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It Didn't Happen
It Didn't Happen | Sandra Glover
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Laura's brother, Paul, had been missing for 48 hours - he and his erstwhile girlfriend, Melissa. So when he was found, dripping wet and on his own, many people leaped to a natural, unflattering, and very wrong conclusion. But the correct story was so unlikely, and ran counter to so many long-held pre-conceptions, that there is no chance that anyone will believe it. Abducted by aliens? The boy must be hallucinating! Can he pull himself together enough, in his exhausted and shocked state, to delude the police and doctors, and not get arrested for murdering Melissa? His only chance is if Melissa is found safe and well - but he is sure that she elected to stay with the aliens, and not return at all. Can Melissa triumph over her essentially selfish nature, and do the honourable thing?
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It Didn't Happen | Sandra Glover

Sorry guys! I have fallen off the face of the Earth. School started here and it‘s been crazy. The past couple weeks just didn‘t happen. I am back on track for this week, though!

Week 2: Only 35 minutes/120 of exercise; 3/6 books

Week 3: 60/120 minutes of exercise; 6/6 books

Upping book goal to 10.

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wanderinglynn You‘re making great progress! 🙌🏻 Definitely celebrate what you‘ve accomplished. And I hope things slow down a bit for you. 6mo
Dragonfairykats Great job!! 💥🤸‍♀️💃 6mo
Laughterhp Great job! Life can definitely get in the way! Hopefully things are a little less hectic for you! 6mo
JoScho Same! Back to school is a busy time. 6mo
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It Didn't Happen | Sandra Glover
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Rough week for #BFCR3 week 3. Ran out of a med Tuesday and only got it back yesterday.
Read 1 book
Out of the house 2 (once for a spa day, so there's 1 self care)
No physical activity (lucky I got out of bed lol)

@wanderinglynn @Laughterhp
@Scochrane26 @Krayoncolorz @hes7 @TK421 @LapReader @Catlover23 @Meghan1 @Sresendez12

Scochrane26 Sorry you had a tough week. Hope you feel better. 6mo
TK421 I hope this week is better for you. 6mo
Dawnrod1970 Feel better soon! 6mo
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Sresendez12 I‘m sorry your week was rough. Here‘s hoping next week is a better one 6mo
hes7 Sorry this week was tough! Any little bit counts, so at least the week wasn‘t a complete wash. Hope next week is better! 6mo
wanderinglynn Self-care is important. One step, one day at a time. 💜 6mo
Laughterhp Sorry to hear you had a rough week. I‘m glad you were able to get a spa/self care day in! I hope this next week is better for you. 6mo
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