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The Diary of Virginia Woolf: 1920-1924
The Diary of Virginia Woolf: 1920-1924 | Virginia Woolf
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I liked this little discourse on her diary and how it's where Woolf "writes out her fidgets." ✍️

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I had my interview with K.M[ansfield] on Friday. A steady discomposing formality and coldness at first. No pleasure or excitement of seeing me. It struck me that she is of the cat kind: alien, composed, always solitary & observant. And then we talked about solitude, & I found her expressing my feelings, as I never heard them expressed.
Virginia Woolf's diary, 31 May 1920.

sarahbarnes ❤️ 3w
kspenmoll 😃💕 3w
LeahBergen Oh, yes. 💕 3w
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kathedron 3w
Theaelizabet Fascinating. 3w
merelybookish @sarahbarnes @kspenmoll @LeahBergen @kathedron @Theaelizabet They had an interesting friendship! Awkward and some envy (or Woolf had some) but they also understood each other as artists. 3w
readordierachel Wow 💕 3w
Liz_M I love the description of "the cat kind". I resemble that remark. ? 2w
merelybookish @Liz_M I liked it too, and could also identify. 🐱 2w
merelybookish @readordierachel Have you read Mansfield? I have not yet but feel I need to! 2w
readordierachel I haven't but I've been meaning to! 2w
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#TBT to when my entire life revolved around my grad paper on Virginia Woolf. Sometimes, I miss this. Then I remember the deadline panic... 😅

Angelala007 I love the idea of immersing yourself in the life and work of a brilliant writer like Woolf. 3y
FernsAndFairyTales Oh my gosh I identify so much with this. Except my thesis was on modern fairy tales so my stack was full of fairy tale collections and critical theory on them. 3y
kdwinchester @Angelala007 Pretty sure you go crazy or you fall in love. But I wonder, aren't they practically the same thing? 🤔 3y
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kdwinchester @fernsandfairytales Your topic sounds AMAZING. 3y
FernsAndFairyTales @kdwinchester It was! So does yours though! And like yours, the deadlines were a real buzzkill. 3y
Joanne1 Argh, I've got a big deadline looming. I keep thinking when it's done I'll be able to read so much more. 3y
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