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Vincent Van Gogh's Cat
Vincent Van Gogh's Cat | Deborah Brown, East Washington Academy (Muncie, Ind.)
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Vincent Van Gogh's Cat | Deborah Brown, East Washington Academy (Muncie, Ind.)
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Vincent Van Gogh‘s Cat is written by the second grade class at East Washington Academy in Muncie Indiana. This book won the “Kids Are Authors” award. I would use this book as a RA in my classroom. In this book students took inspiration from one of Van Gogh‘s paintings and made a cat out of it. #LAE3414sp19

LaGasseSam1996 UDL 1.1 is perfect for this book. Students get to customize a painting from a famous painter. Students could take it from the internet and change the painting into anything they wanted. I think this would allow students to learn about Vincent Van Gogh‘s art in a fun way 9mo
LaGasseSam1996 UDL 3.1 is also important in this lesson. Students need to know who Vincent Van Gogh is before they can do anything. Giving them background knowledge on him will make the activity more enjoyable and less confusing. 9mo
LaGasseSam1996 I think in a lesson like this you would use ESOL 6. Student might become confused quicker when talking about a man they may know very little to nothing about. I think checking in with the student more than usually would benefit them. ESOL 13 I think is important as well. Giving ESOL students a preview lesson on Vincent Van Gogh will allow them to understand his art better. 9mo
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LaGasseSam1996 https://educators.brainpop.com/bp-jr-topic/vincent-van-gogh/ this BrainPop video gives students a little background history of Vincent Van Gogh. 9mo
claireherman This book looks like a great way to introduce students to artists and I love that it was created by young students too! I would have my own class create their own art book after reading. 9mo
melindamcmullen84 Oooh I like this one! Anyway that we can incorporate student‘s abilities to do great things, I‘m in! Being able to relate this into the arts as well is super cool! 9mo
MNelson98 I love that you attached a brain pop video to this book! I loved watching those as a kid. It‘s a great resource! 9mo
DrSpalding This is a lesser known award that I am thrilled you shared with your peers. 9mo
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