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Katie's Picture Show
Katie's Picture Show | James Mayhew
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Katie's Picture Show was originally published in 1989 and has captured the imagination and hearts of budding art lovers for a quarter of a century. Now, Orchard Books proudly presents this new edition to celebrate this classic story's 25th birthday. Completely reillustrated throughout, and with a beautiful new cover look, this book will enchant Katie fans, new and old. Join Katie as she visits the gallery for the first time with Grandma and discovers that art is wonderfully exciting, especially when five famous paintings come alive for her! Join the ever-curious Katie as she discovers that art can be fantastic fun - particularly when you step into the world inside the frame . . . Includes reproductions of: The Hay Wain by John Constable Madame Moitessier Seated by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres Les Parapluies by Pierre-Auguste Renoir Tropical Storm With a Tiger by Henri Rousseau Dynamic Suprematism by Kasimir Malevich
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Katie's Picture Show | James Mayhew
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This is Katie, our niece. She is staying with us this weekend, and hates having her photo taken. She is watching her uncle mow the lawn.😍

Clare-Dragonfly Pretty girl! 3mo
ladym30 @Clare-Dragonfly Thank you!😊 3mo
rachelsbrittain What a gorgeous girl! 3mo
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brit91 Beautiful girl!!😍😍 3mo
ladym30 @brit91 Thank you.❤️ 3mo
ladym30 @rachelsbrittain Thank you.❤️ 3mo
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Katie's Picture Show | James Mayhew
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Not book related but...This is my St. Patrick‘s Day girl. She turned ONE today. Kathleen Heather (Kate) ♥️☘️ #Stpatty‘sday #kate #katie

readordierachel Adorable picture! 2y
erinreads What a cutie! 💕 2y
Cinfhen Awww, happy birthday to your sweet little girl 💚💚💚 2y
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JoScho Cuteness! 2y
DebinHawaii Adorable! 💚💚💚 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Awww so sweet 💕💕 2y
DGRachel Yay! Happy Birthday!🎂 2y
GypsyKat Awe! Happy Birthday, little cutie! 💚🎉☘️ Today is my hubs birthday too! 😁 2y
tammysue Happy Birthday to that adorable little lady! 💕 2y
Tera66 Happy Birthday sweetie! 2y
Bklover She is such a cutie!!! Happy Birthday!! 2y
sprainedbrain So cute!! 😍😍😍 2y
rohit-sawant How adorable! 2y
Mdargusch So adorable! 💚 2y
Emma3 So cute! ❤️ 2y
Ddzmini Awe so cute 2y
TNbookworm Love that smile! She is so cute! 2y
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