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The Naturalist's Daughter
The Naturalist's Daughter | Tea Cooper
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Going to give this a try. The premise sounds very interesting.

Crazeedi I am interested in your thoughts on this one! 3w
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Just finished the next book in our #lmpbc. I liked the idea of it... a story of early Sydney set in 1800 and 1900 with the discovery of the Platypus. We travel to London to take this discover to Sir Joseph Banks. It follows 2 strong female protagonists.
It lost me a little when it tried to add in extra story lines. Over all ⭐️⭐️⭐️.
@LapReader @Sarz @thegreensofa
Will pop in the post this week
My Mother‘s Day flowers still blooming❤️

gradcat What a lovely picture! 💐 2y
Tanisha_A What @gradcat said! 😍 2y
Freespirit Thank you @gradcat and @Tanisha_A my Mother's Day lilies have been amazing❤️💐 2y
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Velvetfur Those flowers are gorgeous! Great picture 🙂 2y
Buechersuechtling Since my English wasn‘t good enough I needed to find out what a Platypus is first, but since I know I‘m all “Aaaawwww“ 😍. 😂 2y
Freespirit Thank you @Velvetfur 😘😘 2y
Freespirit @Buechersuechtling ha ha I forget not everyone would know what a platypus is...they are very cute..about the size of an otter, with a duck bill, webbed feet, they lay eggs and are mammals. They were seen as quite odd back in 1800😄 2y
catebutler Those blooms are gorgeous!! 2y
Freespirit Hi @catebutler Cate they are huge! A Mother's Day gift from one of my sons💕 Hope you a keeping well. 2y
Sarz Hey @Freespirit I'm going to be late getting the next book to you. I haven't received it from Allissa yet. But I'll read it as soon as I get it and send it on xx 2y
Freespirit No worries @Sarz 😄 I am reading Middlemarch which is a brick of a book....it might take me a while! 2y
Freespirit Hi @thegreensofa I posted this book off today! Sorry for delay... I finished it and put it in my bag and forgot! Should be there in a couple of days😍 1y
thegreensofa Thank you 😊, no worries all good, I‘ll let you know when it arrives. It‘s a crazy round this time but soldier on we do! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️😘 1y
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This one wasn't really for me. Sorry Allissa! I've popped it in the post this morning.

#lmpbc @Freespirit @LapReader @thegreensofa

LapReader I know what you mean @Sarz 2y
Freespirit This is a tough job picking books for us to read! @LapReader @Sarz @thegreensofa 🤪 2y
thegreensofa @Freespirit I‘m so sorry I can‘t get into The Weight Of Ink I tried for 100 pages and I just can‘t get into it it‘s so deep with description and philosophy. I‘m am so sorry! I will send it to @LapReader straight away on Monday. @sarz @Freespirit @LapReader 😔 2y
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This is the ‘effervescent‘ author of the book Group oZ is reading from me this round for #LMPBC. I saw Tea tonight at Maitland library. She was a very entertaining speaker with quite a chaotic brain. She is promoting her latest book while correcting the one due out this year and pitching her next one to the publisher already. She was fascinated to hear about the writing in her book and wanted to read it @Freespirit @thegreensofa @Sarz @suvata

Freespirit How amazing!!! Can‘t wait to read it❤️ 2y
Crazeedi The title has me interested! 2y
Geenie ❤️❤️😎 2y
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