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Dinge geregelt kriegen - ohne einen Funken Selbstdisziplin
Dinge geregelt kriegen - ohne einen Funken Selbstdisziplin | Kathrin Passig, Sascha Lobo
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@julesG For the record. 😉

julesG 😂😂😂 2y
Buechersuechtling @julesG 😊🤷🏽‍♀️😇 2y
Buechersuechtling @julesG But wait a moment, that blog, you‘re keeping, is it new❓I haven‘t noticed it before – which has nothing to say – that‘s why I‘m asking … 2y
julesG It's been public since April/May. 2y
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If at the moment, I‘m not doing what I have assigned myself according to my To-Do-list but did something different instead, which also is kind of important and needs to be done, that isn‘t “procrastinating”, is it❓😉

By the way, read this book some years ago and liked it. Felt eye-opening back then. I think, I could do with a re-read, since, according to my memory, it has a strong self-care dimension.

julesG I bought this book when I started writing my second MA thesis. It's probably time to dig it up again. 2y
Moony Ohhh yes a re-rwad would be good 😂 2y
Buechersuechtling @julesG Are you ready for a confession❓Your “second MA-thesis”⁉️ This brings back to my mind, why, until today I am still not following you. You‘re huge amount of Litfluence kind of intimidates me. And as it seems, right I was. 😉 What kind of person are you, when you‘re having 2 MA-degrees❓😯 I mean, congratulations, very well done 👏🏼 , that‘s not my point. Definitely not. But excuse me I need to retreat to my corner labelled “quite average”. 2y
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julesG Ha ha ha! Yes, I'm the big bad wolf. 🐺😁. No, actually I only have one MA degree. I wrote my first thesis while pregnant with my firstborn. But when I wanted to hand in my thesis, my Prof had left the university and NO ONE felt responsible to pick up the thesis, read it, grade it, give me my MA. So I first had my son, then took care of him for 3 years, then went back to Uni, to find a new Prof. New Prof didn't want to grade the first thesis, so 2y
julesG I had to write a new one. With a then 3 year old running around me, three teaching jobs to keep food on the table, a chronic illness which had flared up a few times. I was so not in the mood for writing another 60-80 pages, let alone the research that had to go into it. And, on top of it all I needed another exceptional permission to write my thesis in English - I had studied English (Anglistik). 🙄🙄🙄 2y
julesG My Litfluence is due to the daily photo challenges we used to have back in the day. If you're taking part in three different ones for two years, you get a lot of ❤️ 😉😉😉 I've actually stopped looking at it. It's absolutely not important to me. 2y
julesG I don't consider myself better than anyone. I'm quite average too. Don't feel intimidated, please. 2y
Buechersuechtling @julesG Okay, now with all that explanation of course I see, that you‘re Bart Simpson – saying: an underperformer. 🤣 I mean, what you successfully reached still is quite impressive. You remain an organisational talent in my eyes, but when it comes to all the rest, I do admit that I‘m not firmly convinced anymore that you‘re chairwoman of “Mensa”. 😉 2y
Buechersuechtling @julesG But it all sounds very debilitating. You must be _very_glad_ it‘s over. (Which it is, isn‘t it❓) If I were you, I would. 2y
julesG @Buechersuechtling Ha! Definitely more Bart than Lisa! Mensa! No! Heavens! I know quite a lot of people who are members. But I always felt very much intimidated by them so I've never dared to even find out how to apply. Studying has been over for ages. Picked up my MA certificate in September 2009, pregnant with kid #2. Guess what, I'm only 10 years away from going back to uni on the cheap "studying over 50" rates ??? 2y
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#BFCR2 @wanderinglynn #photochallenge


This book helped me get my (2nd) MA thesis written ten years ago. And I've used the wisdom of "how to get things done without self-discipline" for a lot of other projects ever since.

wanderinglynn I clearly need to read this book! #noselfdiscipline Thanks for sharing! 4y
GingerAntics Does this book come in English. I think I need this. 4y
julesG @wanderinglynn @GingerAntics - not sure whether there's an English version 4y
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GingerAntics Excuse me, Katrin Passig, get a translator. We need this info, too. 4y
julesG @GingerAntics Sascha Lobo is a blogger, he might have info on his blog. I'll check later. Need to make pizza 4y
GingerAntics Oh pizza!!! 4y
AlaMich @GingerAntics Right?! OMG I need this so bad!! 4y
Moony Ohhh ich habe das auch schon gelesen. Wäre ein reread wert! 💕 4y
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