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Hare's Fur
Hare's Fur | Trevor Shearston
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What a swift odd turn his life had taken. A teenage girl with a ring in her nose was sliding ware into his drying racks. Russell Bass is a potter living on the edge of Katoomba, in the Blue Mountains. His wife has been dead less than a year and, although he has a few close friends, he is living a mostly solitary life. Each month he hikes into the valley below his house to collect rock for glazes from a remote creek bed. One autumn morning, he finds a chocolate wrapper on the path. His curiosity leads him to a cave where three siblings — two young children and a teenage girl — are camped out, hiding from social services and the police. Although they bolt at first, Russell slowly gains their trust, and, little by little, this unlikely group of outsiders begin to form a fragile bond. In luminous prose that captures the feel of hands on clay and the smell of cold rainforest as vividly as it does the minute twists and turns of human relationships, Hare’s Fur tells an exquisite story of grief, kindness, art, and the transformation that can grow from the seeds of trust.
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Hare's Fur | Trevor Shearston
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I loved this book. Russell is an elderly man recovering from the death of his wife. He is a potter. His path crosses with three young children living in the bush. It‘s beautifully written. I grew up in Katoomba where it is set and it made me nostalgic for the bush, the quirky people and even the cold weather🤣The photo is one I took of the Three Sisters a famous landmark in The Blue Mountains. If you love pottery as I do, your in for a treat😍

Tanisha_A This sounds lovely! And those bowls, and vase have been done by you? They are beautiful nonetheless! 😍 2mo
erzascarletbookgasm That is a lovely place. I visited it years ago. 💚 (edited) 2mo
Velvetfur That's a really gorgeous photo! 2mo
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Freespirit Thanks @Tanisha_A they have been collected in my travels. I love pottery. I have done it but not very successfully😁 2mo
Freespirit It is lovely @erzascarletbookgasm . I probably didn't appreciate it enough growing up. 2mo
Freespirit Thanks @Velvetfur it is taken at a high lookout looking across the mountains. The Three sisters are rock formations. There are many bush walks in the area. It's well worth visiting! 2mo
Velvetfur @Freespirit I will definitely visit one day 😁👍 2mo
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Hare's Fur | Trevor Shearston
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Afternoon tea with my neighbour Pam always involves a robust discussion on books we have recently read and loved. She always brings me a stack of recommended reads😍I try to read as many of her recommendations as I can as they are always so worth it! This stack includes great Australian literature Shell, Scrublands, The Fragments and Hare‘s Fur which is set in The Blue Mountains where I grew up. For my husband she included The New Silk Roads! 💕

Tanisha_A Love your tea set too 😍 3mo
CarolynM I loved The Fragments. Scrublands is on my list too. 3mo
Freespirit Thanks @Tanisha_A I always like a pot of tea in a china cup☕️😊 3mo
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Freespirit Yes @CarolynM they all sound good! 3mo
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Im takinng Pam‘s recommendation of Hare‘s Fur too - sounds good! 3mo
erzascarletbookgasm I‘m not familiar with any of these..but loving your teapot! 💙 3mo
Freespirit @ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled it actually interests me the most because I grew up in the township where it is set so much will be familiar I'm thinking 😊 3mo
Freespirit @erzascarletbookgasm I have a small tea pot collection. Love drinking tea made on leaves from a pot. This one is from T2 which sells only tea and pots/ cups....lovely shop! 3mo
CityOfAngelsNeverSleeps 😍😍😍😍😍 That teapot is gorgeous 😊 3mo
CityOfAngelsNeverSleeps The New Silk Roads? What do you think so far? 3mo
Freespirit Thanks @NightSparrowReads I have a small Tea pot collection! I haven't read The New Silk Roads yet. It was recommended by my neighbour who's recommendations are generally spot on!😊 3mo
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