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The Joy of Pickling
The Joy of Pickling: 200 Flavor-packed Recipes for All Kinds of Produce from Garden Or Market | Linda Ziedrich
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Explains the basics of pickling, and offers recipes for fermented pickles, sauerkrauts, soy-sauce pickles, chutneys, and pickled meats
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I am overwhelmed with gratitude and drooling right now. I genuinely cried tears of joy when I opened the package from @MicheleinPhilly this morning. SHE SENT ME A CASE OF PICKLES. I‘ve never felt so honored or seen by a gift in my entire life. Thank you, Michele (& Pickles)! ♥️This is the absolute best! 🤩😭😋🤰

Also, they happen to be excellent quality specialty pickles and extremely tasty! Now I just need to pick up some ice cream to go with...

Cinfhen Hahaha 😂 That‘s fabulous!!! @MicheleinPhilly is THE BEST 😁 3y
saresmoore @Cinfhen Isn‘t she? My husband walked in to find me crying and said, “What‘s wrong?!” I said, “Michele from Litsy sent me a case of fancy pickles and I‘m just so happy!” 3y
MicheleinPhilly I told you I was going to send you pickles! Enjoy doll, you deserve them! Just don‘t eat them all at once. 😉😘 3y
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rubyslippersreads These look absolutely scrumptious! As they say in the #BetsyTacy books, @MicheleinPhilly is a perfect peach. (Or maybe in this case, a perfect pickle. 😄) 3y
saresmoore @MicheleinPhilly You really are the best. ♥️🥰😘 The Pint Pickles are amazing, by the way. And bonus that they‘re “too spicy” for the girls—more for me and squishy fetus! 3y
saresmoore @rubyslippersreads Or maybe a pickled peach?! Too weird? 😄 3y
MicheleinPhilly A year or so ago we met representatives from that company in our local bottle shop. I had Pickles with me so they took a picture of her and a jar of pickles and posted it on their Instagram page. I love ALL of their stuff and I'm not even pregnant! 😁 3y
TrishB Ah that‘s so cool 👍🏻 3y
Suet624 That‘s fabulous! 3y
Cinfhen @saresmoore I SO understand!!! Tears of gratitude, love and friendship 😘#LittensAreTheBest 3y
LeahBergen Oh, that Pickles is the most thoughtful little shopper!! 💕💕 3y
Karkar Dilly Beans!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍 (edited) 3y
LauraBrook She is the best! ❤️ 3y
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