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Marvel's Avengers: Endgame - The Art of the Movie
Marvel's Avengers: Endgame - The Art of the Movie | Eleni Roussos
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It all comes down to this. Featuring concept art and exclusive interviews, The Art of Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame showcases the work behind the culmination of 22 interconnected films. Go behind the scenes with this keepsake volume!
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#BeatleMaynia Day 7: Come Together

Sorry for the late post! I had a busy day and just got a new phone, so I've been playing with it. The Avengers were the first idea I had for this prompt, and I will always loved the idea of good people coming together to stand against the Big Bad. :)

Argh! I keep typing #BeatlesMaynia instead of #BeatleMaynia.

Tanisha_A ❤️ 2mo
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Guys, I finally saw #Endgame and I‘m still recovering from that cinematic masterpiece 😭💕 #Avengers

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I'm on a sensory overload with episode 3 Game of Thrones last night...and now this morning I finally saw Avengers Endgame.

I freaking loved it. What a perfect bookend for the past decade of Marvel films! It was everything I wanted and, truly, for me, was one of the best comic book movies I have seen.

Endgame was for cinema what reading an oversized annual is for comic books.

I can't wait to go see it again. ❤️

rretzler It was fantastic, wasn‘t it! I saw it Thursday and am still thinking about it. 😁 2mo
Branwen I saw it over the weekend and can't stop thinking about it! Soooo good! 😀 2mo
BeckyRoy I saw it this weekend and loved it! My son of 10 is super in to these films. Can you suggest comics I should get him to tie reading in with his love for the characters? @GrilledCheeseSamurai 2mo
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GrilledCheeseSamurai @BeckyRoy Spidey is an all ages Spider-Man comic that has a couple of volumes worth of content out! Also, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl has like 10 volumes of awesome Marvel heroes all age content! I friggen love Squirrel Girl. ♥️ 2mo
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mellissimo 😂😂 2mo
hes7 So good! 😂 2mo
JoScho Smell the fart acting! 2mo
swatreads @mellissimo @hes7 😂😂😂😂 2mo
swatreads @JoScho Haha smell the fart yes😂😂😂😂😂 2mo
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No spoilers (#dontspoiltheendgame) but all I can say is 1. Wow, what an awesome film and 2. 😭😭😭

Christine Yup and yup! ❤️❤️❤️ 2mo
BooksForEmpathy It was so good! Very satisfying. 2mo
rretzler Absolutely! A real tearjerker, too - in many ways! 2mo
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IamIamIam 🤘🤘🤘 2mo
Readergrrl I‘m going to see it on Wednesday. Feeling conflicted: super excited and super anxious!!! 2mo
TrishB My daughters just come back from seeing it and cried a lot!! 2mo
stacybmartin Yessss to both! 💙😭 2mo
Bookboss I loved it! 2mo
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The good news is, there's nothing that could possibly happen on Game of Thrones tonight that will leave me as inconsolable as Endgame did. 😭😭😭

Red.Reads Oh god, I felt broken! I full-on sobbed 😭 2mo
Seekingtardis I cried so hard! And I agree Game of Thrones has nothing on Marvel right now!! 2mo
JackOBotts The tears kept flowing!!! 😭 2mo
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swishandflick I cried. Totally devastated, he's always been my fave 😭 2mo
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick I went into Endgame expecting more death that what occurred. I shed a tear for Natasha. I totally cried for Tony. Then I cried for Steve's perfect ending. Then I ugly cried for Steve again in my bathroom at home. It really feels like the end of an era, but damn, what a great movie. I choose not to not-pick the plot holes. I am hopeful we'll get the AsGuardians of the Galaxy. I'm ready for GOT to finish me. 2mo
laurenslibrary @Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick I've been watching The Office for 3 days in hopes that it will help me recover from all this trauma 😭 2mo
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All I'll say is I'm blown away by how huge an achievement the film is & so emotionally satisfying. In awe of everyone involved, from the creative team to the performers. The screenplay, editing & vfx designs are especially outstanding, all crafted with the intricate care of a watchmaker putting together a timepiece. What a trip it has been.
@Cinfhen @Reviewsbylola @emilyhaldi @Mdargusch

Cinfhen My kids are eagerly waiting to see this movie!!! I think it‘s tonight‘s big plans!!! Glad the ending lived up to all the anticipation 2mo
rohit-sawant @Cinfhen Awesome! And gosh did it live up to the anticipation. I'm always wary of hype and avoided the trailers and various fan theories. Going in blind is so much more satisfying. 2mo
Tanisha_A Can't wait to get to it! 2mo
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JillR My son has been to see this today and has talked about nothing else since despite the fact I have no idea what he is talking about.... 😬 2mo
Mdargusch Sounds outstanding! 2mo
stacybmartin The movie was amazing!! 💙 2mo
Reviewsbylola Never even heard of this movie. 😆🙈 2mo
readordierachel I loved it too ❤ 2mo
emilyhaldi My husband has been talking about it nonstop for the past week 🙉 2mo
rohit-sawant @Tanisha_A Hope you catch it soon! 2mo
swishandflick It's a fantastic movie but I don't know if "emotionally satisfying" is how I would describe it, I was crying by the end ? 2mo
rohit-sawant @JillR @emilyhaldi I've been babbling about it likewise. 😆😁 2mo
rohit-sawant @Reviewsbylola Oh it's this awesome indie film made on a shoestring budget 😉 2mo
rohit-sawant @swishandflick Haha, same! That's part of what made it so fulfilling for me. Can't really get into the details without spewing spoilers 😆 2mo
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Excuse the face, I think I cried for 3 hours straight! No tears left. 😭 But it was so good!! And so many thoughts to write in the journal. 🤗🧡💜💛💚❤️💙 So glad the parents & kiddo could join me. #avengers #endgame #avengersendgame

Christine OMG, me too! So, so much crying of happy and sad tears! ❤️❤️❤️ 2mo
Seekingtardis I ugly cried!! Snot and all!!!! 2mo
IamIamIam Oooooh no.... STAHHHHPP!! I cry at commercials so there's no hope for me... thanks for the heads up because I'll pack extra tissues!!! 😂💙 2mo
LaraReads @Christine @Seekingtardis Legit sobs. And laughs too. It‘s so hard when you‘re trying not to make noise & it comes out as a snotty snort! Lol. The teen may never forgive me! 🤣😭🤣😭 (edited) 2mo
LaraReads @IamIamIam Meee Tooo! So.many.tissues. To be fair, they showed a Lion King preview right before it started & I teared up. And from the opening moments I was done for, even though I knew it was coming! 2mo
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Had to leave my day open for an appliance delivery, so when I found out they‘d be coming in the afternoon, l was left with a free morning. I could‘ve caught up on some reading…but I‘ll admit to being glad I didn‘t, because this was spectacular. 😂😭😭❤️❤️❤️

RamsFan1963 I just came out of the theater. What an amazing movie. I know I'm supposed to be marathon reading but I couldn't miss this. 2mo
KristenDuck Can‘t wait to see this !! 2mo
Christine @RamsFan1963 Yes, so amazing!! Even though you weren‘t reading, you were still filling your brain with a wonderful story. ❤️ 2mo
Christine @KristenDuck I hope you love it, too!! It was so emotional in so many ways…glad I ran out of time to put on any make-up before I took my kids to school and then went straight to the theater, because I cried so many times! 😜 2mo
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