in my top 5 of the year so far ❤️ 3mo
vivastory @BarbaraBB I can definitely see that! This is the third book that I have read by Lennon and although this is my favorite they have all stuck with me 3mo
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Katalin Street | Magda Szabo
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#BestMidYear22 Day 7: Running a day behind, as I forgot to post yesterday. Ghosts have figured somewhat prominently in my reading life this year in an interesting way, rather than in the manner of a stereotypical horror novel with rattling chains & spooky noises. The restless spirits I speak of have been more metaphorical figures, or manifestations of past historical tragedies (see Percival Everett's magnificent over the top bloody revenge👇

vivastory satire The Trees). In Szabo's multilayered Katalin Street, Henriette Held is a spirit who is able to move between time & place, often revisiting her beloved Katalin Street. This was my second Szabo, both read with #NYRBBookClub & I just can't stop thinking about it. 3mo
BarbaraBB Still need to read this, I missed it when we read it for the #NYRBBookClub. Must get to it soon! 3mo
Megabooks Stacked!! 3mo
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Billypar Agreed - this was one of my favorites of the year. The kind of book you can get really lost in. Szabo hasn't let me down yet! 3mo
vivastory @BarbaraBB I actually think I might like it slightly more than 3mo
vivastory @Megabooks Szabo is brilliant! So smart & her books stay with you. I hope you like them. 3mo
vivastory @Billypar I have The Door on my TBR shelves. I'm looking forward to that one. She's definitely one of my favorites published by NYRB 3mo
Billypar It's so good - maybe my favorite of hers. Enjoy! 3mo
BarbaraBB That‘s an enormous recommendation because Iza is one of my all time favorites! 3mo
Billypar @BarbaraBB I feel similarly about Tove Jansson - I haven't read any others besides True Deceiver but I regularly hear some of her other titles listed as favorites. And I think - how could it be better than this? 🙂 3mo
BarbaraBB @Billypar I know! I feel that way about Tove and The True Deceiver too 😃 3mo
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#BestMidYear22 Day 5: Abdurraqib tackles broad social issues, along with personal issues through the shared cultural language of music. Whether he is discussing the infectious pop of Carly Rae Jespen, Prince's transcendent Superbowl Halftime performance, the misogyny of early emo bands or the progressive radicalism of Nina Simone. This is the best essay collection that I have read this year & several times since reading it I will read a👇

vivastory headline & wonder what Abdurraqib would have to say about it in one of his insightful works. 3mo
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In the Freud Archives | Janet Malcolm
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#BestMidYear22 Day 3: The publisher site states, “A story of infatuation and disappointment, betrayal and revenge, In the Freud Archives is essentially a comedy. But the powerful presence of Freud himself and the harsh bracing air of his ideas about unconscious life hover over the narrative and give it a tragic dimension.“ Malcolm watches with a clinical eye as her subjects, Freud scholars, dig their own graves in this gossipy account of👇

vivastory jealousies & backstabbing. This one completely caught me off guard & the #NYRBBookClub discussion was a blast. 3mo
Leftcoastzen 👏My mind wanders back to it & I still smile.😁 3mo
vivastory @Leftcoastzen I noticed that the most recent entry in The Last Interview series is Janet Malcolm. Would be interesting. 3mo
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Leftcoastzen Yes ! Saw that as well! 3mo
merelybookish It is a unique and memorable read! 3mo
BarbaraBB Such a good read! 3mo
batsy This is one of my faves, too! I love the way her mind works. 3mo
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Florida | Lauren Groff
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#BestMidyear22 Day 2: I read Groff's short story collection Florida soon after reading her latest novel at the very beginning of the year. As much as I appreciated Matrix & have recommended it to several others, it is Florida that has stuck with me months later, Especially the stories Ghosts & Empties, The Midnight Zone, Eyewall, & Snake Stories. I said in my review at the time that The Midnight Zone was my fav story in the collection, but the👇

vivastory subsequent story Eyewall has unfortunate resonance. The narrator is getting out her most expensive bottles of wine as she braces herself for an impending hurricane. During the storm ghosts of former partners & relatives visit & at the end she is left wondering if she is in the eye of the storm or at the end of it. Unfortunately several months later it would seem that we are in the eye of the storm. 3mo
Megabooks 💯 agree this is a fantastic collection. I‘ve read it at least twice. Even though I prefer Matrix, she‘s a must-read for me! 3mo
vivastory @Megabooks I know that she is divisive for some but I have loved everything I have read by her 3mo
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Nightbitch | RACHEL. YODER
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For the following 17 days I will be posting daily about a favorite book that I have read so far this year. I know that 17 is an odd number, but this is the number that I came up with after looking through the books I read & I simply couldn't eliminate any of these.I will be posting these in the chronological order that I read them in from the beginning of the year. Rachel Yoder's Nightbitch is one of my favorite “types“ of books. Lit fic with

vivastory an absurdist or speculative element, smart social commentary & memorable characters. Yoder delivered on all fronts. This one was already on my radar, but I made it a priority at the beginning of the year thanks to @megabooks #NewYearWhoDis list. I recently saw that Amy Adams is slated to star in the upcoming adaptation. I can't wait. #BestMidYear22 3mo
sarahbarnes I loved this one, too! 3mo
vivastory @sarahbarnes It'll be interesting to see what she publishes next! 3mo
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Hooked_on_books I love your strategy of arriving at the number 17! 😂 3mo
vivastory @Hooked_on_books I figured there's enough stress in the world right now without adding the unnecessary one of eliminating a few of my favorite reads of the year 📚😂 3mo
BarbaraBB And the world needs recommendations for good books! 3mo
Branwen Those pictures! 🤣 3mo
vivastory @BarbaraBB I'm looking forward to it 💙📚📚 3mo
vivastory @Branwen 😂 It's one of my favorite photo collages of the year 3mo
Megabooks So glad you loved this, too, and fantastic visual!! 3mo
batsy This is genuinely the best collage ever. 3mo
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