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Boston Red Sox and the Meaning of Life
Boston Red Sox and the Meaning of Life | Mark Rucker
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If we could have scored one more run than the White Sox in each game, I think we would have won the series---so opined Boston manager Terry Francona. Sharp observations such as this have brightened the Red Sox Nation through the years. All literary men are Red Sox fans, said John Cheever. And while the Red Sox made it to the top of the baseball world in 2004 after a long and tortured history, presidential hopeful John Kerry remarked, If anything prepares you to be president, its being a Red Sox fan---even though he ultimately failed to reach his goal. The franchise that has gone from dynasty to dud and back to dynasty has inspired its share of comments from pundits and wisecrackers, legends and toffs. And the Sox have had their own world-class quipsters and philosophers, from Cy Young, Bill Lee, and Ted Williams to Jimmy Piersall and Manny Ramirez. Collected here are the best-known, wittiest, pithiest, and most entertaining writings, quotes, and quips relating to the Red Sox, accompanied by a rich collection of historic and modern photographs.
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Not reading this book, but it was a fitting title 😂 I went to the game today and was SO tempted to eat everything in sight! But I held myself to just a small beer, and food for the rest of the day was pretty good. I even worked out when I realllly didn‘t want to, but now I‘m so sore! Extra stretching coming for tomorrow, & some reading for my class tonight! #bfc | @cobwebmoth @KathyWheeler @Megabooks @RachelO @Trashcanman @Emilymdxn @TheEllieMo

cobwebmoth How fun! 5mo
wanderinglynn Great job! 🙌🏻 And sounds like a lot of fun! 5mo
KathyWheeler Sounds like a good day. Yay for working out when you don‘t really want to! I felt the same way today but ended up glad I hadn‘t listened to myself. 5mo
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cewilf @KathyWheeler yes!! If I listened to myself, I would never get anything done 😂 5mo
KathyWheeler @cewilf 😄 Me either! 5mo
Megabooks Fantastic job! I‘m glad you had fun at the game! 5mo
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(Day 19 - #Grove)

*Those old sports print journalists sure could turn a phrase. ⚾️ 📰 ♥️

Cathythoughts The sports commentators are in a league of their own 👍🏻👍🏻 5mo
gradcat @Cathythoughts I know—I miss the old coots! 👴🏼 😂 5mo
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