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Anthony Bourdain Remembered
Anthony Bourdain Remembered | CNN
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A moving and insightful collection of quotes, memories, and images celebrating the life of Anthony Bourdain When Anthony Bourdain died in June 2018, the outpouring of love from his fans around the world was momentous. The tributes spoke to his legacy: That the world is much smaller than we imagine and people are more alike than they are different. As Bourdain once said, If Im an advocate of anything, its to moveWalk in someone elses shoes or at least eat their food. Anthony Bourdain Remembered brings together memories and anecdotes from fans reminiscing about Bourdains unique achievements and his enduring effect on their lives as well as comments from chefs, journalists, filmmakers, musicians, and writers inspired by Tony including Barack Obama, Eric Ripert, Jill Filipovic, Ken Burns, Questlove, and Jos Andrs, among many others. These remembrances give us a glimpse of Tonys widespread impact through his political and social commitments; his dedication to travel and eating well (and widely); and his love of the written word, along with his deep compassion, open-mindedness, and interest in lives different from his own. Anthony Bourdain Remembered captures Tonys inimitable spirit and passion in the words of his devoted fans as well as some of his closest friends and colleagues.
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I cried. This was such a beautiful book and a wonderful rememberance to a great man and chef. The book consists of how Anthony Bourdain affected people's lives. Ordinary people such as ourselves, chefs, journalists, musicians,etc. Wonderful photography. I loved Tony since the beginning and watched all his shows and read 98% of his books.I got to travel the world with him from the comfort of my home and learned about new food.

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I couldn‘t get through this book without crying. I feel like the world lost a light that is much needed now. I feel like I lost a dear friend. There is a beautiful photo in the book of Bourdain and Jacque Pepin their smiles say it all - in his remberence Pepin says that bourdain “was a caring , democratic soul”. Obama says he made us “a little less afraid of the unknown”

Sward7 So so very sad... a huge loss 5mo
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Oh Anthony ❤️

DebinHawaii I don't know if I am ready for this one yet.💔😭 5mo
Sungirl79 He is truly missed😭 5mo
MicheleinPhilly @DebinHawaii Same. I want to get this one but I fear I wouldn‘t be able to handle it. 5mo
Whimsical.Curiosity @DebinHawaii @MicheleinPhilly completely agree. I need more time. I didn't even know this one was out. What an amazing person. 5mo
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8little_paws ❤❤❤ 6mo
Megabooks 😢💜 6mo
teainthelibrary Love him. 💔 6mo
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