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WE ARE ONE WEEK AWAY FROM THE GREATEST PARTY OF OUR TIMES!!!! 😜 Here are the things we'd love to know about how you're enjoying your #LitsyPartyOfOne
obviously if there is anything else you'd like to share with your fellow Littens, please do! Remember to share this and to also use the hashtag when you post to make it easy for us to find your posts. Can't wait for the 10th! 💖💖

Marchpane Can't wait for next weekend! 3y
rabbitprincess Awesome! All set for next week! 3y
Hestapleton I have a thousands books checked out from library, so I'm set! :) 3y
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Tanner I told my BF he could hang out in the room with me, but he has to attend the #sportspartyofone! 3y
Julsmarshall Can't wait!! 3y
EllieDottie I'm super excited!! 3y
Dragon My boss changed my shift so I'm working nights Feb 10 😔so will look forward to seeing all the posts. 3y
NovelGirl82 Yay!!! 3y
Branwen So excited! It's going to be the best night ever! :-) 3y
tpixie @Dragon do a quick 5 min patty sometime today/tonight and share! 3y
Kimzey Just started seeing posts about this. Great idea! Count me in! 3y
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