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Martha Lloyd's Household Book: The Original Manuscript from Jane Austen's Kitchen
Martha Lloyd's Household Book: The Original Manuscript from Jane Austen's Kitchen | Martha Lloyd
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Peek through the kitchen window to experience day-to-day life at Chawton Cottage, the home where Jane Austen wrote and published her famous novels. Martha Lloyd first befriended a young Jane Austen in 1789 and later lived with Jane, her sister Cassandra, and their mother at the cottage in Chawton, Hampshire, where Jane wrote and revised her novels. Eventually, Martha married Jane's brother Francis Austen, making her an authority on day-to-day life in the Austen family. Martha Lloyd's Household Book is a remarkable artifact, a manuscript cookbook featuring recipes and remedies handwritten over thirty years. Austen fans will spot the many connections between Martha's book and Jane Austen's writing, including dishes such as white soup from Pride and Prejudice. Readers will also learn the author's favorite foods, such as toasted cheese and mead. The family, culinary, and literary connections detailed in the introductory chapters of this work give a fascinating perspective on the time and manner in which both women lived. Passed down through the Austen family, the Household Book offers unprecedented access into the family home. In this first facsimile publication, Martha's notebook is reproduced in color, accompanied by a complete transcription and detailed annotations.
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Martha Lloyd was Jane Austen‘s best friend and lived with her for many years at Chawton cottage (before her marriage to Jane‘s brother, Frank).

Martha took charge of the kitchen and her “Household Book” is her handwritten collection of recipes and remedies (including the white soup from Pride and Prejudice and Jane‘s favourite toasted cheese).

This Bodleian publication reproduces the entire Household Book in colour and it‘s FASCINATING.

Centique Ok that‘s definitely stacked! And it looks stunning too 😍 2w
mabell Oh how cool! 2w
rockpools Jane Austen was a fan of toasted cheese? For some reason that‘s made my day! 2w
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rubyslippersreads I‘ve tasted white soup and wouldn‘t recommend it. 😏 2w
LeahBergen @Centique It‘s super interesting! I‘ve always liked reading about the history of domestic life. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 2w
LeahBergen @mabell I think you‘d like it, too! 2w
LeahBergen @rockpools It truly made mine, too! I love toasted cheese. 😆 2w
LeahBergen @rubyslippersreads The recipe does sound a bit 🤢. 2w
Tamra Oh, amazing! 2w
batsy @rockpools @LeahBergen Me too! This made my day 😆🍞🧀 2w
LeahBergen @Tamra It‘s lovely! 😊 2w
LeahBergen @batsy @rockpools She‘s a gal after our own hearts. 😆 2w
LeahBergen @UwannaPublishme It‘s a really lovely book. 😊 2w
BookBabe Sounds intriguing! 😃 7d
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