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Brain Damage
Brain Damage | Herbert Burkholz
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The Sensitives, a group of powerful telepaths, race against time to prevent a series of bizarre instructions, left behind by the late CIA director--who died of a brain tumor--from being carried out.
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Brain Damage | Herbert Burkholz
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Another day of documentaries thanks to Amazon and all of the laundry that needs folding 😳. On to #Brain Damage: The Truth About Trauma” #nfnov

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Kaila-ann @jb72 lol don‘t feel bad, I only got as far as folding the loads from last week. 2w
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Kaila-ann @MatchlessMarie haha it was a good excuse to multitask. 2w
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Brain Damage | Herbert Burkholz

I definitely recommend this series of books. This is the third book in the series. Very well written and fast paced. Kind of a brainy, espionage, and superheroic thriller. A great read.

Brain Damage | Herbert Burkholz

Thanks for all of your support, Littens! I'm just learning how to use this, so hopefully, I'll get the hang of it soon. I look forward to getting to know all of you soon. Bye for now...Harvey.

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Brain Damage | Herbert Burkholz

"We are sensitives, with an inbred sensibility to the cares and woes of humankind. What else could we be, being privy to the hopes and despairs of everyone around us? We work with our brains, not our backs, and we leave the mechanics of the game, the sweat, the grime, and the inevitable violence to others." ---- Herbert Burkholz, 1992

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Brain Damage | Herbert Burkholz

I'm now reading a book titled "The Sensitives" by Herbert Burkholz. It was written in the late 80s, and it generally depicts a group of young telepathists who are hired by the intelligence services to thwart international criminal networks. I really found my home in "The Sensitives" series of books. There are three of them in all. They are fantastic, especially for those who see paranormal activities, like telepathy, as essential.

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