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Submerged: Ryan Widmer, His Drowned Bride and the Justice System | Janice Hisle
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A compelling true-crime drama, based on exclusive new information, Submerged exposes hidden angles of a case that captivated and divided an ordinary American community, tore apart two families and tested the criminal justice system. Compelled by conscience and curiosity, former Cincinnati Enquirer reporter Janice (Morse) Hisle-who covered the saga of Ryan and Sarah Widmer from the start-dug deep for material that tells the untold tale: dozens of interviews, 6,000 pages of trial transcripts and previously unrevealed records.Submerged will draw you into the unexplored depths of a stranger-than-fiction true story-one that you'll still be pondering long after you've finished turning the pages.
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Ryan and Sarah Widmer had what seemed to be a #modernlove story. But four months after their wedding, Sarah was dead and Ryan accused of murdering her. I‘ve always been fascinated by this case, and I‘ve always felt Ryan didn‘t kill Sarah. Curious to see if this book changes my mind.

Also, can we talk about how the majority of true crime books have awful covers?! 😑 #maymoviemagic

LeahBergen That cover! 😳 6mo
Gaylagal2 I think he's innocent too. This case deserves a fresh look 😉 6mo
AmyG Hahaha. Agreed about the covers. 6mo
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therealdealbeall That really is a terrible cover. 😳 6mo
Cinfhen You guys....😂Jeez, it‘s their wedding photo!!!! But I will say the font is cheesy. It looks like a self published book which makes me think it‘s gonna be poorly written. 🤷‍♀️ 6mo
rohit-sawant @Cinfhen Was gonna say the same thing about the font! 6mo
Reviewsbylola Yup, agreed. @Cinfhen So far, it‘s not poorly written at all but I may not have picked it up at all if I wasn‘t already invested in the case. And yes, it‘s their wedding photo but it‘s still a horrible cover. 🤣🤣 I hate pretty much everything about it. If you have to include the wedding picture, I think there are better ways to do it. 6mo
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